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The best anime games Roblox (August 2022)

One of the things that sets Roblox above the rest is its ability to combine players with similar interests on the platform, where they can have fun and express themselves. There is a place in Roblox for fans of any genre, and it is no secret that the platform has a huge number of anime-sympturators of fighting games, role-playing games and royal battles, and many anime fans play in them. In this list we will consider the 10 best anime-IGR on Roblox.

all stars of the defense of the tower

The All Star Tower Defense (ASTD) was the face of anime-game on Roblox since its release in 2020 and is likely to remain like that for many years. With more than two billions of visits and the average player rating 92%, ASTD really tower is higher than competitors in all respects. Unlike the usual game in the style of Tower Defense, which uses tanks, turrets and guns, ASTD allows players to unlock almost 100 main characters of anime and villains from many different shows, manga and films to protect their territory and become the last surviving tower.

Block Fruit

Like ATDS, Blox Fruits boasts an impressive number of visits and the average player rating. But real evidence that this game is the winner in the anime community is the fact that it will have an average of at least 100,000 active players at any moment of the day. Blox Fruits, inspired by the anime domic a piece also includes links to other beloved fans, including ataka on the titanium as well asto blend_ with his combat style, cards and characters. If you are looking for a game with an open world in which you can explore the world at your own pace, perform quests, fight enemies and there is always someone to play with, Blox Fruits-a game for you.

Sino Life

The action of Shindo Life, originally called Shinobi Life 2, occurs in the naruto inspired world and uses anime elements to create a unique experience for its players. Shindo Life is a role-playing game with a huge and dynamic world, familiar to those who are a fan of Naruto, but still quite digestible for those who are not such. Thanks to several game modes, genealogy, combat styles and much more, Shindo turned out to be promising from the moment of its release in 2020 and continues to bear fruit.

Anime Fiting Simulator

Anime Fighting Simulator (AFS) corresponds to the name-or not? AFS at the basic level is a full-fledged combat simulator with all the game characters of the anime, which you can only imagine, but it also includes a detailed story that includes numerous quests and dungeons that players should pass. AFS is also an incredibly popular game, not only as anime game, but also as a game of Roblox as a whole, so you will never have to worry about finding someone with whom you can give up your hand-or, from a technical point of view, rays of energy.

Simulator Anime Measurements

If you like the games that you can take and jump at any time, then Anime Dimensions Simulator (ADS) is an experience in this list that you are looking for. The premise of this game is quite simple, but this is part of what makes it so popular-anyone can enjoy this game, regardless of their knowledge in the field of anime or their absence. ADS allows players to meet with friends or strangers and crawl through the dungeons through different measurements or cards inspired by various anime, and win the waves of enemies in the process. ADS is an ideal game for beginners to get acquainted with the RobLox anime genre at your own pace, as well as have fun.

Great play online

As the name, Grand Piece Online (GPO) is largely similar to GTA Online. GPO is, inherently, a huge sandbox that gives players the opportunity to explore an incredibly extensive and extensive map that fully reflects its main inspiration, a long anime, a domic piece. GPO also surpasses in your narrative in the sense that you really care about the quests that you are doing and experience a feeling of completed duty when you are moving through the narrative. Players who are looking for an aesthetic, collective, worthy grind game is Grand Piece Online.


Star of the project

There is a reason that Pro Game Guides has recently illuminated so much Project Star, and this is because it is an insanely popular and well-made game! Inspired by the famous anime and manga Jojo’s bizarre adventure, Project Star combines all kinds of elements beloved by fans in its world, including stands, combat styles, characters and much more. At times, Project Star may be a difficult task, so it may not be the best game for beginners, but by showing a little selflessness and desire for adventure, you can perform quests and instantly become stronger!

universal time

Like Project Star, universal time (AUT) also draws inspiration from the renegading adventures of Jojo_, but then takes another step forward, combining even more anime fundoms in his game to create a kind of anime-over-body. AUT and Project Star are comparable in many other respects, as well as taking into account their corresponding background of Jojo-both games consist of a large map, stands and an arrow of stands, various unique specifications, quests and much more. However, the difference between them is the average rating of players and the number of active players: the average AUT rating is 85%, and on the most loaded day about twenty thousand players usually rang out, while the Project Star has 92% of players. rating, and only five thousand players. Among these similar games, you decide which one you like more!

