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Destiny 2: Hexenkenigin Release – known problems with overweight mods

Even before the witch king for Destiny 2 celebrates its release – tonight, on 22.02.2022 from 19:00 clock, if everything is smooth -, the developers of the MMO shooter already tell you what known problems it Game gives. And some of them are not only annoying, but have gamesbreaker potential. Apparently in Season 16 of Destiny 2, the season of the risen, are unlocked over the season artifact overloading mods for automatic rifles and machine guns. The currently do not work.

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Overload – Overload – is an opponent modifier. If an overload opponent is not stopped by an overweight mod, it is as good as immortal. The thing is: You can play the hex king missions from the beginning in the legendary difficulty ; Then, however, enemies with modifiers such as barrier, inexorably or – you will preview it – just overloaded. Stupid, if you can not stumble the overload opponents. How could that happen, bungie?

Known problems in hex king

Apart from this blatant problem and that another error ensures that Destiny fan at the PS4 can download a data record of 72 GB only from 18:00 , there are still the following difficulties:

  • Season passes are applied to the first set of characters signing up. If your Cross Save plans, but later wants to use other characters, it is recommended to set up Cross Save before logging in.
  • The recommended PowerLevel for the Playlist Psiops battlefields is not displayed when the activity starts. The recommended starch is 1500.
  • The overload mods for automatic rifle and machine gun from the artifact do not successfully interrupt the health regeneration of overcharge champions after anesthesia.
  • Opening the character screen on Xbox consoles with a full inventory can lead to a strong frame rate slump.

  • The grave robber PERK on the Enigma-Glefe is currently disabled and can not be activated. This ability is activated in a coming hotfix.

  • Melee Kills With the Glefe do not count for the Kill Tracker progress and certain, caused by melee-fired Perks.
  • Certain ghost traceability mods show no target materials or chests in the throne world.

WoW Top 10 Game Zone best Play for You #shorts | #39
* Enemies with the weakening magic “volatile” may not count for the head money progress if they are defeated with area damage.
* Certain strengthening and weakening spells of players can not be provided with appropriate symbols.

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Lost Ark: Hotkeys / Keyboard shortcut – overview of all ingame

Lost Ark is a free-to-play game that combines ACTION-RPG struggles with MMO depth, and accordingly owns many game mechanics and concepts. Therefore, there are typically numerous controls and settings that you need to remember to largely play fluid. To learn this is initially difficult, especially if there is no correct summary. But do not worry, with our overview you will be a Lost Ark Grand Master in no time!

Lost Ark – Important Hotkeys

Hotkey / abbreviation function
Alt + A Raid settings
Alt + C Map
Alt + D Code
Alt + L Collectibles
Alt + N Relation
Alt + O Players
Alt + P Companion inventory

Lost Ark: Important Settings and Features You Need to Know About!
Alt + U | guild
Alt + V | Riding
Alt + X | HUD elements / interface gradually hide
Alt + Y | Book of coordination
Alt + Z | Auction house (market)
Alt + Ü | Group search
Tab / Tab | Minimap overlay
Middle Mouse Button | Move Minimap Overlay
B | Change craft / attack skills
I | inventory
J | Questlog
K | Fighting
L | Craft
M | World map
N | Adventurous
O | Squad
P | Character info
T | Automatic movement
U | Friends list
Z | Emot
F2 | Songs
F4 | Shop

Lost Ark – Change keyboard layouts

If the control in Lost Ark is unfamiliar and you feel wonderful with something else, you can easily change them at will.

To change both mouse controls in Lost ARK, you will open the settings menu (ESC for the game menu, then click on “Settings” at the bottom of the center), goes to the “Hotkeys / Basic Control” tab and clears the check box next to “An attack with right-click”. You now use the left mouse button and move with the right mouse button. The key assignments in Lost ARK change you by selecting a category of controls in the drop-down menu in the same menu, click on the key assignment that you want to change, and the new key is pressed.

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MMORPG NEW WORLD item Replication Bug Conducted BAN for abuters The stopped trade returns after maintenance

Amazon Games reported that BAN was implemented for more than 1,200 players who are currently using the item replication bug at the MMO NEW WORLD currently under service development.

According to the posting in the game official forum, in addition to BAN to the player, it is said that it is said that the target item deletion and a temporary trade function is performed. In this work, there were duplicate bugs such as in-game currencies in the past, and it was taken to temporarily turn off the trade function of money for its action.

New World dev LEAKS when trading might be turned BACK ON, and other bugs that need fixed

In the game, we will carry out the first disposition to remove coins and items replicated on November 2, and delete more than 80% of the applicable items from the economy in the game. As of November 15, the remaining 98% items and money have been reported from within the game. The remaining items have also been added as strictly not to dispose of A player who does not intend unintentionally but does not exploit.

He also apologized to the trouble of many players, and has published the findings that this problem has had an influence on the end game. There is almost no tendency for high quality creation items that have greatly grown, and it seems that the equipment that has been distributed is already deleted. We will clarify that we will continue further investigation.

NEW WORLD is currently under service for PC. Maintenance made today is a trade in the game again. Limited Logical G Logitech G Gaming Mouse
~ ~ ¥6,802 ~ → ¥4,980



Racer Basilisk X Hyperspace ​​Gaming Mouse
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