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LOL: The next brand-new champion will be Ksante, a tank for the leading lane as well as genuine monster

Riot Gamings has offered the following new champ for League of Legends (LOL). In a video clip you showed K’sante: he is a tank for the leading lane that is expected at the end of 2022 when the pre-season begins for the 2023 season. It seems like LOL was inspired by Monster Hunter.

** Where are the info from? There Ryan Reav3 Mireles ordered in the armchair, Lead Producer for Gameplay at League of Legends. He had currently introduced the last champs, all of whom have currently all shown up in League of Legends (through YouTube).

The entire city is permanently impressed by him

That discloses LOL to brand-new champions : Mireles says:

During the year, a brand-new container for the top lane from Shurima comes. This champion brings with it part of Shurima that we have not yet discovered: the city of Nazumah.

Nazumah is an oasis state on the southern edge of the desert. As well as unlike the remainder of Shurima, they are not a fan of Azir.

Nazumah gets on the miles of the only water resource and individuals have to combat massive beasts, equally as not to die of thirst. It was a hard fight, yet in the long run they conquered the oasis and built their company in the center.

Neuer Champ has special weapons: ntofos

But you do not have to think me al1. The whole city-state is essentially excited by it. Nevertheless, he is K’sante, the pride of Nazumah. You have to earn the title initially.

Currently, 500 years later on, this new champion is searching with the warriors of Nazumah for specifically these monsters and with the products gotten from it, they enhance their framework and weapons.

He even fought against among the biggest monsters worldwide and also made his one-of-a-kind ntofos out of his regenerating shield.

NTOFOS are big, blunt weapons that can be utilized defensively. Yet he can damage them at any time as well as release them so thoroughly made, which can rush every challenger at warp speed. Shortly afterwards, the product tackles its blunt shape once again so that it can defeat you carefully. Honestly, it is an actual phenomenon.

_ SO LOL had presented the hero Bel’ Veth: _

One of the few discussions is regarding the name of the hero: K’sante: Thus far, an apostrophe has constantly been for a Void monster, but evidently there is absolutely nothing to be finished with the vacuum. LOL breaks with its name conventions (using Reddit).

Evidently Riot is intending a modification of tools of stump to sharp at the hero, perhaps the tools in typical form boost defensive worths and afterwards enhance the offensive of K’sante in the sharp type. After the Worlds we will undoubtedly find out much extra.

In any kind of instance, the storage tank seems as if Trouble Games had actually been greatly influenced by the Monster Hunter series: a warrior chasing monsters to create brand-new equipment from their body components to hunt even bigger beasts what makes the video game collection. Below in the west you recognize the collection generally due to the fact that of Monster Hunter World.

Just how do you discuss the hero? The new hero, K’sante, is hardly gone over in the area of League of Legends: Other revelations from the video were regarded as more exciting, specifically the changes to the forest.

LOL frequently has a balancing issue with brand-new heroes:

New champion eats Lol-Bel’ Veth is considered a hyper-carry, has an unreasonable high spell price

** Where are the details from? He had already presented the last champions, all of whom have currently all gotten here in League of Legends (via YouTube).


Riot Games has provided the next brand-new champ for League of Legends (LOL). It sounds like LOL was influenced by Monster Hunter.

LOL: An UDYR Reework ability is the most repeated error proof by the community

The wait has been eternal for League of Legends , but UDYR’s Rework is finally ready for all players to enjoy it. Riot Games has already carried out the official presentation and has revealed that this second version of the character will be available in the PBE until its final introduction on live servers at the beginning of the next 12.16 patch. This situation, although we already knew the new skills of the spiritual walker, has allowed us to identify some details and value positive that is probably one of the best works in the history of the developer .

The only eliminated ability of UDYR reown

The most curious of the UDYR Rework are the few changes at the playable level. It is true that the champion has a renewed aesthetic and no longer invokes animals when using his powers. However, The new forms are very similar to the previous ones . The tiger posture may now be called the claw position or that the bear is a kind of ornn with new visual effects, but the functions are very similar. The effects and the way in which they apply, but League of Legends developers have managed to keep the identity of a champion who, after the Rework, could be played without hardly reading the adjustments.

