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Means of the Hunter: Searching simulation of ThQ Nordic appears today – Launch Trailer

Means of the Hunter for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and also PC appears today at 7 p.m. In order to accentuate the upcoming release, ThQ Nordic published the appearance trailer a hr earlier.

Currently gets an insight into the daily life of a hunter:

discovers two comprehensive landscapes

The field glasses are utilized right here to discover wild animals. Follow the particular animal by picking up his track and also starts shot at the ideal minute.

You must see the high degree of realistic look in both visual depiction and also tools physics. There are different rifles that have been certified by the particular supplier. You have to creep up slowly and also press the trigger at the right minute if you are on the route of an animal.

Throughout your search you will certainly encounter various animal types. Each of them must be characterized by individual actions. Accordingly, you need to continue in a different way with every kind to yield.

The player has the choice in between two landscapes. One is situated in the Pacific northwest (North America), the various other in Transylvania (Europe).

Further records on Means of the Hunter:
| on the hunt in the main gameplay trailer | ThQ Nordic presents the pet species of the European card

Further reports on Method of the Hunter.

During your hunt you will certainly come throughout different animal types. The binoculars are used right here to locate wild animals. Follow the corresponding animal by selecting up his track as well as starts shot at the appropriate minute.

If you are on the path of an animal, you have to slip up gradually and push the trigger at the right moment.

Method of the Hunter costs 39.99 euros in the PlayStation Store . Furthermore, THQ Nordic deals an elite version for 54.99 euros, which includes the Season Come on addition to the major game.

Far Cry 6 free play for the coming weekend

Ubisoft throws Far cry 6 for all enthusiasts for the coming weekend.
The sixth part of the long-lasting _Far crystal series was published in October last year, accompanied by reasonably good reviews.
If the game is still inexperienced, it can be injected with all the expansions for the end of the week for free free play-in addition to the marketplaces you can spotten offers on the subject.
More information on Ubisoft’s website, here.

Far Cry 6 is available for PC, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.
More on:
* In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Revolution, warfare is full of tragicomics-in the review of Far Cry 6 (Xbox Series S | X)

The Boys spin off is called Gen V and already hBoys cBoysting and synopsis: A University of Supers?

Back in September 2020, almost two years ago, Amazon gave the green light to a spin-off of The Boys that pretended to be like hunger games. They wanted a series bBoysed on Eric Kripke’s comics, but starring University Superheroes that were forming within Vought, the megacorporation that moves the threads of the world. We hadn’t known anything else about the idea… until today.

Through a video on the social networks of the original series it hBoys been confirmed that The spin off will be called V Gen (Boys the difference between SUPS and normal people, the Muggles). Moreover, also hBoys already been announced to the cBoysting of the same, which will be part of Jaz Sinclair (Sabrina), Patrick Schwarzenegger (Zombie Camp), Lizze Broadway (Bones), Chance Perdomo (the chilling adventures of Sabrina), London Thor (You), Boysa Germann (Caviar), Maddie Phillips (two very lost bullets) and Derek Luh (Shining Vale).

It hBoys everything The Boys hBoys . Intensity, claw, humor… it will be a roller coBoyster, says the cBoyst. It will be full of blood and viscera . It will be crazy. There are love, relationships and a lot of action between superheroes. A lot University… What can go wrong? .

Its official description says: set at the only United States University dedicated exclusively to superheroes (directed by Vought International), Gen V is an irreverent series and for adults that explores the lives of sups Boys hormonal Boyspetitive that test their physical, sexual and moral limits while competing for the best contracts in the best cities in the country. It is in part university series, partly the hunger games , but with all the Heart, morbidity and the satire of The Boys.

Gen V will have clBoyssification +18 and will come from the Amazon Studios, Sony Pictures Television and Point Gray Pictures, who will collaborate with Kripke Enterprises and original film, the companies of The creators of the Boys’ comics , who will also participate Boys executive producers. His showrunners will be Michele FakezBoys (Law and Order, Expendence X) and Tara Butter (Carter Agent).

