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Old Spice Game Arena: The ace under the sleeve that gives the victory in Legends of Runeterra

The action during Old Spice Game Aren Look for the greatest medals.

Top 20 Old Spice Game Arena 2022

Participate in the Old Spice Game Arena 2022

You can still register at the official competition site: Old Spice Arena and participate in the challenges. Remember that the first place will take an incredible Setup Gamer.

If you already registered you just have to access the challenges section to know what is the next test to overcome, perform the challenge on your computer or mobile device and send evidence on the same website.

This week the challenge is League of Legends where players can show those plays that create illusion when they go better than you expected, making it clear that participants can take very interesting awards.

Invocator, you will be tested to demonstrate that your talent in League of Legends is not just luck. The challenge will be to achieve a Pentakill (5 Kills-eliminations) in the crack modality of the invoker in qualifying modality (5V5)

Have your registration data at hand to log in to the website and be able to register all the challenges. Add points and prepare to find your name at the Top 20 of the Old Spice Game Arena 2022. You can participate in the League of Legends challenge from June 20 to 26

Visit Old Spice Game Arena 2022, register, demonstrate your skills and become a legend.

Has Spelunky 2 has a cross game?

With the release of Spelunk 2 on PlayStation 4, as well as later on PC, you might be asking yourself if you can delight in the cross game with your pals. The exact same goes for Computer players that recover the game on Steam.


The game does not sustain the cross game, it provides several factors and multiplayer settings to play. The globe of game is much larger than the initial, which implies even more levels to check out, personalities to unlock, traps to place and challenge make use of. Spelunky 2 will certainly likewise include implication courses as well as levels on numerous degrees, so you will have numerous expedition alternatives.

Your unlocked characters will certainly kick back at your house, encouraging you when you are squashed by a rock or bitten to fatality by a bat. You can also establish mounts, develop your base camp and also delight in all the secrets that the game makes sure to have hidden.

Spelunky 2 is the sequel to the original Hit of Roguelike platform. It’s somewhat scary to assume, but the original game was released practically 12 years ago. It has ended up being a standard of the independent game and was component of a wide variety of video games which have actually proven that the independent video games could complement themselves with the most significant video games in the industry when it was a concern of bringing individuals to put back cash.

The loss finally finds us all – in an interview with Ghostwire: Tokyo authors Kenji Kimura and Masato Kimura

Ghostwire: Tokyo is one of the best games for years. It is a beautiful saga for the loss and sadness in which modern Tokyo is transformed into a playground for folklore on the doorstep of supernatural destruction. When the opportunity to talk to the writer and director of the game, Kenji Kimura , and producer Masato Kimura Tango Gameworks could not refuse. Our about half an hour of chat deals with the history of the game, its myths, and the processing of loss in a huge open-world adventure, where the story is not forced to follow at all unless you want to.

The debate was in Japanese and English with the help of an interpreter, after which it has been translated into Finnish.

Ghostwire: Tokyo director and screenwriter Kenji Kimura

I read somewhere that ghostwire: Tokyo originally had to come evil within 3. at what point did you decide to make it your own thing?

Masato Kimura : It’s true. At the very beginning of production, when we still used the production name Snowfall, this was supposed to become a new evil within. But pretty quickly, just a few months from the start of production, we decided that we would still invest the game in Tokyo, which only felt better about this story. Snowfall eventually became another production, which is neither of these.

The game is flooded with myths, urban legends and true stories about Tokyo’s history. Was it clear to you from the beginning that you would all mix them together, or did this combination happen with time?

Kenji Kimura : We wanted the game to be an experience in Tokyo, where anything is possible. As you look at Tokyo’s history, one can see that its traditions and stories are directly related to its basics. Tokyo has risen from folk tales. We wanted to bring this part of the city so that it seemed like an authentic experience of the city’s life. It is important for us to respect these legends and myths, even the saddest stories that shaped what it is today from Tokyo. This process was iterative as we constantly shaped myths and truth together.

Masato Kimura : We wanted horror to feel real. Therefore, you can see supernatural things in the story in the midst of ordinary everyday life. They have no distinguishing factor. When building the city, we wanted to combine what is still visible in Tokyo today, that is, the merger of history and modern in a way that feels almost time travel. If you are walking on the streets of Tokyo, you might think that every angle can end up in a different era because the city is built in that way. We didn’t want to create a straight fantasy world from Tokyo because it is already fantastic.