simulator of anime artifacts

Anime Artifacts Simulator (AAS) is a game-player on swords that pushes players to become the best and most powerful fencer that they can be. Fight with non-game characters created and based on many different anime-worlds, collect gold, buy new and improved swords, travel through new worlds, repeat. Although this game may seem simple, it offers a large number of details from the point of view of the worlds that it includes and offers the players a fun, but difficult opportunity to break to the top!

Heroes online

Looking for a game largely based on My Hero Academia and inspired by it? It covered you! The heroes online may no longer attract the most impressive number of active players, but this does not detract from the impressive role of the game itself. Before Anime Dimensions broke the record of the most beloved game on average on Roblox, Heroes Online was one of the leaders with an average of 94%. This game with the open world allows players to choose their own heroic or villainous path, fight enemies, collect quirks and lay their way to the top.

Now that you have read our list, tell us below what your favorite anime games or whether you agree with our list!

To find out more about the anime, get acquainted with our guidelines on how to get Roblox Shindo Life coins, about all the battle styles in Roblox Project Star and about all the bosses in Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator!

Lol: 7 Curiosities of League of Legends that nobody had told you and you will no longer forget

The first game of the story of League of Legends was played more than thirteen years ago and since then the game has become one of the most enjoyed of the planet. Riot Games has an immense community willing to play as much as necessary to complete the events or upload ranges in qualifying games. A game never aroused such an amount of interest for so long. A cluster of circumstances that has allowed us to know countless details about the functioning of the game, its curious characters or situations that have been experienced since then.

It is precisely in the world of little known details about League of Legends in which we want to focus below. A whole assortment of elements of the game that you may not have looked for a curious explanation or phenomena whose discovery can be most surprising. It is nothing that will help us upload our MMR or discover which are the best champions. However, we can bet that you will take a few anecdotes that will help you better understand how the game works and what is its true story.

The origin of Baron Nashor

It is widely known in the community that League of Legends was born as the independent version of the Mod Defense of the Ancients. A situation that has motivated the accusation of being a copy of Dota. However, developers never hid their inspiration. It was the same workers who raised that original game who created the title of Riot Games and one of the most obvious winks to his past is Baron Nashor. This epic monster receives its name in honor of Roshan , the great neutral enemy of the aforementioned Defense of the Ancients.

So far you may already know this story. However, the curious thing comes when we discover that The origin of both names is in a ball of bowling . Steve Feak, better known as Guinso, led the development team of both video games and was very fond of this sport. Like so many other people he had the cabals of him and a very special affection for this gadget. The problem is that this story did not popularize, because doing so would be talking about the most famous bowling ball in the history of mankind.

Thus the League of Legends skills work

The phrase that says Everything in League of Legends is a minion is not too easy to understand for players who do not know much about video game design, but an example is enough to get the idea. In this case, we want to explain how some skills work since we press the key and the game server receives the information. For example, the case of the e lux (bright singularity)…

  1. Lux creates an invisible minion unable to attack and without collisions in the final location of the skill
  2. The animation begins and launches a projectile that advances in a straight line towards the invisible minion
  3. The projectile arrives at the invisible minion and is ready to detonate

The funny thing is that this operation system is also followed by many other spells. Riot Games usually recycle the code with which he has created the skills to save work, so that he does not have to repeat the same processes all the time. In this way, we can imagine that the Q (Ezreal mystical shot) is similar to the brilliant singularity of Lux, although detonating against any enemy unit along the way.

Bel’veth’s relationship with a broken washing machine

One of our recurring sections when we talk about the curiosities of the League of Legends champions are their sounds. The departments responsible for creating the auditory effects are responsible for having filled a condom of dog food and stamping it against a wall to create whatever we listen to when Zac throws his abilities. A contagious madness that has also affected one of the last songs created by Riot Games.

