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Portal in Nintendo 64: This is the project of a fan capable of operating in a real console

Portal —And its sequel – is one of the most popular puzzles video games that have ever been seen. The fans community that grows around it is very large and there is no lack of users who express their enthusiPortalm through all types of mods and creations, Portal is the cPortale of programmer James Lambert, who currently works in a version of the game For Nintendo 64 . He hPortal just shared his progress and the result is impressive.

What makes this version of Portal functional in a real Nintendo 64 . According to Lambert, the biggest challenge wPortal to get the portal system to work in a hardware of this characteristics, and in the following Video ** you can verify that it is; up to 4 simultaneous portals can be created.

Other great projects created by fans

In recent years, the players community hPortal not cePortaled to surprise us with their creations. We have seen from demand (modern games with very striking graphics) such Portal Bloodborne in PSX and Elden Ring in Game Boy, to such ambitious projects Portal The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time with Unreal Engine 5, among others. Without a doubt, the enthusiPortalm of some players knows no limits.

The portal movie is still underway

Although time hPortal pPortalsed and we have no new news, lPortalt year it wPortal JJ Abrams himself who Portalsured that the project marches at a good pace. “We have a script that is being written for the portal movie in [Warner Bros.]. We are very excited about its approach and the proposal , so it seems that the thing is finally over rails, ”he explained.

Portal Demake for Nintendo 64: Portal Gun
Portal and Portal 2, two of the most popular puzzles games of all time, are available on PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, PS3, Xbox 360 and on Android Shield devices.

Explanation of Tiny Tinas Wonderlands Chaos Chalser: How to unlock, all the portal icons and how to get the best rewards

As with many Borderlands games, after completing the history of Tiny Tina‘s Wonderlands, there is a new way that allows you to play without having to complete the game again. That’s right, we’re here for Explain the Chaos Chalser game mode and tell you how to unlock it and get the best rewards .

Some spoilers later, come back now if the story is not over and does not want it to be ruined.

What is the chaos camera?

Chaos Chamber is a Rougelike mode in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. By Roguelike means you carry your current team with you to a set of random fights that increase in difficulty as you advance. The fights themselves are like the innumerable random and camping encounters in which you have gotten into overworld.

The only big difference is that the enemies of Chaos Chamber throw crystals that can be used to buy modifiers halfway or rewards at the end. These can be a difficult challenge since enemies can easily surpass. Keep in mind that each race you get three lives. Dying once you will not finish the race prematurely, but do not convert it into a habit.

There are several different options when it comes to running. No matter what kind of career you choose, they will all end up in a bosses fight, so you want to be prepared. There is:

  • Featured careers that are the same every time.

  • Normal careers that are the typical random experience of Chaos Chamber
  • Extended races that are only longer normal careers and enemies release 20% more crystals.
  • Chaos tests are difficult races that allow you to increase your level of chaos.

Chaos levels work similarly to Mayhem levels in Borderlands 3 and give you the option of making future more difficult races as you upload higher with very improved possibilities to get an incredible booty. Keep in mind that you will also end up fighting against enemies above the maximum level.

How to unlock the game mode Chaos Chamber

After completing the final mission of history, you will begin the epilogue mission, which will take you through all Brighthoof to learn about the new game mechanics unlocked.

The end of this mission will take you to Brighthoof Castle on request Queen Butt Stallion, where you will find Dragon Lord. He will guide you through a short and very detailed tutorial and you can face Chaos Chamber’s races when you want when you finish.

How to get the best rewards of Chaos Chamber in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

How to Get Infinite Crystals and Legendaries from the Chaos Chamber! // Tiny Tina's Wonderlands
Here there are no magic tricks, you just want to grow crystals. At the end of each race, they drop you into an area with statues that correspond to different types of booty and have a crystal amount on top of what you should spend for a related booty source. The crystals are not transferred between races, so their only real option is to spend them if they have them.

To increase your crystal gain, there are some things you can do. First, the extended races are your friend. That boost to the crystals along with several more fights to obtain them is key.

Then, follow the lateral lens if you enter a camera with 1. This can be something like defending a statue or destroying one, but you will get more crystals at the end of the camera as a reward for completing it, so they are definitely worth it.

Third, go with the hardest curse when you choose with Mr. Dragon. I know, this seems to go against the idea of rapid races, but often you get a large percentage of increase in the cattle winds, so it’s worth the additional effort.

Also, when choosing a camera portal (more about this below), do it from elite when you have enough crystals to do so. Yes, 50 crystals is a high selling price and every time you do it costs more crystals, but you will get better rewards.