Will we see any Cameo throughout its episodes? Will any of its protagonists achieve in the seven? It remains to be seen, Boys well Boys when it will arrive. After the success of the newly finished seBoyson 3 (special mention for the episode on the hero, the orgy of superheroes), seBoyson 4 of The Boys will begin to be recorded in a short one and could arrive in 2023, or perhaps rest up to 2024 * And leave via on the way to Gen V. The only sure thing is that it already hBoys a central theme: it will be a war between extreme left and ultra-right. If gen v is half good they would already be great news.

These are the first reviews of the new Resident Evil series

The saga of Resident Evil has been a success in video games. However, when we talk about adaptations for the big screen, things have been the opposite. After the failure that was welcomo to Raccoon City, it seemed that everyone was ready to forget this market, and focus only on the work created directly by Capcom. However, a Netflix series intends to change this negative perception, and The first reviews of this show seem to indicate that at least one positive attempt is being achieved.

Although the resident evil series for Netflix had quite negative first impressions, with fans criticizing the absence of classic characters and an focus on a new story, the first reviews of this production have begun to emerge just a few days after its premiere, And it seems that there is potential here. Regarding the positive points, many have pointed out that the main actions are quite strong , and charismatic enough to keep the public entertaining. This was what The Verge mentioned about it:

Although Resident Evil feels more in the brand when it follows the adult Jade Wesker (she Balinska) on her full apocalyptic trip to better understand the T virus after the pathogen is released, the program is more interesting in 2022 when He focuses on younger versions of Jade (Tamara Smart) and his sister Billie (Adeline Rudolph). It is through the tense relationship of adolescents with their father that the program begins to throw clues about their connections with the largest Resident Evil franchise and how, however different things seem to the beginning, appearances often deceive when the corporation Umbrella is involved.


Along with this, Paste Magazine has pointed out the history divided into two temporal lines also has positive results:

Telling a story divided into two timelines can be a risky approach, but Resident Evil does an excellent job when establishing a line that takes the story through these two scenarios without problems, distributing revelations and turns that develop in both You were to fill effectively. in the holes as it advances. It would be easy for one side of the story to be filled as filling, but both are convincing enough to keep you hooked.

Finally, regarding zombies, this is what Comicbook mentioned in this regard:

When these zombies are shown, they are used efficiently and always feel like the threat they should be, even if you can operate under the assumption that some characters will inevitably be protected by a plot armor. The effects used to create disturbing growth and disfigured appearances in the Zeroes work surprisingly well, which would probably have not worked if we had been saturated with zombies everywhere all the time. Mutations such as Lickers and some new creative creatures keep things fresh, and although the Zeroes are somewhere between the resident Evil shamblers and the infected frantic of 28 Days Later, it feels like a fair commitment for the rhythm that the show seeks.

Apparently, the new Resident Evil series is not as bad as many have pointed out. Among the positive points are a series of details that manage to create a good difference between games and this production , although there are still elements that do not work well. However, these impressions are of the first four chapters, so the final result could change the opinion of many.

The resident evil series will premiere on July 14 in Netflix . On related issues, an actor of this program did not know that Resident Evil games existed. Similarly, one in 10 players does not go from the initial kinematics of resident evil 7.

Editor note :

It seems that the resident evil series is not as bad as many expected. Of course, these are just a couple of opinions, and it is likely that others have more problems, but the initial reactions paint a good panorama.

Starfield fans worried after new report

_ ESTELAR_Campo_ In Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC was delayed this week from its release date of November 11, 2022 to 2023. Obviously, the game needs more time, but a new report suggests that there are more mistakes in the game. According to Bloomberg journalist, Jason Schreier, spoke with the developers of Bethesda Game Studios in the spring of 2020 who were worried about throwing the game in 2022 and feared that the game was the “next ciberpunk.” As you could know, Ciberpunk 2077 had a disastrous launch, largely because it was not ready for its launch. That said, this was after multiple delays. In other words, multiple delays did not help Ciberpunk 2077,And that is because _ciberpunk 2077 not only needed more time to crush errors. I had serious design problems and, more importantly, management problems.