We talk about the launch theme of Bel’veth . The music that accompanied the new jungle champion is made thanks to a broken washing machine and a man who had not had breakfast . We promise that this is not a joke, since the same composer explained the use of this type of techniques as a way of making the strange and dark origin of the champion remarkable. In one of those things that only artists know how He became one of the nuclei of the rhythm of the song.

The nothing reliable sensations of the community

There was a time in which League of Legends players did not have as many data at their disposal and we couldn’t even know the champions’ rates. This resulted in very particular phenomena. One of the most striking was the one that affected Zyra . The champion became one of the most broken premieres in history. However, the community did not complain at any time and when Riot Games decided to reduce his power there were complaints because in the eyes of the players he was quite balanced.

However, the most surreal situation in this regard was the one that affected Vladimir. During the first season, Riot Games published in the patch notes a very important power reduction for the character that, by mistake, did not reach the servers of play. However, the champion’s victories rate also decreased and there were even players who complained. Everything was a matter of sensations and a kind of placebo effect. The players were making it worse even if the hero had not changed.

The statistics not deleted from League of Legends

In the past, there was a statistic in League of Legends that allowed us to dodge the basic attacks of the rivals. There were runes, objects and even some characters that had it passively. Famous is the infamous Jax strategy maximizing its chances of avoiding enemies’ blows during the first season. It was something that almost all players hated since it depended solely on luck and that Riot Games definitively eliminated in 2012… or at least that told the community.

A few months ago A developer revealed that dodging still exists in the game , but that the statistics were simply reduced to zero for all champions or objects. It is something that is usually done since it is simpler and gives much less problems than definitively eliminating it. However, there is now an elephant in the room: we are at an error that it is re-introduced by accident.

How many people work balancing League of Legends?

A curious fact that surely surprises many League of Legends fans is that the team in charge of balancing the game does not reach the dozen people. Matt Leung-Harrison revealed it when a player pointed out that 15 or 20 people worked in this department: There are no 15 or 20 designers working to balance the game, there is a significantly lower amount because if it would not be very difficult to reach An agreement on something. Where there can be 15 people in meetings (with other departments).

The truth is that it attracts attention, but it is also one of the easiest points to understand the entire list. Surely you have ever seen yourself in the typical group work in which you have to make a decision and you are not able to agree with your colleagues. Mathematics says that the greater the most difficult number is to do so and that is why it is an department that, preferably, works with few employees and a lot of external help. Thus, times are optimized and everything goes much better. Of course, keep in mind that for great projects such as the update of patch 12.10 they have tons of help .

The time it takes to create a new champion

Seeing the rhythm at which the characters were thrown during the first years of League of Legends, it is normal for players not to value the work of the developers of new champions. However, the average dictates that each hero that arrives at the game does so after approximately one year of development. Time varies a few months since, as in everything, there are projects that are surprisingly well and others that take more than the account to be completed.

As additional data, the two most extreme cases were starred in Yorick and Sylas. The first was created in just three days and that is why he ends up receiving a Rework that barely left anything from the original. For his part, demacia prisoner took more than two years to be ready. In this case, it was due to the complexity to program the definitive 1. However, Riot Games felt it was worth dedicating all the time to be necessary to such technology.

Those who go through our League of Legends portal regularly, you will be accustomed to this type of data and you may even remember some in advance. Whether or not, do not hesitate to tell us how many of these curiosities you knew or if you would like to see more in the future.

How to clean the carousel rods in Powerwash Simulator

There are several games that are as larynx to satisfy as Powerwash Simulator. He is in the same spirit as such unlikely, but fascinating games, such as simulators of cargo transportation. The main cycle of the gameplay in itself is a reward, and the explosion of dirt and dirt is a clear indicator of progress. But, although this is good for the first passage, the players will have to rely on the tablet to make sure they got to each point. And when players approach the carousel, there are several particularly problematic places.

Where are the fishing rods in Powerwash Simulator?

Horse rods are vertical crossbars holding every carousel horse on the spot. Their cleaning can be troublesome due to the 360-degree space and finding on and under horses. Another problem in this equation is that if players stop the carousel to clean it, this covers parts of horse rods in the floor and ceiling. The carousel must move to finish cleaning the rods. .