The equivalences are very simple…

Claw position *: tiger form to hit with ad
Ferreo mantle : turtle form to get shield and healing
CALLANTEANT EMPTADE : bear form to run quickly and stun the rivals
* Winged Storm : Phoenix form to inflict damage in area that scale in AP


Despite the similarities, the novelties of the UDYR Rework point to a better combat performance. The character’s spells will be more notable and have additional characteristics. For example, the winged storm (former Phoenix) now slows the enemies and flashing stampede (old bear) can be improved to grant immunity to control purposes. However, despite these notable novelties, the new version of the champion does not reach League of Legends as a more powerful alternative. Thanks to a single eliminated ability that the community did not value in its fair measure, they have been able to include all these news.

We refer to passive, which allowed you to win up to 15 movement points permanently as long as it changed posture every three seconds. Eliminating this element is the great key that allows you to introduce all the news. It is a situation admitted by the developers themselves, who point out that their only additional concern in terms of balance was to reduce the power of the basic skills to increase the potential of the improved spells to which the champion has access every half minute and that work similar to a miniature ultimate.

Seen this way, it may seem a real madness of the League of Legends equilibrium team. However, UDYR Rework managers have data on your part . The speed of movement has always been undervalued by the community, but it is one of the ways in which Riot Games modifies the power of the champions without us noticing. The story has shown on numerous occasions. A great example is Kassadin, for which to reduce five points the speed of movement of it was a decrease of almost three percentage points in its victorious rate. In the case of the spiritual walker, the Nerf is three times larger.

Although launching skills without stopping is part of UDyr’s identity, developers trust that the news more than compensate for this small loss. In addition, they have not eliminated the little sprint that contributed the bear shape, which remains in the new E and can be enhanced with improved positions. The only change made by those responsible for the League of Legends balance is to make it a limited capacity to a specific moment. The key to a reown that has an impressive pint and that is also a design genius.

Nazarov: Wonderful hoe, there is barely a football play

It was the second 1: 1 in a row in the league for Aue. Of course we can still obtain happily, claims Nazarov, who after that allowed go of a few clear words towards 3rd league: Yet there is barely any type of football in this Kack league anyway.

We have planned more, wanted to set a sign, win our residence game, regrettably we did not prosper, summed up brand-new captain Dimitrij Nazarov after the game at Magenta Sport and pressed after: We started well, start Then a counterattack for 1: 1. In the end we spent whatever again. Osnabrück resisted well, we have actually to be pleased with the point in every sphere.

The referee really did not have the extremely finest day

We have actually intended more, wanted to set an indication, win our house game, regrettably we did not be successful, summed up brand-new captain Dimitrij Nazarov after the video game at Magenta Sport as well as pushed after: We began well, obtain started After that a counterattack for 1: 1. It was the second 1: 1 in a row in the organization for Aue. He just stressed once again that you still had actually to obtain used to the brand-new organization with the brand-new conditions.

Nazarov did not call details scenes. When again that you still had actually to obtain made use of to the brand-new league with the brand-new circumstances, he just highlighted. We have a totally new group, right here we will certainly need to play a completely different football, claimed the seasoned offensive male, who ran 46 times for Azerbaijan.

Nazarov still misses the time in the Second Bundesliga. I’m honest, I’ve played 2nd organization in the last ten years now and with the Var you have actually got used to it a bit, said the 32-year-old, who on 251 video games in German House comes. Everything goes via without a video clip referee, you have actually to obtain utilized to it first.

Lol: 7 Curiosities of League of Legends that nobody had told you and you will no longer forget

The first game of the story of League of Legends was played more than thirteen years ago and since then the game has become one of the most enjoyed of the planet. Riot Games has an immense community willing to play as much as necessary to complete the events or upload ranges in qualifying games. A game never aroused such an amount of interest for so long. A cluster of circumstances that has allowed us to know countless details about the functioning of the game, its curious characters or situations that have been experienced since then.