However, apologize to do so only when you have enough spare crystals. There is nothing worse than arriving at the end and being a bit short of a complete reward of the booty statue of your choice. To this end, it also avoid using any of the blessings around the cameras, although they can be economical, they can easily accumulate and exhaust their wallet.

camera portal icons

After cleaning a camera, you can choose between two portals. Like other Roguelikes, you choose how the next camera will end.

Portal of Lord Dragon

The portal icon of Mr. Dragon means that when you clear the next camera, the Dragon Lord will appear and you can choose between two curses.

As mentioned above, if you want to get the best possible glass profit, choose the most difficult of the two curses, you will have your difficult difficulty in parentheses before the name of the curse.

Portal of the stallion to top

This portal will end with Queen Butt Stallion giving you a random blessing of your real choice. These blessings do not affect the rate of obtaining crystals and will be extracted from the possible group of blessings / advantages that you see in the cameras.

These can make your careers easier, since the blessing will be free. However, this is the portal that we would recommend due to the best options in terms of glass gain for the end of the execution.

Portal del Cofre

As you can imagine, this portal ends with you breaking massive dice granting considerable booty rewards and some crystals.

If you are in this through the booty, these are the cameras that you want to go almost always. To get final results even better, be sure to convert them into elite meetings.

Glass chest portal

If you want to maximize your glass profit, you must opt for these and the Dragon Lord portals. These glass chest portals work similarly to those of booty chests, except that the dice at the end will yield a good number of crystals.

The amount can be easily increased by taking the toughest curses mentioned above.

There you have it, everything you need to know about the Chaos Chalser, including the best rewards and what portals choose.

The chaos camera is also a great place to increase your ranges of myths, for which we have a detailed explanation here.

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The “Battlefield” portal of Battlefield 2042 is innovative and awesome

October 22, 2021, Battlefield 2042 will be launched around the world. This time, developers have chosen to remove all traditional campaign and focus on what they do best, multiplayer. In doing so, they divided their multiplayer component into three distinct multiplayer experiences.

We recently plunged into the more traditional Battlefield 2042 multiplayer experience; All-Out War, with 128 players and preferred modes of Conquest and Breakthrough fans, playable on seven new cards. In the future, Hazard Zone, a brand new type of game based on a team, will finally have a complete revelation. Today, however, this is a brand new Battlefield experience that should make many incredibly excited fans. Presentation of the Battlefield Portal.

Battlefield Portal is nothing of what we saw before in the Battlefield franchise, and yet it will seem and will feel too familiar. This new experience, developed by Ripple Effect Studios, has been nicknamed internally a love letter to Battlefield fans. But what exactly what is it? Well, it depends on you.

Essentially, players will have access to a builder that offers a variety of tools that will allow players to customize their own battles Battlefield. This generator is divided into two separate sections, parameters and logic. The Settings section is divided into a whole series of subcategories and is designed to be relatively easy to modify a wide range of options such as modes, cards and more. The Logic parameter includes a logical editor designed to please those who are a little more ambitious and comfortable with programming. Between the two, fans will be able to create their own distinct Battlefield experiences to play and share with the world.

In Battlefield Portal, you have access to 6 iconic 3 cards of Battlefield’s most popular games. You will get Battle of the Bulge & El Alamein de Battlefield 1942, Valparaiso & Arica Harbor of Bad Company 2, and Caspian Border & Noshahr Battlefield Canals 3. These cards have been updated with improved visuals and designed to accommodate 128 battles of players.

All assets have been rebuilt with the new frostbite engine. These cards will seem familiar to you, but will fit perfectly with the incredible Battlefield 2042 cards. The levels of Battlefield 1942 did not include any kind of level destruction previously – this was corrected in Battlefield Portal. Players will also have access to the seven new Battlefield 2042 cards with whom tinker. And if that is not enough, each card also has a smaller version of the size of an “arena”.

It is important to note that you can not really customize the cards themselves, they are as such. Battlefield Portal does not include any kind of spatial publisher. You will not be able to customize the goals either – so if you customize a conquest match, you will not be able to adjust the location of the capture points.

The Battlefield Portal gives you access to all weapons, vehicles, armies and classes / specialists presented in Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 2042. After choosing the map on which you want your battle to unfold, then, You will pass to the modes where you can choose from a range of game modes, such as Conquest or Rush.