Carousel is one of the first puzzles, with which the players will face Powerwash Simulator, and it led to many dizzying situations. But it is this non-standard thinking that Powerwash Simulator holds from obsolescence.

To learn more about simulators, read the classics How to get an unlimited amount of money in SIMS 4 using cheats in Pro Game Guides.

WOW: OGOGO vs. New players

In the past, in a gray classic period, the dungeons in WoW were a group outing of a special kind. You got together in the capitals and traveled through the world together to spank some mobs and bosses for hours – in the hope of something loot and a lot Fun. But these times are over. Not even in WoW Classic or BC Classic the feeling of that time could be adjusted again.

Instead, the dungeons are more funds to an end today. Whether leveling up, equipping or farming certain resources. There is hardly anything that does not matter in WoW. But instead of enjoying the fun of the path, many players only have the goal in mind. You would like the result (loot, XP or anything) as soon as possible, with as little effort as possible. The result: groups that plow through the dungeons at the speed of light and do not look on the left and not on the right. And that’s also completely okay! Many players just want to be through the dungeon quickly. Source: dungeons

Is Classic WoW or Shadowlands Better for New Players?

different intentions

However, there are still many players whose goal is not only the result, but also the way there. Especially returners and newcomers might like to get started a little more slowly, not only to see something from the beautifully designed dungeons, but also to get used to the game and understand what actually happens in the dungeon in question.

So they prefer to fight slowly and leisurely through the dungeon. Instead of fighting five groups at the same time at the same time and are not afraid that they will be kicked if they don’t find the sprint key in time or just drink a sip instead of hammering keys. And that’s also completely okay!

two philosophies do not go together

Although Shadowlands are slowly but surely coming to an end, new players come back into play or return. Some are impressed by DragonFlight, others want to play through Shadowlands at least once in terms of story and others get lost to Azeroth for unknown reasons.

And it is precisely these players that apparently have an increasing problem with the OGOGO mentality. Because while this mentality is only lived out by a few at the beginning of an extension, the group of pull! Pull! In the meantime everyone knows the dungeons, knows about the dangerous places and dares to play all bosses plus trash in every normal dungeon. Of course, it also plays a role that at the end of the Addon many players still add countless twinks. The level dungeons therefore find more OGOG players than usual. At least that indicates the “complaints” of new players in forums or social networks.

two dungeon finders?

Naturally, such problems only occur in the automatically compiled groups – but relatively frequently there. The problem cannot actually be solved. None of the groups goes wrong or is wrong. There is no law in WoW that prescribes how quickly or slowly a dungeon should be played. So what to do?

On the one hand, the players should of course stay friendly. If the rest of the group plays too quickly or too slowly, this is not yet a reason to become decreasing or even insulting – we meet both regularly.
You can be different. But that’s why you should still respect and not to be betting. Source: dungeons
On the other hand, an idea appears again and again that is definitely worth thinking about: a second dungeon finder. Of course, this does not really mean a second system, but more an additional setting. In addition to the role, it could also be checked on request whether you want to fight through the dungeon particularly quickly or particularly calmly. There are already comparable setting options for mythical plus dungeons.

Such an additional function should hardly be any effort. Of course, the waiting times might increase if you are not open to all options. In addition, you would exclude what you might not like at all.

mentor dungeons?

Another idea that is often found is to expand the mentor program. The demand is that newcomers are only sorted into a group with other newcomers and always sorted with one or two mentors. So Ogog players could avoid newcomers and the newcomers would always have one or two players with them, who are unexplained if they are unclear or who can take the group through the dungeon leisurely. Sounds not bad in theory. However, it is questionable what the waiting times for newbies would look like – after all, neither newcomers nor mentors are as numerous as Matsch in Orgrimmar.

