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The restart of Saints Row will keep the classic purple color scheme

Volition revealed more details and answered several questions from the fans on the restart of Saints Row. Personally, I’m quite excited to get started and participate in another Saints Row game. It always looks like Saints Row for me, even if it’s a little different.

Of all the new things revealed, I am the most excited to know that the purple comes back. As the saints rise to the summit of the criminal world, the purple becomes more important. They also revealed some additional information about the saints themselves.

Here’s some information about the saints:

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Neenah is the best area getaway driver and has a long association with Los Panteros. She wants to get out of gang life but leans for the good of her crew. Neenah had a deep love for cars all his life and knows them by heart. When it comes to getting dirty hands, Neenah is natural.

Kevin is one of the idols when we meet him for the first time, he knows how to get attention and make noise. It is their best DJ and pleases people who know the guy who knows the guy; He loves people, is very faithful to his friends and he would do anything for them. Fort and impetuous, it is also a strong sensations researcher.

Eli is a business genius, making money is more important for him than the moral question of knowing how this money is won. Eli is motivated and determined, and does not worry too much if a few people hurt along the way. He came to Santo Ileso to make a fortune as an entrepreneur, to create a business. He simply did not realize at the time that the startup he was going to create was a criminal empire.

Finally, the boss. Whatever your look, you are the ultimate kill machine, which takes first and later request. The boss is too confident and does not follow orders well. In the end, the boss is you decide who you want to be and do the things you want to do, become self made and train the new saints. Of course, customization options allow you to literally make the boss what you want it looks like and speaks too.

Volition also revealed that Saints Row will have the largest customization range of all Saints Row games. Superimposed clothes make a return; Players can choose from 8 different voices and customize the vehicle that will be stored in your garage.

In parallel with all this, Volition also confirmed that the restart of Saints Row will have uncompicated cooperation and will extend over several generations. You will be able to ask a friend from entering and going out directly, and you can play the entire cooperative campaign if you wish.

Now, this Saints Row is a restart. Some things will be different from the last games. However, it looks a lot like Saints Row, and it seems to me to be a good time.


Saints Row The new delivery shows us the city of Santo UnlSaintso Video and details

Saints Row is back; The return of the saga is a reality eight years after the lSaintst installment and will be February 25, 2022 when we can enjoy it on PC and consoles. Just a few days ago we saw the trailer of the announcement during the GamesCom 2021, and now we have the opportunity to take a look at the city of Saint Idle Thanks to Volition, study responsible for the title that hSaints taken advantage of the opportunity to explain one of The most important decisions for this reboot: Return the franchise to its own origins, ensuring that the design of the most recent characters limited the creative possibilities. Next We leave you full video **.

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Saints Row: changed like never, fun Saints always

More than eight years after the fourth and lSaintst delivery to date, Volition defines the new Row Saints Saints the largest, varied and ambitious that they have ever created. This reboot focuses on what wSaints seen in the lSaintst chapters of the series and bet again just so it characterized the first titles of it: the wars of street gangs; We will have to deal with the panthers, The Idols and Marshal Defense Industries, the triangle – not loving – that will do the impossible to take power and control the city.

It must be said that neither the history of the title, nor the Saints themselves (the protagonist group will be formed by four members) will have any relationship with other deliveries of the saga; It is something completely unprecedented and that you will capture the return of the franchise in the form of a reboot . In Meristation we have already seen it thoroughly and there are many things that we can tell about the game. Among them, it stands out the enormous variety of activities that await us in Santo Isole , especially the curious idea of ​​organizing a kind of Criminal Star-Up in which, Saints a member of the Saints, we will try to extend the city by acquiring Land and maintaining different businesses of dubious legality.

The new Saints Row will be available February 25, 2022 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

Volition is good behind the restart of Saints Row

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The Developer of Saints Row Volition responded to fans on Twitter to defend the new restart of Saints Row. The fans expressed their disappointment in the new direction of the restart of Saints Row, but Volition expressed his confidence in the game.

It’s a little risky gesture. These are fans of the franchise that would probably buy a decent restart, and instead, some pushes some. A fan mentioned that he thought the game looked like Fortnite, where Volition replied, We do not think you know what strong looks like, but you know it. I agree that it does not look like Fortnite, but I would wary to be too impertinent for the fans for the moment.

Volition has mainly said they did a restart because no one has never restarted before, which is certainly an interesting thing to say. I guess we need more information because absolutely nothing has been shown so far we believe it’s something else than a game of Saints Row. I played in Pac-Man as a 3D platform set; It’s nothing for me.

Make a restart as a person never restarts before … Nice holy row if you ask ourselves ????

  • Saints Row (@saintsrow) 26 August 2021

This frenzy on Twitter has led to more information, such as you do not start as a saint, there will be a customization of the car and a better character creation than the previous games.

I’m a bit confusing about the indignation of fans. People who call it a clone of Grand Theft Auto while Saints Row has always been a Grand Theft Auto clone is strange. The revelation trailer simply does not look so different from other games. Volition mentioned that it will be a more well-founded experience, but that’s pretty much everything we have to do. Fans are worried, but wait for more information.


Saints Row 2 creation of PC version improvement patch leader dies The person who is also a series modder a project project continues

Saints Row series that reboot SAINTS ROW has been announced. Mike Watson, who worked on the leader of the official improvement patch project held in the second Saints Row 2 PC version, the former Volition employee in the overseas bulletin board RESETERA for the 26th, cancer It was revealed by writing.

Watson originally known as Saintsuro series famous modder idolninja, and has been working with MODs such as Gentlemen of the Row and Sandbox +. Then he joined the Series Development Volition as a community manager. He was also active as a leader of a significant official improvement patch project based on the Saints Row 2 PC version, which was discovered in 2019.

Although Saints Row 2 PC version improvement project, according to Kotaku, Volition and Deep Silver have to be completed without Mr. Watson without Mr. Watson, who was conducted on the Volition’s Facebook page. It is said to be promised.

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