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BVB: Marco Rose probably met with Ultras

Borussia Dortmund’s coach Marco Rose has apparently met with fan ultras of the association. This is apparent from consistent media reports.

The BVB coach should have met with leading fans of the ultra-group “The Unity” in front of RB Leipzig, which was lost with 1: 4, with leading fans of the ultra-group “The Unity”. Rose wanted to know how the fans rate his person and what the team is missing: apparently the ultras are unconditionally behind the team, but in return fighting fight and commitment.

The idea for a meeting with the fans should have come by Rose himself. He had already organized a meeting with fans as a coach of Borussia Mönchengladbach, along with the former sports board Max Eberl. For Rose this is considered important to better understand the club and the environment.

BVB: Trainer Marco Rose kontert Kritik an seinem Posten

For some fans, Rose is controversial at the coach bank, since he has already lost 13 out of 40 competitive games with BVB. Among them Games against Leipzig, Leverkusen (2: 5), Amsterdam (0: 4) or St.Pauli (1: 2). “We did not manage to inspire people and take them properly to spite an euphoria,” Rose said critically a few weeks ago. “This suffers the identification with the team.” This wants to change the coach now in conjunction with the future BVB manager Sebastian Kehl and continue a change.

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Battlefield is back on Steam

Battlefield is finally available again on Steam. For years that the franchise has been removed from the platform to attract fans on EAs own online market. The origin was, and is always, almost universally hated by all those who use it. Especially the fans of Battlefield Blaze who did not want to venture away from Steam. Needless to say, EA has lost a lot of income and attention because of this decision. Fortunately, they resumed their spirits after all this time. All major Battlefield games released over the last decade are now on the largest video game market in the world.

Battlefield Returns to Steam – Official Trailer
On the good side, Battlefield 3, 4, 1 and 5 can now be purchased on Steam. All Battlefield games will also offer premium additions that will come with a large amount of DLC. Each mentioned game is also on sale in order to celebrate this memorable event. Although Battlefield 5 may not have responded to expectations, it does not mean that older inputs in the series are not worth your time. One of the main comments of this trailer is: The only good decision taken with the Battlefield franchise in more than a year. A declaration difficult to challenge.

Playing these games with a good group of friends is always one of the best experiences of all games. If you are interested, make sure you make your purchase while they are still on sale. We do not know how long it will last.

Volition is good behind the restart of Saints Row

GTA Online plagiarism
The Developer of Saints Row Volition responded to fans on Twitter to defend the new restart of Saints Row. The fans expressed their disappointment in the new direction of the restart of Saints Row, but Volition expressed his confidence in the game.

It’s a little risky gesture. These are fans of the franchise that would probably buy a decent restart, and instead, some pushes some. A fan mentioned that he thought the game looked like Fortnite, where Volition replied, We do not think you know what strong looks like, but you know it. I agree that it does not look like Fortnite, but I would wary to be too impertinent for the fans for the moment.

Volition has mainly said they did a restart because no one has never restarted before, which is certainly an interesting thing to say. I guess we need more information because absolutely nothing has been shown so far we believe it’s something else than a game of Saints Row. I played in Pac-Man as a 3D platform set; It’s nothing for me.

Make a restart as a person never restarts before … Nice holy row if you ask ourselves ????

  • Saints Row (@saintsrow) 26 August 2021

This frenzy on Twitter has led to more information, such as you do not start as a saint, there will be a customization of the car and a better character creation than the previous games.

I’m a bit confusing about the indignation of fans. People who call it a clone of Grand Theft Auto while Saints Row has always been a Grand Theft Auto clone is strange. The revelation trailer simply does not look so different from other games. Volition mentioned that it will be a more well-founded experience, but that’s pretty much everything we have to do. Fans are worried, but wait for more information.


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