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Smilegate Stove, 2022 Infrastructure Recruitment Links Linked Internship 2 Recruitment

[Moon Young-soo Moon Young-soo] Smilegate Stove (CEO Han Young-woon) announced on the 8th that it will recruit two infrastructure-related internships.

This internship is a data center system (server) engineer, public cloud (AWS, Azure) engineer, private cloud development engineer, information system security engineer, information system security manager, big data platform engineer, database manager, information system security engineer (automation technology Development and mock hacking) are conducted for eight jobs. The recruitment period is until August 22nd and plans to recruit two digits.


Applicants who wish to participate in the internship can accept the application through the Smilegate Group website. Afterwards, internships are determined according to the screening procedures such as document screening and interviews, and the final candidates will join in mid-September and participate in the internship process for about three months.

Successful students are offered a variety of benefits. During the internship period, the excellent evaluators will be given a regular employment interview opportunity, and the current practitioner’s close mentoring experience is also provided. There is also a place where you can listen to lectures linked to your job. An internship expenses of 2.5 million won are also paid every month for three months.

The company said, Smilegate Stove is planning to leap into a global content platform, with the launch of the next-generation social video platform ‘P.POOL’. It is expected that it will be a good opportunity to experience the way of work. I ask for your interest and support.

A trailer of System Shock 3 reveals pre-game game sequences

Otherside Entertainment has just unveiled a brand new gameplay teaser for System Shock 3, which, in case you care yet, actually exists and arrives at some point for PCs and other unconfirmed platforms.

As shared by the developer, System Shock 3 “is the last born of the series of conventional award-winning games under the leadership of the sector legend, Warren Spector, and a dream team behind System Shock, VOleur: The Dark Project and Deus Ex “Do not confuse System Shock Remastered.

System Shock 3 Dead | End of Otherside Involvement Confirmed, Interview with Warren Spector
Warren Spector had directed the original system shock, so it is considered the father of the franchise even though the second chapter was kept by another legend, Ken Levine, who used this experience to create the bioshock franchise.

The gameplay trailer, which you can look below, comes from a pre-alpha version of the title, obviously operating on PC. It is a little rough but shows the operation of the first person’s view, in the same way as the original titles of the couple.

In addition to that, we are told that system shock 3 will allow us to play and explore freely, choosing who we are and how we reach our final goal between several skills covering pirates, stealth specialists, masters of melee, etc. We will have for the task of drilling the mysteries of a space vessel by the evil Ai Shodan.

So, here’s the video: What does it look like?

Amazon will improve the fighting system in New World

Fatality Stranding (DT. Toten-Beachung ) is a computer game of the Japanese designer studio Kolyma Productions. The Open World Video game appeared on 8 November 2019 for the PlayStation 4, on July 14, 2020, for Microsoft Windows along with on September 24, 2021, with Death Stranding: Director s Cut a material and practically expanding variation for PlayStation 5. Landing developer Fatality Stranding is Video Kolyma. The stars Norman Reeds, Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seymour, Margaret Quality, Tommie Earl Jenkins, Troy Baker, Lindsay Wagner, Emily O Brien as well as the film director Guillermo del Too and also Nicolas Winding Ref taken on by Activity and also Efficiency Capture and as a synchronizer actuator the production of the interactive film part.

It would seem that the combat system is the best and most-refined New World element. Not really…

While in the beginning of the struggle in the New World gave a lot of fun, then — as time passes — we saw more and more shortcomings. The shortcomings that Amazon Games intends to fix / improve in future patches.

Amazon's ????️ NEW WORLD MMORPG 2021 PTR Announcement (First Impressions & Everything You Need To Know)

Here are the latest Statement of Developers on the Fighting System and Balance:

With repairing errors and scheduled changes, the team starts further steps on the fighting in New World. At the beginning, we will focus on the exchange of weapons, cancellation of dodging and window output windows.

We are currently working on a reaction to a change of weapons and make sure that it is more consistent in all our attacks, because we want to exchange a weapon to be an integral and smooth part of the fight. You think many times that you changed your weapon, but instead you attack using the currently equipped weapon. We work on the repair of this situation.

With the exchange of weapons, we look at our windows canceling the dodging and time to take off when recovering all our attacks. There are some inconsistencies that were not intentional. For example, you can avoid canceling some shares, but not others, and you are able to perform heavy attacks from recovering some skills, but not all skills. Our goal is to make sure that all kinds of weapons and skills are consistent.

Conversion of weapons, Review and Introducing attacks This is the main part of our fighting system, and we want to be sure that they are smooth and responsive. We will introduce these changes in several subsequent editions, so please further send opinions, and we will continue to improve.

In addition to changes in responsiveness in the fight, in the future patch we plan a balance update to adjust different skills and tune some less frequently used skills so that players have a wider choice.

Well, what do you think about it? It sounds reasonably on paper, but the most important results will be. Then it will only be known whether the Combat System actually improved in relation to what we see now.

You will find the original message here.

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