Ghostwire: Tokyo producer Masato Kimura

We didn’t want to create a straight fantasy world from Tokyo because it is already fantastic.

When I was young in high school, I read a book called Kappa, where a man follows the mythical Yokai being in a foreign world that is like a mirror image of our world. It seemed to have affected at least some ghostwire: Tokyon tasks.

Kenji Kimura : cap is one of my favorite books! You are right, it definitely has a great impact on ghostwireen throughout.

This also affects the creatures of the story that may not be monsters. Instead, it seems that they are feelings in physical form that can’t find a place where you are eruption.

Kenji Kimura : It’s wonderful that you noticed this. It’s completely true! We do not call them monsters either. In Japanese mythology, they are called visitors. In urban legends, these visitors are just mirror images of feelings such as stress or sadness. Things that occur in normal life. In the end, they become so strong that they come to life. We wanted this thinking to appear in every visitor in our story.

One of the strongest themes in the story is sadness and loss. How did you end up telling this story through our pets who usually leave this world long before us and do not necessarily experience the same sadness as us?

Kenji Kimura : We wanted Tokyo to feel real, so at the beginning of our production we walked a lot in the city streets looking for inspiration. These walks reminded us of everything we had become blind over the years. We noticed that even though it was a huge metropolis, cats and dogs see everywhere. Wherever we went, there were animals. I remembered my youth friend, my dog who was joking with me staring at a wall or ceiling that had nothing. I began to wonder if he always saw things I couldn’t, or whether he knew something about another world or visitors I had no connection with.

It led to the fact that we wanted this connection to the city between our normal world. It felt natural that this bridge would be our pet.

Masato Kimura : The loss is felt everywhere in the game and it takes many forms. It is touching to hear that you noticed this translation between pets and people. It feels great that we succeeded in our goal.

The scene where the dog howling after his lost master at the empty thread made me cry.

Kenji Kimura : Thank you so much. Now I’m starting to cry too!

The theme of the loss is so universal that we can talk about it on a completely personal level, even if we play the same game. Everyone finds their own interpretations of the loss that help us forward.

There is a moment in the game where KK comments on people’s creatures to avoid encountering difficult things. Is there a small meta comment here that ghostwire have one hundred hours of side tasks and collectible items?

(Molmets burst into laughter.)

Kenji Kimura : Awesome!

Masato Kimura : Oh boys.

Kenji Kimura : That is a great and profound way to see our story. Our goal was to create a game that of course had a lot to do. However, it is the goal of the games that the player has meaningful things to do. But the theme of the loss is so huge that it cannot be ignored. It is part of every person’s life and does not escape. In the end, it will find us all. So it became a unifying factor, even if we saw its meanings in different ways. I think the theme is so universal that we can have this discussion on a completely personal level, even if we play the same game. Everyone finds their own interpretations of loss and sadness that help us forward.

Masato Kimura : For us, such a commentary is always great to hear. It is difficult to build a game like ghostwiren_, as side tasks must not take the weight out of the main story. But it is completely true that at the same time we deliberately made the side tasks a little lighter. The reason is that in the story, it is really difficult to face heavy things, and it takes power. So we created a lot of things to do so that this feeling could be avoided. This perspective brings a really fresh perspective to the matter in our work, which we really see closely.

Kenji Kimura : The side tasks and their locations were carefully designed as a pause in the midst of all this. They are deliberately counterbalance to stressful content carried by the main story. Balancing them took a lot of time due to the scope of the map and the story. It seems depressing to hear that their reconciliation created an experience that served the whole thing so well.

The side tasks and their locations were carefully designed in the midst of all this. They are deliberately counterbalance to stressful content carried by the main story.

The last question. Where did the gangster tunes come from and could we get more of them?

Kenji Kimura : Tanuks are very close to our heart in Japan. They are part of pop culture and our history since childhood. As developers, we hope they are hidden in that city now. At one point, one of our team members sent a picture of Tanuki in the middle of the street outside his home, which inspired us to add their presence to the game.

I remember walking home one day, when I saw a dog that looked like a tan. I was wondering what would happen if they started to be more defiant with their infiltration. It led to the idea of a side task where they are eventually everywhere.

Masato Kimura : They are a huge part of us. When I was young, my grandparents always told me that if something strange happened, Tanuki was responsible. Tanuki was up to you!, They said.