Of course, this is not a problem that moves the width mass in WoW.
But I think we all agree that new players also do World of Warcraft (buy now).
And in the past, Blizzard has already done a lot to ensure that the newcomers feel comfortable and are well introduced into the game.
What do you think, could be the solution here so that the new players are not deterred directly from the old hands?
Tell us your opinion in the comments.
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All the details that you certainly do not know about Counter Strike: Global Offensive

If you are familiar with the PC video game since the early 2000s, you will surely know Counter Strike: Global Offensive, or more commonly called CS: GO. Valve’s first-person shooting game has been very successful and that, as soon as it released in 2012. In this Facts, we come back to details that you probably do not know.


A return to the sources

At the base released in November 2000, Counter-Strike is a multiplayer shooting game for the first person who made themselves known to many players their first LANs. Unlike the FPS of the moment like Unreal Tournament or Quake III Arena, Counter Strike tried to anchor his universe in the real, including conflicts in the Middle East. We then find a game where two teams compete: the terrorists, against the anti-terrorists. The goal is simple, terrorists must place a bomb at a specific place, and their opponents must prevent them. Designed as a multiplayer mode of Half Life, Counter Strike is based on the engine’s engine, GoldSRC, a modified version of the Quake Engine ID Software. In 2004, it is already the renewal, Counter-Strike: Source points the tip of its nose by offering the player the same principle, but taking advantage of improvements related to their brand new engine: source. A powerful motor that propels the gaming scene on PC. Improved graphics, particles in all directions, and technical stability at the cutting edge of technology. It was in 2012 that Valve decides to restore a beauty to their multiplayer flagship game, by offering Counter-Strike: Global Offensive . Always under the source engine, developers add new weapons, a better matchmaking system and graphics up to date. Counter Strike: Global Offensive is born, and still remains popular today.

A craze still importantly

With a game that crosses several generations of players, a well-balanced experience and above all a very important scene of modders, it was obvious that Counter Strike is propelled in the games most played in history. CS: GO has seen a peak of more than one million players, the highest record ever recorded on Steam. At a time when we write these lines, more than 600,000 players compete on the game. Beyond the inherent qualities of the title, it’s the whole valve sharing policy that encourages players to play in Counter Strike. Indeed, thousands of mods, personalized parts, and various activities are offered by the players via the Steam Workshop. A way for valve to retain even more of its players, but especially to gener more money with the paid skins system.

To discover even more in depth Counter Strike: Global Offensive, we invite you to look at our Facts, the chronicle that returns to the surprising facts of the video game.

__Commander HALF-LIFE 2



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CS:GO EXPLAINED! - Game Modes in Counter Strike: Global Offensive [Tutorial]

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8 minutes ago

I played hundreds of hours on the first versions and up to source but at the exit of Go I had to take about thirty hours and basta, and there I resettled there a month for a Pote who had never tested, we played an evening and finished. This is no longer what it was, the game is far exceeded by other competitive fps. When we see that the excellent valuing is more than 14 million players, the 600,000 CS players are pale.

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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Add a new and impressive quality of life update

Last month, Blizzard Entertainment revealed that World of Warcraft: Shady lands will bring back a series of classical dungeons for the Mazmorras Mazmorras group of the season 4. The players could vote for two of those places, and the number one winner was Grimish Depot, from Deñores de la Guardo de draenor. That victory generated some concern among the players, since those who suffered from dizziness found problems with the dungeon in the past. However, Blizzard has announced an optional solution for the movement’s dizziness problem in Grimrail Depot, as well as in Maw of Souls, thanks to the incorporation of a new NPC.

New 9.1.5 Quality of Life - How To Set it all up!
The update will be implemented in update 9.2.5. In a video that details the change, players can see a pawn who suffers dizziness in Grimrail Depot. After buying an element of elixir they have elaborated, moving environments are replaced with still images, which makes it more accessible to players. The spirit of the character reappears in the jaws of souls (posthumous title), where players can buy elixir one more time. The video that shows these changes can be found embedded below.

In general, the reception of these changes seems overwhelmingly positive. On the game forums, players praised the way Blizzard was able to devise a solution that benefits users with dizziness by movement, while maintaining these elements intact for those who enjoy the dungeons as currently. It is a really intelligent way to make the game more inclusive, and it should be a great relief for many players.