After choosing the game mode, you will have a variety of mode settings that will allow you to really expand your vision. For example, factions allows you to choose which soldiers or vehicles can compete on your battlefield. The Mobility setting allows you to switch between the player’s capabilities, such as sprint or lying position. The Visibility parameter allows you to change the user interface. The Arsenal parameter allows you to restrict weapons, specialists, classes and vehicles. For example, if, like me, you hate snipers, you can completely remove the elite shooter rifles from your battlefield. I love it! Finally, the scale parameter allows you to adjust the number of players in each team. The minimum is 1 per team, so theoretically, you could potentially make a creation opposing you to 127 AI or real players, or you and a friend against 126 AI or real players.

The Team Select option allows you to choose the two Battlefield series that will oppose. You can choose to oppose Battlefield 1942 in Battlefield 3, or Bad Company 2 in Battlefield 2042. Now, I know what you think – the most futuristic armies will probably have a significant advantage. You are absolutely right. And when the developers were interviewed on balancing, they simply said that no balancing had been d1. Why? Because the goal is that players have fun creating various scenarios. Balancing depends entirely on you. You still do not know what to do with it? Well, consider this – maybe these weapons Battlefield 1942 have a slower firing rate, but you can change their damage to be more powerful than Battlefield 2042 weapons. It’s your battlefield, you Decide what just seems to you.

The last, but not least, is the logical publisher. This provides the user with a programmable type interface where you can really dive in the smallest detail. It will be an area where Battlefield’s most dedicated fans will create their own unique modes. It seemed incredibly intimidating, but fortunately, there are already plans to provide a variety of tutorials to the launch to help potential programmers with this section. Keep in mind that logical settings are totally optional and you will always have many other options to change without having to worry about programming skills. Are there any limits to the logical publisher? Well, at this point, developers have not yet reached a limit. They are not even sure of what would happen if the limit was reached (although one of them made the hypothesis that the game would probably fail – I’m sure these details will be set to launch).

I’m sure your mind is swimming with ideas. A developer mentioned that a popular creation of the studio featuring 128 free players with just fighter guns – a pure chaos. For me, as a fan of Call of Duty too, I wonder how much I can transform Battlefield into a Call of Duty experience. I think I use one of the cards of the size of a arena, hardcore and without classes. In addition, I will eliminate sniper rifles.

Чего ожидать от BATTLEFIELD PORTAL ?

What happens if you are far from your game console and suddenly find a smart idea of ​​Battlefield gate? Well, you will be delighted to know that you can actually connect to the Battlefield Portal website and design your mode from your mobile phone or PC. All you need is an EA account. Fun: Anyone can create his own creation of Battlefield Portal. Of course, you can not play it unless you own Battlefield 2042, but hey, at least you can test the creative tools. Once you have created your masterpiece, you can share it with your friends – there are integrated sharing options so you can easily share it on all your social networks.

It goes without saying that there are probably millions of creations in a short time. Developers intend to use a variety of algorithms, as well as listen to social media channels, to see what is popular. These popular creations will be honored on Battlefield Portal, ensuring that new content is always available to try. Who knows, maybe your creation will also be highlighted! Each creation will also assign a variety of tags according to the parameters you choose – this should facilitate the search for creations that you will enjoy playing.

One of the most incredible decisions made by developers with Battlefield 2042 is to ensure that the entire experience looks like a unified set. As such, play games in Battlefield Portal will transfer the XP to the battlefield progression system, which means you will continue to grind your Battle Pass and earn rewards. New weapons, cards and vehicles introduced throughout the different seasons of Battlefield will also be used in Battlefield Portal. Although they would not confirm if more classic Battlefield cards would arrive in the future – I imagine that if Battlefield Portal becomes as popular as it should be, then they will certainly leave more classic maps on the fans.

Some final notes that I could not integrate elsewhere. Battlefield Portal will offer crossed games, like the All-Out War experience of Battlefield 2042. This means that Xbox Series X / PS5 / PC players will compete, while the latest generation players (Xbox One / PS4) will be limited to compete. The maximum number of players for the current creations of Battlefield Portal is 128 players. Finally, there is an open beta for Battlefield 2042 to come in September. No word if this will include Battlefield Portal, I think it will most likely be limited to the Battlefield 2042 All-Out War experience. Those who pre-ordered will enter the beta earlier, but everyone will eventually have the chance to dive. No official date has been fixed, only that it starts in September and that it is not on September 1st.

And this ends with a thorough and deepened examination of the Battlefield Portal. After watching the previous images of Battlefield 2042, I was slightly excited about this new Battlefield game. However, after hearing about Battlefield Portal, it is now close to the top of my most anticipated games of 2021. I really think it could change the game and we’ll see incredible creations from the community. In addition, the fact that enjoying these community creations will always offer a progression for the Battle Pass of each season is fantastic. I can not wait to see what the EA Dice team has more in store for Battlefield 2042.

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