Kenji Kimura : Tanuks also appear in the name of food. Like Tanuki-Soba, where a meal side dish looks a bit like a tan. But of course it doesn’t contain real tanuks!

Masato Kimura: Over the centuries, they have become a way of talking about abnormal things that color our daily lives every day. What better suited the story of this game than Tanuki!

Stalker 2 shows the intro of the video games history in the brand-new Xbox Extended Display trailer

Yesterday we educated you that Stalker 2 had actually been postponed again, the action and also science fiction game of GSC Game World has lived an even more than difficult originated from the war that the nation is living after the Russian invasion, Requiring them to pause the work on numerous celebrations, as well as also displace their teams in the country.

Last month we understood that advancement had become once more, although it seemed difficult for the days to be maintained. Most definitely, Stalker 2 goes to 2023 , and the trailer of the Microsoft occasion today, the Xbox Extended Display , has actually been the initial one in which we have seen the new year of launch.

GSC Game World has actually provided us with a scene of Intro to the background of the video game , revealing its immersive ambience of scary as well as scientific research fiction. The research study has also published a video on growth in times of war, although it includes sensitive material on the present war that can influence audiences.

Several Of GSC Game World employees chose He has actually shared the group in a news release. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl will be launched in 2023 in Xbox Collection X | S and computer.

The 3 best and the most awful games of January 2021

Skul: The Hero Slayer is another action-adventure game with straight scrolling. With its components Roguelike, Skul: The Hero Slayer puts players in an atypical function for a video game. By playing Skul, the gamers should eliminate heroes to save the satanic force king. In our review, we praised the general gameplay loophole of the game and also discovered that it might appear a little basic compared to other roguelikes, however it is an amazing game that is much deeper than He appeared at the start..

Most likely to page 2 for the most awful…

With the opportunity of importing the material of the first two video games, Hitman 3 is also the greatest game in the trilogy. The game is an independent platform game with a typical straight scrolling that positions you on an island after the sinking, as well as its properties live in its outstanding computer animations and also its immersive world. In our evaluation, we praised the basic gameplay loophole of the game and also found that it may seem a little fundamental contrasted to various other roguelikes, but it is a great game that is much deeper than He showed up at the begin..

With the initial month of 2021, January 2021, in guides, we have a look back on what, allow’s hope, will finish up being a better year than 2020. Like many of the January, it was fairly light on Game trips, although he was safeguarded by what could be one of the very best getaways of the year.

Olija is an action-adventure platform game in 2D, with an accent on a teleportation mechanism with making use of a harpon. The game is an independent platform game with a regular horizontal scrolling that positions you on an island after the sinking, and its properties stay in its fantastic animations as well as its immersive globe. In our evaluation, we found that due to the fact that the frame is so specific, all these little things, computer animation, sounds, colors, all work to develop the environment, which is sweat and hopeless..

Hitman 3 was the biggest trip in January 2021 and also depended on the basic developed by IO Interactive since their first 2 video games. With the possibility of importing the content of the very first 2 games, Hitman 3 is additionally the largest game in the trilogy. The game provides hours of enjoyment, a solid level design and also spectacular settings. In our examination, we located that Hitman 3 is a perfected version of this Hitman version.

Citizen Sleeper brings Cyberpunk back to the existing

Cyberpunk video games appear in some time. They pursue futurism, yet at the same time the neon clams, Kanji characters as well as mega-Konzerne of their designs of the 1980s are as well happy to offer themselves.

Yet so that cyberpunk works, it has to be motivated by the currently. Due to the fact that I don’t think William Gibson or Bruce Sterling created about the future, says Gareth Damian Martin, developer as well as writer from Citizen Sleeper, in an interview with Kotaku. We considered whether the scifi role-playing game in the damages of interplane commercialism made the dive back into today.

Workshop: Jump over the Age Launch: 5. May 2022 Platforms: COMPUTER, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch Over Style: Duty having fun, Experience

that’s what Citizen Sleeper has to do with

In Citizen Sleeper we tackle the duty of a sleeper, an imitated awareness in an artificial shell. Our story begins with the retreat in front of the Essen-Arp team, for which we function rather than our carnal body. We just stranded in Eye, a city on a spaceport station.

How Citizen Sleepers look in motion, you can see below:

The higher your number of eyes, the more likely to restore a bar or the occasional mini task. The latter is definitely required due to the fact that cash covers characterize the bulk of the about 6 to eight hours of Citizen Sleeper.