It is precisely in the world of little known details about League of Legends in which we want to focus below. A whole assortment of elements of the game that you may not have looked for a curious explanation or phenomena whose discovery can be most surprising. It is nothing that will help us upload our MMR or discover which are the best champions. However, we can bet that you will take a few anecdotes that will help you better understand how the game works and what is its true story.

The origin of Baron Nashor

It is widely known in the community that League of Legends was born as the independent version of the Mod Defense of the Ancients. A situation that has motivated the accusation of being a copy of Dota. However, developers never hid their inspiration. It was the same workers who raised that original game who created the title of Riot Games and one of the most obvious winks to his past is Baron Nashor. This epic monster receives its name in honor of Roshan , the great neutral enemy of the aforementioned Defense of the Ancients.

So far you may already know this story. However, the curious thing comes when we discover that The origin of both names is in a ball of bowling . Steve Feak, better known as Guinso, led the development team of both video games and was very fond of this sport. Like so many other people he had the cabals of him and a very special affection for this gadget. The problem is that this story did not popularize, because doing so would be talking about the most famous bowling ball in the history of mankind.

Thus the League of Legends skills work

The phrase that says Everything in League of Legends is a minion is not too easy to understand for players who do not know much about video game design, but an example is enough to get the idea. In this case, we want to explain how some skills work since we press the key and the game server receives the information. For example, the case of the e lux (bright singularity)…

  1. Lux creates an invisible minion unable to attack and without collisions in the final location of the skill
  2. The animation begins and launches a projectile that advances in a straight line towards the invisible minion
  3. The projectile arrives at the invisible minion and is ready to detonate

The funny thing is that this operation system is also followed by many other spells. Riot Games usually recycle the code with which he has created the skills to save work, so that he does not have to repeat the same processes all the time. In this way, we can imagine that the Q (Ezreal mystical shot) is similar to the brilliant singularity of Lux, although detonating against any enemy unit along the way.

Bel’veth’s relationship with a broken washing machine

One of our recurring sections when we talk about the curiosities of the League of Legends champions are their sounds. The departments responsible for creating the auditory effects are responsible for having filled a condom of dog food and stamping it against a wall to create whatever we listen to when Zac throws his abilities. A contagious madness that has also affected one of the last songs created by Riot Games.

We talk about the launch theme of Bel’veth . The music that accompanied the new jungle champion is made thanks to a broken washing machine and a man who had not had breakfast . We promise that this is not a joke, since the same composer explained the use of this type of techniques as a way of making the strange and dark origin of the champion remarkable. In one of those things that only artists know how He became one of the nuclei of the rhythm of the song.

The nothing reliable sensations of the community

There was a time in which League of Legends players did not have as many data at their disposal and we couldn’t even know the champions’ rates. This resulted in very particular phenomena. One of the most striking was the one that affected Zyra . The champion became one of the most broken premieres in history. However, the community did not complain at any time and when Riot Games decided to reduce his power there were complaints because in the eyes of the players he was quite balanced.

However, the most surreal situation in this regard was the one that affected Vladimir. During the first season, Riot Games published in the patch notes a very important power reduction for the character that, by mistake, did not reach the servers of play. However, the champion’s victories rate also decreased and there were even players who complained. Everything was a matter of sensations and a kind of placebo effect. The players were making it worse even if the hero had not changed.

The statistics not deleted from League of Legends

In the past, there was a statistic in League of Legends that allowed us to dodge the basic attacks of the rivals. There were runes, objects and even some characters that had it passively. Famous is the infamous Jax strategy maximizing its chances of avoiding enemies’ blows during the first season. It was something that almost all players hated since it depended solely on luck and that Riot Games definitively eliminated in 2012… or at least that told the community.

A few months ago A developer revealed that dodging still exists in the game , but that the statistics were simply reduced to zero for all champions or objects. It is something that is usually done since it is simpler and gives much less problems than definitively eliminating it. However, there is now an elephant in the room: we are at an error that it is re-introduced by accident.

How many people work balancing League of Legends?