Without more context, it is difficult to know how worriedstellar fans should be. Fearing internally that your game can be the next Ciberpunk 2077 lifts some red flags, not all of which are relieved by the simple fact that the game has more development time now. That said, and as expected, the news has not given the same hope to some fans.

«It will be the next Ciberpunk 2077 it doesn’t matter how many times they delay it. Ciberpunk 2077 It was also delayed. Bethesda has been launching Skyrim again and again with the same problems. His last game was as broken as ciberpunk 2077 except that he was not even pushing any limit, ”says an answer to the news on Twitter.

The biggest myth about ciberpunk 2077 is that I needed more time. According to what we have heard through the vine, the game had fundamental problems, many of which were exasperated by the game engine. Bethesda Game Studios fans will wait forstellar to simply need more time for quality and polished control, such as most games. Ciberpunk 2077 However, it is a lesson that does not matter how much you delay a game, more time is not always the solution that people think it is.

let's talk about Starfield being delayed

Telar Campo is the most anticipated Xbox game on the horizon, so it will be very important that Bethesda Game Studios do it well. If consquences 4 and skyrim are any context,stellar_ will have bugs. It is enviable. In a publication ciberpunk 2077 andbattlefield 2042_ However, the market is much more sensitive to the errors and performance problems than it used to be,

The disdainful director says that Xbox Series X is a “very balanced” console

Tales of Vesperia Review (PC - Definitive Edition)

The horror game in the inexplicable first person Scorn received a new trailer earlier this month during a presentation of the Xbox Series X and, although the trailer is strange and off-putting, its graphics were Remarkable (even with the images in the engine of the representative trailer for the expected Xbox “presentation of the visual quality of the X series”.

In an interview with WCCFTECH, the scorn game director at EBB Software had only praise for the power of the new generation console of Microsoft.

After explaining that Scorn (which had been announced for the first time in 2014) had encountered difficulties due to budgetary problems, the director of the game Ljubomir Peklar revealed that even if EBB Software had access to the Xbox Series that For two months, the console has so far been quite impressive.

“The X series as a platform has been available for us for only two months, so we are still finding everything at our disposal,” said Peklar. “I think the X series is a very balanced system. The SSD solution is an incredible improvement with regard to the loading of resources, and as it stands, it seems that there will be a complete parity between the PC and Series X versions of the game. We will try to minimize loading as much as possible. »»

Peklar also said that the Unreal 4 engine of the game would not be replaced by Unreal Engine 5: “UE5 is not even available yet, and even if it was available today, move the game now to what seems to be A completely different pipeline would lead to a large -scale failure. »»

The director of the game also confirmed that the recent trailer was running on a PC and said that the studio “used (an RTX) 2080ti and a Ryzen processor simply because there was no reason not to utilize”. In addition, according to Peklar, “(an RTX) 2070 Super with a mixture of parameters is sufficient to perform the game at 4K 60FPS.”

Also look

Display – Deals: New exchange action with Xbox Series S for 49.99 euros started

At Gamestop, there is now a new exchange action until May 5th of May 2022. You can currently secure you with the delivery of an Xbox One X 1 TB incl. Controller and cable the Xbox Series S for only 49.99 euros.
If you have the Xbox One S 500 GB with controller and cable, you get the Xbox Series S for only 99.99 euros.
If you still have a PlayStation 4 Pro 1 TB + accessories, you even pay only 19.99 euros during the exchange.

Further offers and the fine print can be found on the side of Gamestop:
* Gamestop Exchange action for Xbox Series S
How do you like the offer and will you use it?

Pokemon Journeys mocks the return of Paul

Viajes Pokémon is launching a great advance that one of the greatest rivals of Ash, Paul, will soon return to anime! The most recent iteration of the anime has been felt as a return of victory for Ash, since he and Goh have been venturing through each region of the franchise presented to date. This has seen Ash gather all the tricks in which he has worked over the years and put them to the test with the rise of him in the world series of coronation. He was facing some family enemies of the past of him, and now another old rival is directed towards him next.