This not only secures us from a very early end, but also establishes our liberty of activity, due to the fact that the daily dices are disappearing with falling power. We also have to get food since appetite lets our power dry up faster.

that makes Citizen Sleepers so special


Citizen Sleeper presents Eye as a sort of card as well as not as an openly available neon jungle. We select between proposed factors and check out dining establishments or shops, do tasks or satisfy NPCs. Whether a daddy that defends a better life for himself and his child, or a cyberpunk who desires to allow dirty shops open: Eye resides in a numerous cast. Your placement pictures and discussions in prose design alone construct the globe as well as rapidly make you forget that we actually just navigate menus.

Juggling these options makes the appeal of Citizen Sleeper. On some days, the cube good luck assures us a risk-free revenue and also progression in the sidesquest, such as fixing a spacecraf or building a greenhouse. On other days we need to make a decision between survival as well as leisure. As well as once again we wish the absolute minimum. Since the varying danger level of various jobs threatens with additional energy loss in the event of failures. The miniature work, which is restricted in time, is two times agonizing.

Eye dice and jobs discussions


On the one hand, the daily gambling underscores the precarious life scenario of the sleeper. On the various other hand, it aids to earth Citizen Sleeper. In the meeting with PC Gamer it claims: Good luck is so a lot more hard to compensate for if you live on the side of poverty or homelessness.

In basic, Citizen Sleeper repairs his sight of the present. Citizen Sleeper is not an allegory for this; It should just research the problems as well as logistics of your underlying systems.

for whom is Citizen Sleeper?

Many thanks to its low-threshold mechanics, Citizen Sleeper is suitable for everybody who favors relaxing titles. The only joy of resource management as well as analysis requires the text-heavy parlor game. The mix of a brief season and various ends also produces a perfect basis for numerous runs.

If you intend to experience what a cyberpunk video game should appear like in 2022, or prefer games that carry your policy on your tongue, you can’t prevent Citizen Sleeper. It does without senior category kitsch and also mirrors the fundamentals: assuming ahead from currently.

Final thought of the editorial team

Behind Citizen Sleepers Sci-Fi-Mantel await clever, refreshingly candid thoughts on the (structural) problems of our existing. Many Thanks to Xbox Video Game Pass, at the very least one night with Citizen Sleeper is rewarding.

In Citizen Sleeper we take on the duty of a sleeper, a replicated recognition in an artificial covering. The last is absolutely essential since cash covers characterize the bulk of the around six to eight hours of Citizen Sleeper.

Erik Körner


The associates of Waypoint or Shed Degrees are seldom wrong with their suggestions. Her praise was factor enough for me to attempt Citizen Sleeper. After about six hours of play, I make certain: I will most likely chat regarding it all over the remainder of the year.

Citizen Sleeper presents Eye as a kind of card as well as not as an easily accessible neon forest. The associates of Waypoint or Shed Degrees are hardly ever incorrect with their suggestions. Thanks to Xbox Video Game Pass, at the very least one night with Citizen Sleeper is worthwhile.

Poinpy, by the designer of Downwell, shows up at Netflix

For those who would have lost view of it, it is an upside downcity building contractor , which sacrifices in large urbanization to assist the reconstruction of an eco-responsible globe. Note that these three video games are included with your Netflix registration, as well as supplied without marketing or purchasesin-app .


We could even have actually called him Upwell , as the video game appears to have reversed the concept of cost-free loss of his illustrious older, the colors in addition. This vibrant climbing video game is without a doubt to crush fruit to make it juice meant to feed a hungry beast. The objective: to climb as high as possible, while the monster proceeds to break your buttocks while waiting to be packed.

Already in the limelight the day previously, Devolver Digital had reserved 3 other titles to animate the Netflix Geeked Week, with also a little outing in the hood for one of them. Poinpy, by the creator of Downwell, is therefore launched in the arena, completely free download on Android and iphone now.


Another game presented on mobiles, Rules: Three Kingdoms continues the trip for the renowned card game, in theswip ’em upregister thought of by Nerial. Instructions China of the three kingdoms, as its name recommends, to establish partnerships between the different intrigues in place. Followers of Dynasty Warriors will most likely not be lost, but also for the others, it will be feasible to discover all the historic numbers of this pivotal duration by swilating on the left, or on the right, all punctuated with mini-games. Exit prepared throughout the year.