A curious fact that surely surprises many League of Legends fans is that the team in charge of balancing the game does not reach the dozen people. Matt Leung-Harrison revealed it when a player pointed out that 15 or 20 people worked in this department: There are no 15 or 20 designers working to balance the game, there is a significantly lower amount because if it would not be very difficult to reach An agreement on something. Where there can be 15 people in meetings (with other departments).

The truth is that it attracts attention, but it is also one of the easiest points to understand the entire list. Surely you have ever seen yourself in the typical group work in which you have to make a decision and you are not able to agree with your colleagues. Mathematics says that the greater the most difficult number is to do so and that is why it is an department that, preferably, works with few employees and a lot of external help. Thus, times are optimized and everything goes much better. Of course, keep in mind that for great projects such as the update of patch 12.10 they have tons of help .

The time it takes to create a new champion

Seeing the rhythm at which the characters were thrown during the first years of League of Legends, it is normal for players not to value the work of the developers of new champions. However, the average dictates that each hero that arrives at the game does so after approximately one year of development. Time varies a few months since, as in everything, there are projects that are surprisingly well and others that take more than the account to be completed.

As additional data, the two most extreme cases were starred in Yorick and Sylas. The first was created in just three days and that is why he ends up receiving a Rework that barely left anything from the original. For his part, demacia prisoner took more than two years to be ready. In this case, it was due to the complexity to program the definitive 1. However, Riot Games felt it was worth dedicating all the time to be necessary to such technology.

Those who go through our League of Legends portal regularly, you will be accustomed to this type of data and you may even remember some in advance. Whether or not, do not hesitate to tell us how many of these curiosities you knew or if you would like to see more in the future.

LOL, the emergence of Belves new champion with infinite attack speed

Riot Games’ PC MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game, a new champion of a wicked new champion who will end the end of Roontera in the League of Legends (League of Legends). It is the LOL 160th champion, the empress of Void, Bel’Veth.

Velvez is a character who seizes the entire Rundera and tries to rebuild the world according to his twisted imagination. When he is involved in large monsters or champions and epic monsters, he has a passive that builds up the ‘Yeonbora’ overlap and permanently increases the attack speed.. In particular, as the next two attack speeds increase after using the skill, Velvez is expected to play an active part in the jungle line.

Velvet’s first skill, Void Flood, is a dash that causes damage to enemies located in the path. The second skill, Up and Back, also has the effect of reducing the short time into the air and slowing down the waiting time for the reuse of void rush when hit by enemy champions. ‘The Whirlpool of the Empress’ is a mental concentration, causing swirls around the surroundings, and the skills that are proportional to the physical strength of the target whenever the enemy is the lowest in the range.

The ultimate Endless Banquet is involved in champions and Epic monster treatment, and the void coral pieces fall, and each time the same target is attacked twice, it has the basic sustainable effect to add additional fixed damage. In addition, if Belves consumes a piece of void coral, Velvez can be transformed into a moment and can fight. If you consume the messenger of the canyon or the void coral left by Baron, it is possible to revive the minion that dies around by the void.


Belvez, which has a fast attack speed, is a champion with potential to contribute greatly to the team’s victory if it can grow stably. There is no restriction on the attack speed stack with the basic sustainable effect, and the ultimate specifications can be greatly raised. As it is strong in the one-on-one confrontation, it is also a strength of Belves that it can take the lead in the second half of the game.

More details about the new champion Belves can be found on the official LOL website. In addition, Riot Games will introduce a variety of ways to use Velves through the new champion introduction corner, Champanda, which will be released today (10th). The Champ Panda Velves can be viewed through the official YouTube, Facebook, and Naver TV.

Nations League | Six million fans followed DFB

The football classic between Italy and Germany (1-1) on Saturday night in the Nations League was not the big quota.

An average of 5.97 million fans complied with the attract the live broadcast at RTL.
The marketplace share was 26.6 percent, and 7.46 million in the leading enjoyed.
The battle in the Nations League on Tuesday (8:45 p.m.) in between Germany as well as England in Munich is broadcast real-time from ZDF.

