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MHR Sunbreak Route Guide

Getting through the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak storyline is no small feat. To receive credits, hunters need to complete a total of 40 hunts. Assuming an average hunt takes 20 minutes, that’s just over 13 hours of pure hunting just for the sake of history. This does not include grinding specific monsters to upgrade gear or watching cutscenes.

So it may seem like you’re making little progress when history dictates a hunter kill time by doing two random hunts while the NPCs are working on something else. But with an idea of where the finish line is, the routine can be more bearable.


All stages of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak story

Throughout the campaign, hunters are tasked with completing a set number of hunts before the story continues. Since many Master Rank hunts are nearly identical to hunting low and high rank monsters, hunters need to have an idea of which ones are the easiest for their weapon type and playstyle. If you like to rush through the story, focus on killing the weakest monster on the notice board so you don’t interfere with the hunt.

MP 1

  • Complete two MR hunts
  • Quest Blockade of Tetranadon
  • Complete two MR hunts
  • Scarlet Tengu in the Temple Ruins quest

MP 2

  • Complete two hunts in MR 2 mode.
  • Invoking Anjanath’s Wrath quest
  • Complete two hunts in MR 2 mode.
  • Rocky Rampage Quest

MP 3

  • Complete three hunts in MR 3 mode.
  • Rocky Rampage Quest
  • Complete three hunts in MR 3 mode.
  • Get busy quest
  • Complete three hunts in MR 3 mode.

MP 4

  • Ice Wolf, Red Moon Quest
  • Complete two hunts in MR 4 mode.
  • Finding doctors quest
  • Complete two hunts in MR 4 mode.
  • Quest The dormant jungle of Espinas
  • Complete two hunts in MR 4 mode.

MP 5

  • Witness by moonlight quest
  • Complete two MR 5 hunts
  • Dark Citadel, White Wheel quest
  • Complete two MR 5 hunts
  • Collect Curio’s quest

MP 6

  • Proof of courage quest

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FIFA 22: Totw 20 – prediction of the new team of the week

At the bottom of the news we inform our prediction of totw 20 mode FIFA FIFA 22 Equipment expected for Wednesday February 2. Team of the week is a team formed by players that have been distinguished by their level of performance. Newspapers around the world vote for them, they stand out and FIFA Ultimate Team is no exception. Every Wednesday a new team of the week goes out, and it is even a challenge. In fact, you can not only find each of these players in the packages, but you will also have the opportunity to directly challenge the whole Totw. FIFA22 is expected for October 1 PlayStation 5 , Xbox X Series , PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Steam and Nintendo Switch. Follow us also through our social networks Facebook and Twitter for other news and information.

Aerodactyl is hard to catch in Pok mon Go straight that can do that

The most important function Pokemon Go is catching monsters. However, coaches scold over a mistake of pterodactyl. We looked at what happened and show you how to get this Pokémon anyway.

What is it? To collect or struggle with you in Pokémon Go Monster, you have to catch them first. But just there is a mistake at the moment. Thus, the reports of coaches in social networks are raising problems when catching pterodactyl.

What is pterodactyl for a Pokémon? Pterodactyl is a Pokémon of the types of rock and flight. It comes from the 1st generation and has neither an advisory nor a further development.

You get pterodactyl as a reward in the field research of December 2021 or in his crypto form after a won Team Go Rocket Fight. In addition, it spawns especially in wind and partial cloud cover in the wilderness.

Why can pterodactyl be so hard?

Anyone who wants to catch an pterodactyl in Pokémon Go, which could stand against unexpected challenges. The reason for this is a mistake in the fishing mask. Some coaches report on social networks of problems with this monster.

On Reddit unscsnip3r declares that he does not get trapped with his Samsung A71 pterodactyl as the monster flies too high. He suspects first that it is only a mistake with Android and that is already fixed by iOS

As can be seen in the picture, pterodactyl actually flies very far at the top of the screen. Especially Curveball litters are difficult to create as they often fly high enough. And even throws are also a challenge.

Who is affected? In the comments, however, it quickly becomes clear that in addition to Android iOS users are affected by this difficulty. Numerous players have already had similar experiences, and report on Reddit about it (via

Level-Particular-455: As someone with an iPhone landed straight 1 out of 10 poke balls on an pterodactyl, I can say: It is not fixed for iPhone users.
psyched: I agree. You can barely get it with a straight ball, no chance at a curveball Kingofvegtables: I use iOS and can assure it’s not resolved, 40 balls did not hit, and after it worked, it has fled immediately.
Whatthedeuca1990: I also had it at Sony today. I had never had this problem. Normally, pterodactyl moves slightly over the middle point.

Trick for catching pterodactyl

So you do not have to do without catching pterodactyl, you can use a small trick. How to explain multiple coaches to Reddit in the comments, this error appears only in the normal catch mask. So put them in the AR mode, pterodactyl can catch as usual (via

Bat tron: I had to change to AR, only then I could meet with a few balls.
Western Activity 817: Turn into AR mode. That’s the only way I could.
Proposed: It does not work on the iPhone 12, because you have to switch to AR mode to have a chance to catch it

And even under a post on Twitter, a coach shows that pterodactyl can be broken much easier due to this trick:

Why does the AR mode help? That catching in AR mode works better because it does not have a clear screen boundary as it is the case in the normal catch mask. The reason for this is the real environment that is used as a catch background. So you swing your mobile phone, then the background changes accordingly.

If your monster is too far above, then your smartphone must just hold a little higher and can then catch it normally. In the regular fishing mask, however, the background is fixed and can not be moved up, below or laterally.

Whether and when this catch problem is resolved by Ni antic is currently unknown. As soon as there is official information of Pokémon Go, you will learn it here on Mango. As long as pterodactyl is probably only the possibility to use the AR mode for catching.

Did you also have trouble catching pterodactyl? Did you finally succeed by using the AR function? Write us your opinions and experiences on this topic here on Mango in the comments and exchanges you with other coaches.

In the next few weeks, there is a lot in Pokémon Go. We looked at what events expect you in December and which are particularly worthwhile.

Battlefield 2042 Unexpected battles in the portal Gameplay

Battlefield 2042 New Portal Gameplay
Dice and Electronic Arts have today published a new gameplay trailer to Battlefield 2042, which exudes abundant action in the portal mode. The game scenes shown illustrate the intention of the mode in which the sandboxes of the different games of the series mix each other. The trailer shows, among other things, as with weapons and equipment from Battlefield 2042 on the Battlefield 1942 card Battle of the Bulge is fought.

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