GRENINJA RETURNS! PAUL RETURNS! | Pokémon Journeys Opening 4 Reaction & Breakdown

Viajes pokémon debuted with a new sequence of opening topic with the launch of his episode number 100 that is transmitted in Japan, and as well as the other opening topics in the past of the series, the last leaves some important clues about what Fans can wait in the upcoming episodes. This included not only some completely new battles and adventures, but also the return of some favorite characters from fans like Paul. You can see the advancement of Paul’s return in question, as highlighted through the official Twitter account of the series:

Unfortunately, this unique image of Paul is all that is seen in the new opening, so there is no greater track about when or where Ash will be face to face with him again. However, confirmation of the return of him is definitely enough to be excited, since the last time he and Ash crossed was during the events of Diamante and perla iteration of anime years ago. Given the return of other elements of the Sinnoh region, such as Dawn, Cynthia and more, Paul’s return is definitely welcome now that the scenario has been prepared.

Ash has already faced face-to-face with Gary Oak, and now he can attack another great rival from him with this imminent return. However, unlike Gary, Paul is a much more fierce coach with which to deal with. It is not at all out of reach of the possibility that it has also been opened through the ranges of the World Series of Coronation and could end up fighting Ash as one of the final challenges of Ultra class or even the master class of The 8 best competitors.

But what do you think? What do you expect to see the return of Paul to the Anime de Pokémon? If Ash and Paul fight one more time, who has the chance to win this rematch? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even communicate with me directly about all animated things and other great things. @Valdezology on Twitter!

Tinykin finally arrives on Earth

Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch

Tinykin World And Story Explained | Coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC in 2022

Tinykin is a game developed by the Splashteam studios and edited by Tinybuild, teleportising on most platforms during the summer of 2022. But? It’s this year !!!!

This game is a Pikmin-like, in a distant future your character, Milo, has rediscovered the earth!

But, he meets a slight problem, his size. As small as a sub, it will have to explore a giant house of the 90s, to find its size and home.

For this, it will be helping with a society of extraterrestrial insects, which has built a tentacular city inside this building. These insects are also known as Tinikyn.

Throughout her adventure, Milo can: jump, hover and skateboarding. But that’s not all, it will be accompanied Tinykin who thanks to their special power will be able to transform, build, transport charging, activate machines,… a very useful help for our young astronaut.

The artistic direction of this game I like a lot, as I often say, can not wait to see what it gives controller in hand.

Green Arrow Skin Inspired by Stephen Amells leaks for Fortnite

SOAP & SKIN (born April 5, 1990, in Gas; Really Anja Franziska Plash) is an Austrian artist, singer, producer, starlet and composer.


Two things are endless: the universe and the amount of skins disclosed that Fortnite will have. That’s fine. The way I see things is that if a leak does not spoil a story or a cinematographic surprise, it will eventually come out, so who cares? If I see all the characters who will come on Fortnite by the end of time today, show them. The biweekly leak of today’s Fortnite is the Cartoon Hero of DC Green Arrow. Traditionally, it is essentially Robin Hood, but this one is inspired by the character of Stephen Smell in the CW arrow series.

Green Arrow, or as known in the arrow series, often has a sleeve hat with a feather like Robin Hood, as well as a green tunic. Its look in the CW show is a bit modernized with a hood and a blind, green and black body. This is the representation that Fortnite has chosen for the Crossover Green Arrow. This skin has been disclosed by some users, which have been accidentally allowed. And what else do when you get an unprecedented skin, but dancing?

The Green Arrow Skin also contains cosmetic products, such as a Green Back Bling Marquis, a stick with a green boxing glove (which seems to be the pick), a single parachute and green trails for free fall. We do not know when Green Arrow will make his official debut in Fortnite, but that can not be too far. The Showdown operation also begins in Fortnite today. Fortnite is available on PC, mobile devices, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Are you looking forward to seeing this skin? Let us know in the comments below.

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