Hates me, however deus ex lover is the better cyberpunk 2077 for me

A sentence that often fell right into Cyberpunk 2077 in coverage was It is like Deus Ex lover, just bigger . Allow’s go through this in a couple of elements of both video games: For instance, why do I require a personality layout in Cyberpunk 2077, if I in fact don’t truly want to experience my tale with green or blonde hair, however only an amazing ? In cyberpunk I would certainly such as to be Johnny Silverhand as well as not his sidekick from lead character , regarding whom I recognize virtually absolutely nothing, no issue which of the pre-stories I take. What does it bring me in Cyberpunk 2077 if I can level dozens of gameplay designs , however the struggles as well as objectives rarely offer considerable differences and also barely take my own-minded role right into account? However the emphasis stays on stealth as well as provides a crisp obstacle.

deus ex vs. cyberpunk 2077: much less video game, yet much more fun

In his best minutes, Cyberpunk 2077 does not crush me fascinatingly, however does exactly what Deus ex does-concentrate on one point, a person we aid, on a stressful evening that we need to go through, and also a strained scene that can rise at any moment. In these moments it is a thousand times far better than Deus ex lover till dozens of scenes comply with once again, in which the gamer is extra liberty than enjoyable.

If the marketing campaign of Cyberpunk 2077 wished to make one point, then: People, on December 10, 2020, not only the finest computer game ever before showed up, all other workshops could additionally shut afterwards. When Cyberpunk 2077 actually appeared, the mess was all the more terrible. However even if we disregard the miserable performance, I choose to use Deus Ex in 2016. It provides a lot less, yet that is far more focused.


I am honest-I also wanted to discover an alternative and also excellent extension of the drowsy Deus-Ex collection in Cyberpunk 2077, but in the end also Deus Ex lover: Mankind Divided-this smiled-at, oversized DLC-delivers the better general plan. For me, Cyberpunk 2077 stops working exactly that it supplies the player a lot of choices in his megalomania as well as does the best feasible pc gaming experience under the entire chaos Restrictions do not necessarily need to tighten down the enjoyable, but can also concentrate. Simply put, I need to determine what I desire. Once does not (yet?), whatever at.

Allow’s experience this in a couple of facets of both games: As an example, why do I require a personality style in Cyberpunk 2077, if I in fact don’t really wish to experience my story with eco-friendly or blonde hair, but just an interesting ? In Deus ex, as Adam Jensen, I am an amazing mix of Sherlock Holmes and also Batman, who lost whatever as a result of an accident and needed to be transformed right into an effective state-of-the-art representative. Its tornness is visible in all times, but the tale, on the various other hand, finishes too early. In cyberpunk I wish to be Johnny Silverhand and not his sidekick from lead character , concerning whom I understand nearly absolutely nothing, despite which of the pre-stories I take. The story itself, right into which my empty leaf falls under, is terrific against being told when it obtains time.

| deus ex-spouse: Humanity divided on Amazon **.

And also last: I truly intend to check out an open world with several journeys, ** If the individual backstreet of information are a little barren? Outdoors. The Modern Prague in Deus Ex is tiny as a location, but informs a lot of history on every square meter as well as also provides amazing insides to check out. The secondary pursuits can be trusted one hand, yet offer interesting situations and perspectives on the globe of Deus Ex-spouse. That is what Deus is delivering. It can’t do anything else as well as shouldn’t. Perfect? No, however concentrated.

While the cyberpunk as well as upset 2077 has actually begun over all loving mob to obtain his lanterns and pitch forks for me, I utilize the remaining time to describe my point of sight. A sentence that typically fell right into Cyberpunk 2077 in reporting was It is like Deus Ex-spouse, only larger . Will the best game ever before be the video game that no longer leaves a single attribute?

What does it bring me in Cyberpunk 2077 if I can level dozens of gameplay styles , however the struggles and objectives rarely give significant differences and also barely take my own-minded function into account? In the long run, the exact same outcome constantly takes place, which is why there are a lot liberty? In Deus Ex-spouse 2 play styles await me: the shallow sneak as well as shooting for an emergency, both of which go well and also use enough variations. However the focus stays on stealth as well as supplies a crisp obstacle. On the other hand, close battle remains a rarity, and also when it occurs, it is resolved by an amazing cutscene, while I need to stick a stump in Cyberpunk 2077.