Apparently, problems with dizziness by movement in Grimrail Depot were a fairly common problem. In the video above, it is easy to see how it could be a problem, since the funds move at a strong rhythm. It remains to be seen if the changes with the still images will work as advertised, but it certainly seems an intelligent solution. Hopefully, this change will make the return of Grimring Depot even more exciting for every1. Mund of Warcraft players!

Did you voted by Grimrail Depot to return in World of Warcraft: Shady Lands? What do you think of this solution? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

What is inside Evergaola Cuckoo in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Evergaols serve as closed axes for bosses. Each everty will contain a powerful enemy, whom players can win to get powerful awards. Evergaol cuckoo contains Bol, Karian Knight . Players can defeat this boss to get it powerful witchcraft . Bol is a complex enemy at lower levels, but players can easily defeat it using long-range attacks. Players who use the Magic Assembly will especially benefit from victory over this Evergall, since the wizard obtained is useful for magical protection.

Where do you find Evergaol cuckoo?

Cuckoo’s Evergaol can be found in Liurni north of Huttel huts place of grace . Players can easily reach this area. This is on the way to Kariana Manor . You can also find a plot of grace at the foot of four bells north of Evergaol.

What do you get for the victory over Bolly, Karian Knight?

When players win Bols, Karian Knight They get powerful magic titled Falang Big Blade . This is a protective magic surrounding the player to mystical great blade. When the enemy is suited too close to the player, large blades rush to it, causing a huge damage.

Elden Ring - 10 Easter Eggs & Secrets You MISSED

Interested in Evergaols in Elden Ring and want to know more? Find out what is inside Stormhill Evergaol in Elden Ring? In professional guidelines for the game!

Overwatch 2 will have a beta closed in April

You can sign-up for the OVERWATCH 2 PvP BETA right now!
No, _ overwatch 2 _No was canceled and in fact, your developers shared a new video today where they explain more or less in what state the game is. Additionally, they revealed that in the coming weeks there will be multiple tests of their pvp mode, as well as the type of content we can wait during their life cycle.

In the following video we can see aaron keller, director of overwatch 2, explaining that the development of the game has been progressing quite well, and that its creators are very confident that the final product will love the users. But the important thing here is that the first PVP test of the title will be exclusive for employees of Blizzard and professional players. But do not worry, that in April there will be a closed beta with many more players and in the future they will give us more details about it.

Once overwatch 2 arrives at the market, the game will be constantly receiving content, although Blizzard was not very specific as to this. However, they mentioned that the content flow will be much better thanks to the feedback of the fans, and that with this they seek to make the game reach the hands of the players as soon as possible. Sadly, we still do not know exactly when this will be.

Editor’s note: Finally Blizzard decided to give us information about Overwatch 2, although we still have many questions about the game. It sounds like something difficult that you can leave this year, but by the comments of your director, you are changing the Development Formula to finish it as soon as possible.

The “Battlefield” portal of Battlefield 2042 is innovative and awesome

October 22, 2021, Battlefield 2042 will be launched around the world. This time, developers have chosen to remove all traditional campaign and focus on what they do best, multiplayer. In doing so, they divided their multiplayer component into three distinct multiplayer experiences.

We recently plunged into the more traditional Battlefield 2042 multiplayer experience; All-Out War, with 128 players and preferred modes of Conquest and Breakthrough fans, playable on seven new cards. In the future, Hazard Zone, a brand new type of game based on a team, will finally have a complete revelation. Today, however, this is a brand new Battlefield experience that should make many incredibly excited fans. Presentation of the Battlefield Portal.

Battlefield Portal is nothing of what we saw before in the Battlefield franchise, and yet it will seem and will feel too familiar. This new experience, developed by Ripple Effect Studios, has been nicknamed internally a love letter to Battlefield fans. But what exactly what is it? Well, it depends on you.

Essentially, players will have access to a builder that offers a variety of tools that will allow players to customize their own battles Battlefield. This generator is divided into two separate sections, parameters and logic. The Settings section is divided into a whole series of subcategories and is designed to be relatively easy to modify a wide range of options such as modes, cards and more. The Logic parameter includes a logical editor designed to please those who are a little more ambitious and comfortable with programming. Between the two, fans will be able to create their own distinct Battlefield experiences to play and share with the world.