Following Saturday (June 11th/20:45) RTL will certainly also show the video game against Hungary live.

Choupo-Moting: Starked, heavily subsided

The striker posted seven scorer points in the first round of cup when he scored four goals at the Bremen SV 12-0 and played three. Okay, it went against a fifth league team and the second guard was allowed. Nevertheless: You have to do that first, especially since it fit into the picture of Choupo-Moting’s start of the season. In the Bundesliga, too, the 33-year-old did not get rid of three jokertore after nine match days, another in the Champions League against Dynamo Kyiv. The role of Robert Lewandowski almost perfectly filled the role of Robert Lewandowski.


But it didn’t go on. In the further course of the season, “Choupo” only achieved three scorer points in the league, including a goal and an assist in the 4-1 against the bottom of Greuther Fürth. Through the second-round out of Mönchengladbach, he no longer collected anything countable in the DFB Cup, and also in the Champions League.

Quarantine, Covid-19, injury

This had various reasons: Choupo-Moting had to be in quarantine as a contact person, infected himself with Covid-19, injured. In January he stayed at the Africa Cup. There – this almost went down in this country – he refused to set his efforts in the game for third place, but after a change of coach he is now on board and can hope for his place in the World Cup squad Cameroon. At FC Bayern it usually only dripped in the second half of the season, and he did not build on the strong start of the season. The attacker only appeared once in the starting eleven, at 1: 3 in Mainz, when the championship was already in charge and coach Julian Nagelsmann brought the veteran instead of a talent.

Choupo-Moting contract runs until 2023

The contract of the Choupo Moting, which is popular in the team circle, is still running for a year. Robert Lewandowski’s future is uncertain, Joshua Zirkzee returns from his loan year at the RSC Anderlecht, which is looking for strikers for a potential Lewandowski replacement, this should receive approval, contrary to all the announcements. It will be exciting to observe what role “Choupo” can and may play in the coming season. He always has better performance than in the past second half of the season.

LOL: MSI is a disaster and we deserve a better competition

Most of Legends League’s competitive fans are disappointed with the 2022 format. Since the competition was modified in the last edition, criticism of Riot Games have been constant. The reason is the imbalance of the matches in the first phase of the tournament. The strongest teams in the world must face rivals with a much lower level than those found in their domestic competition, passing over them in most cases.

The less competitive competition of League of Legends

This situation results in generalized boredom in the first phase. Beyond the drought of competitions and the initial interest in seeing the great stars of the Legends International again, there are not many reasons to hook the matches. G2 eSports, RNG and T1 have passed round without losing a single game . A situation not very different from last year. Then, the LPL champion was undefeated from the Liguilla, while Mad Lions and Dwg Kia only lost a map.

However, The final result is not even the biggest problem and it is almost more worrying how it gets to it.

The comparison of the average duration of the items, provided that the metajuego remains constant, is the best scale to calculate the equality of the teams in a competition. While the sets of the three major leagues took an average of almost 33 minutes to win each game in their regions, the MSI meetings took 6.5 minutes less. This means that victories occur much faster . The inevitable conclusion is that the first minutes mark the encounter in almost all cases without incognito about what the result will be.

The inevitable conclusion is that the first minutes mark the encounter in almost all cases without incognito about what the result will be. Throughout everything that has elapsed MSI 2022 ten clashes have exceeded 30 minutes. This little review does not serve to improve opinion on the format that should be the second largest League of Legends competition. Only two of the ten games with a duration of more than half an hour correspond to meetings between uneven teams . We define as disappeared confrontations those in which a team that would obtain the direct square to Worlds against one that would have to go through the play-in.