Starfield fans worried after new report

_ ESTELAR_Campo_ In Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC was delayed this week from its release date of November 11, 2022 to 2023. Obviously, the game needs more time, but a new report suggests that there are more mistakes in the game. According to Bloomberg journalist, Jason Schreier, spoke with the developers of Bethesda Game Studios in the spring of 2020 who were worried about throwing the game in 2022 and feared that the game was the “next ciberpunk.” As you could know, Ciberpunk 2077 had a disastrous launch, largely because it was not ready for its launch. That said, this was after multiple delays. In other words, multiple delays did not help Ciberpunk 2077,And that is because _ciberpunk 2077 not only needed more time to crush errors. I had serious design problems and, more importantly, management problems.

Without more context, it is difficult to know how worriedstellar fans should be. Fearing internally that your game can be the next Ciberpunk 2077 lifts some red flags, not all of which are relieved by the simple fact that the game has more development time now. That said, and as expected, the news has not given the same hope to some fans.

«It will be the next Ciberpunk 2077 it doesn’t matter how many times they delay it. Ciberpunk 2077 It was also delayed. Bethesda has been launching Skyrim again and again with the same problems. His last game was as broken as ciberpunk 2077 except that he was not even pushing any limit, ”says an answer to the news on Twitter.

The biggest myth about ciberpunk 2077 is that I needed more time. According to what we have heard through the vine, the game had fundamental problems, many of which were exasperated by the game engine. Bethesda Game Studios fans will wait forstellar to simply need more time for quality and polished control, such as most games. Ciberpunk 2077 However, it is a lesson that does not matter how much you delay a game, more time is not always the solution that people think it is.

let's talk about Starfield being delayed

Telar Campo is the most anticipated Xbox game on the horizon, so it will be very important that Bethesda Game Studios do it well. If consquences 4 and skyrim are any context,stellar_ will have bugs. It is enviable. In a publication ciberpunk 2077 andbattlefield 2042_ However, the market is much more sensitive to the errors and performance problems than it used to be,

I love Terraforming Mars and now there is the board game

Bretting games are my great passion alongside video games, so the collection that I now have at home grows quickly. Many highly recommended games have appeared in recent years, it is not for nothing that I write my annual recommendations.

Terraforming Mars, however, has a very special place in my heart because it simply blew me away almost five years ago. Basically, as the name suggests – it is about making the Mars of Terraforms, i.e. habitable.

In the role of a CEO, we encounter projects, for example to increase the water content on Mars, to promote oxygen saturation in the atmosphere and to raise the temperature. The linchpin are a number of different project cards, but for which it is often necessary to play certain requirements.

Tobias Veltin

[email protected]

Tobi’s bretting game passion was re-sparked in early 2016 when he realized in a sociable round with colleagues what ingenious representative there was in this area. The haptic experience fascinates him the most – almost as a counterpoint to the “non -tangible” video games. Every now and then he also plays implementations – like that of Terraforming Mars.

In addition to the thematic strength of the game – Terraforming Mars, on current scientific knowledge – in addition to the enormous variability, I also like the many cards that all players work on a plan and the Mars together. In the end, only one or one can win. In the meantime, some extensions have also been published, which make the game even more varied and also make more demanding and complex in some places.

Terraforming is also virtually fun

Why am I telling you? On the one hand, of course, because I want to draw your attention to this board game superhite and think it is absolutely recommended. And on the other hand, because there is currently the virtual implementation of Terraforming Mars for Umme in the Epic Game Store. So you save yourself just under 20 euros and get the perfect opportunity to get a taste of the game processes. And that may also make the board game tasty.

Here are a few impressions from the PC implementation in the trailer:

I have already tried the virtual variant myself and find it quite successful. The game is clear and easy to understand, I also like the small animations when new tiles are placed on the Mars landscape. However, many users complain about many bugs and problems in the game, which I have not noticed after my short play sessions. Attention, there is no console implementation yet, but there is an app for iOS and Android, which is currently not free.

More (physical) board game tips can be found here, for example:

__23 __4

more on the subject

Terraforming Mars - GameNight! Se5 Ep9 - How to Play and Playthrough

Tobi’s board game tips 2021: These 11 recommendations belong on the table


My recommendation is therefore: Tell Terraforming Mars, if you are even interested in board games or their virtual implementation. However, I send a warning directly: If you like the risk that you will soon grow and thrive with you soon.

Do you already know Terraforming Mars? What do you think of the game?

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