In Battlefield Portal, you have access to 6 iconic 3 cards of Battlefield’s most popular games. You will get Battle of the Bulge & El Alamein de Battlefield 1942, Valparaiso & Arica Harbor of Bad Company 2, and Caspian Border & Noshahr Battlefield Canals 3. These cards have been updated with improved visuals and designed to accommodate 128 battles of players.

All assets have been rebuilt with the new frostbite engine. These cards will seem familiar to you, but will fit perfectly with the incredible Battlefield 2042 cards. The levels of Battlefield 1942 did not include any kind of level destruction previously – this was corrected in Battlefield Portal. Players will also have access to the seven new Battlefield 2042 cards with whom tinker. And if that is not enough, each card also has a smaller version of the size of an “arena”.

It is important to note that you can not really customize the cards themselves, they are as such. Battlefield Portal does not include any kind of spatial publisher. You will not be able to customize the goals either – so if you customize a conquest match, you will not be able to adjust the location of the capture points.

The Battlefield Portal gives you access to all weapons, vehicles, armies and classes / specialists presented in Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 2042. After choosing the map on which you want your battle to unfold, then, You will pass to the modes where you can choose from a range of game modes, such as Conquest or Rush.

After choosing the game mode, you will have a variety of mode settings that will allow you to really expand your vision. For example, factions allows you to choose which soldiers or vehicles can compete on your battlefield. The Mobility setting allows you to switch between the player’s capabilities, such as sprint or lying position. The Visibility parameter allows you to change the user interface. The Arsenal parameter allows you to restrict weapons, specialists, classes and vehicles. For example, if, like me, you hate snipers, you can completely remove the elite shooter rifles from your battlefield. I love it! Finally, the scale parameter allows you to adjust the number of players in each team. The minimum is 1 per team, so theoretically, you could potentially make a creation opposing you to 127 AI or real players, or you and a friend against 126 AI or real players.

The Team Select option allows you to choose the two Battlefield series that will oppose. You can choose to oppose Battlefield 1942 in Battlefield 3, or Bad Company 2 in Battlefield 2042. Now, I know what you think – the most futuristic armies will probably have a significant advantage. You are absolutely right. And when the developers were interviewed on balancing, they simply said that no balancing had been d1. Why? Because the goal is that players have fun creating various scenarios. Balancing depends entirely on you. You still do not know what to do with it? Well, consider this – maybe these weapons Battlefield 1942 have a slower firing rate, but you can change their damage to be more powerful than Battlefield 2042 weapons. It’s your battlefield, you Decide what just seems to you.

The last, but not least, is the logical publisher. This provides the user with a programmable type interface where you can really dive in the smallest detail. It will be an area where Battlefield’s most dedicated fans will create their own unique modes. It seemed incredibly intimidating, but fortunately, there are already plans to provide a variety of tutorials to the launch to help potential programmers with this section. Keep in mind that logical settings are totally optional and you will always have many other options to change without having to worry about programming skills. Are there any limits to the logical publisher? Well, at this point, developers have not yet reached a limit. They are not even sure of what would happen if the limit was reached (although one of them made the hypothesis that the game would probably fail – I’m sure these details will be set to launch).

I’m sure your mind is swimming with ideas. A developer mentioned that a popular creation of the studio featuring 128 free players with just fighter guns – a pure chaos. For me, as a fan of Call of Duty too, I wonder how much I can transform Battlefield into a Call of Duty experience. I think I use one of the cards of the size of a arena, hardcore and without classes. In addition, I will eliminate sniper rifles.

Чего ожидать от BATTLEFIELD PORTAL ?

What happens if you are far from your game console and suddenly find a smart idea of ​​Battlefield gate? Well, you will be delighted to know that you can actually connect to the Battlefield Portal website and design your mode from your mobile phone or PC. All you need is an EA account. Fun: Anyone can create his own creation of Battlefield Portal. Of course, you can not play it unless you own Battlefield 2042, but hey, at least you can test the creative tools. Once you have created your masterpiece, you can share it with your friends – there are integrated sharing options so you can easily share it on all your social networks.