  • The four clashes between Evil Geniuses and G2 eSports
  • The two clashes between Detonation and Saigon Buffalo
  • A confrontation between evil geniuses and orders
  • A confrontation between detonation and team aze

Underdogs or Underrated? ORDER takes the stage at MSI! | MSI 2022
* A confrontation between Istambul Wildcats and PSG Talon
* A confrontation between PSG Talon and RNG

In response to the data, it is difficult to take the opposite to the League of Legends community. The format only has two possible defenses. On the one hand, you can claim the possibility of taking place a great surprise and, on the other, the fact that smaller regions can see their favorite players compete against great teams. The first argument has a hard time supporting. The only “Wildcard” team that managed to advance groups in an international tournament was Albus Nox Luna , which succeeded in the 2016 Worlds when this format did not exist and only two sets of the minor regions stepped on the World Cup. It is true that we magnify Pentanet’s feat in MSI 2021, but it only took place thanks to the absence of the VCS.

As for what the fans of the minor regions want, we cannot talk to them. However, it is assumed that they would prefer that measures were taken to protect their talent and create a strong world ecosystem instead of receiving the caramel of letting them play against Faker once a year if the raffle determines it. Koldo , a player of which he is part of the Koi squad for the next Super League, said that of defeats as bulky as those suffered by these teams it is impossible to learn anything. In general, we all lose. League of Legends has very few international tournaments throughout the year to be so interesting

Data extracted from and analyzed independently.

LOL: A Yoricks play against a teacher and enemy who won almost unintentionally

With its millions of players and more than 150 champions, you can witness all kinds of things when you play League of Legends. If you like to see Pentakills, miraculous robberies of Nashor or other amazing movements, There is nothing more fun than to see a bundle or failure in a good and proper way. The goal is not to make fun and point to the poor player calling him Rookie, but the fact is that, in this case, one wonders what went through the head of our unfortunate teacher Yi when he wanted to do this play.

a 1vs 1 that did not go as expected

We can undoubtedly say that our player greatly overestimated his victory possibilities, but above all he underestimated the damage of the maid of the fog, Yorick’s final that does a quite considerable continuous damage.

The soul pastor had released his life partner in the upper lane so that a wave of henchmen could push the lane. Therefore, our worried jungle did everything possible to stop this attack and defend its Tierrta 3 turret.

Our fine Wuju sword begins the assault with its lightning q-rust, which he continues with his blow. If he hoped to end the fog lady with his self -tank, The situation very quickly turned against him in a completely unexpected way.

What he had not noticed was that the maid of the fog was accompanied by henchmen, but also by the Yorick fog walkers, who turned against him and knocked him faster than he could have imagined. The player still tried a last attempt to save himself with his flash, but the death sentence has already sounded for our unfortunate jungle. The fog lady continued her little path with only 121 life points.

THE ONLY YORICK GUIDE YOU WILL EVER NEED (Combos, Builds and Runes more) Season 11 League of Legends
Of course, it must be taken into account that Master Yi was level 10 while Yorick was level 14 (and put up to the bars of objects of pure and hard damage), so the outcome of this duel is not really surprising. It is expected to think twice before starting a 1 against 1 in the future taking into account all the data, but especially the state of your opponent.

Premier League: title races open again! Manchester City loses Kracher against Tottenham Hotspur

The championship race in the Premier League is open again. Peaker Manchester City lost on Saturday in its own stadium spectacularly with 2: 3 (1: 1) against Tottenham Hotspur with the outstanding double organs Harry Kane.

City has six points ahead of the second FC Liverpool, who had won 3-1 against Norwich, but a game less than the master has completed. Both teams also meet this season in direct duel.

Harry Kane grabs dramatic Tottenham Hotspur winner v. Manchester City | Premier League | NBC Sports

Tottenham went early through a gate of Dejan Kulusevski (4th minute) in the lead, but Ilkay Gündogan (33rd) expected in the first half.

Kane turns powerful after the page change

After the break, a spectacular game developed, in the Kane (59.) The guests from London initially shot again and then even supposedly increased, but his hit for 3: 1 was discontinued after video proof because of a way.

In the detention time, in turn, MANCITY was awarded to video proof a deserved trademeter, which Riyad Mahrez (90. + 2) turned.

Then the hosts increased again. However, in the seven-minute nightly period, Kane (90. + 5) once again achieved the victory for the Spurs, which brought the result in the hectic ultimate phase in the Etihad stadium and now occupy the seventh table.

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