It goes without saying that there are probably millions of creations in a short time. Developers intend to use a variety of algorithms, as well as listen to social media channels, to see what is popular. These popular creations will be honored on Battlefield Portal, ensuring that new content is always available to try. Who knows, maybe your creation will also be highlighted! Each creation will also assign a variety of tags according to the parameters you choose – this should facilitate the search for creations that you will enjoy playing.

One of the most incredible decisions made by developers with Battlefield 2042 is to ensure that the entire experience looks like a unified set. As such, play games in Battlefield Portal will transfer the XP to the battlefield progression system, which means you will continue to grind your Battle Pass and earn rewards. New weapons, cards and vehicles introduced throughout the different seasons of Battlefield will also be used in Battlefield Portal. Although they would not confirm if more classic Battlefield cards would arrive in the future – I imagine that if Battlefield Portal becomes as popular as it should be, then they will certainly leave more classic maps on the fans.

Some final notes that I could not integrate elsewhere. Battlefield Portal will offer crossed games, like the All-Out War experience of Battlefield 2042. This means that Xbox Series X / PS5 / PC players will compete, while the latest generation players (Xbox One / PS4) will be limited to compete. The maximum number of players for the current creations of Battlefield Portal is 128 players. Finally, there is an open beta for Battlefield 2042 to come in September. No word if this will include Battlefield Portal, I think it will most likely be limited to the Battlefield 2042 All-Out War experience. Those who pre-ordered will enter the beta earlier, but everyone will eventually have the chance to dive. No official date has been fixed, only that it starts in September and that it is not on September 1st.

And this ends with a thorough and deepened examination of the Battlefield Portal. After watching the previous images of Battlefield 2042, I was slightly excited about this new Battlefield game. However, after hearing about Battlefield Portal, it is now close to the top of my most anticipated games of 2021. I really think it could change the game and we’ll see incredible creations from the community. In addition, the fact that enjoying these community creations will always offer a progression for the Battle Pass of each season is fantastic. I can not wait to see what the EA Dice team has more in store for Battlefield 2042.

The first crisis event of Rainbow Six Extraction offers the automatic turret

The first Rainbow Six Extraction crisis event overflow is now online. The event equips players with new dissolution agent cartridges they need to set up and guard against several waves of Archeans enemies. They must overcome the enemies so that their entire team is not destroyed.

Playing the event gives the players from Rainbow six extraction a chance to unlock the automatic turret. This allows them to follow and shoot automatically on their opponents. Once they destroyed an extraterrestrial colony, they can move on to the next. Finally, they could erase the whole card. It is to the players to decide if they want to give each automatic turret a cute name or a bottom frame.

Other Rainbow six retrieval rewards for participating in the event include exclusive operator uniforms as well as weapon skins. Players can even unlock Zofia, who is a Six Siege Rainbow striker. Zofia can equip React teaching his grenade launcher. Unfortunately, it remains to see how this feature works in the game.

Rainbow Six Extraction: Spillover Crisis Event, Zofia, and Auto Turret | Ubisoft [NA]
Spillover is the first crisis event for Rainbow six extraction. Fortunately for franchise fans, Ubisoft has already confirmed that they would deploy at least three more. According to them, this one is only the “first of many” events and upcoming up to come.

Some players who have spent time with the event complained that he seemed to have deleted what made the basic game vibrate. They would not have been able to fully enjoy new additions included in the event because it was just too difficult.

The hordes would have been initially manageable. They were able to experience this seat adrenaline push when they hear the enemies approaching. However, the players were upset that there was no respite. They simply spilled continuously. Finally, the game became so difficult for them that their defenses collapsed. They would perish all or extolled very early.

According to them, the Difficulty curve of Rainbow six extraction itself was manageable. However, they could not say as much about Spillover. Things have just degenerated too fast. It would have become too difficult for them to try again the event without feeling upset.

Do you play the event? Let us know in the comments below.

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