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Grampus, Kim Jun -su (XIA) fan signing event held on 13th at Seongsu Pop -up Store

-Grampus, Official model Kim Jun-su (XIA) signing event held

-Invested about 30 attendees selected through the pre-draw

-If the fan signing event on the 13th, you can use pop-up store from 4 pm

Kim Jun-su (XIA), a singer and musical actor who is active as an official model of the casual cooking simulation game , developed and serviced by Grampus, a global multi-platform game company, will be ‘My Little Chef’ ‘Shia Cafe’ on the 13th. The fan signing event will be held at Seongsu-dong pop-up store.

The 5th Anniversary Pop-up Store, which opened on the 3rd, has been successful every day. In this pop-up store, the special limited goods of , which cannot be found anywhere, are sold, and most of all, Kim Jun-su’s fan signing meeting will be held.

At the Kim Joon-su fan signing event, which is scheduled to be held on the 13th, about 30 attendees selected through the pre-draw will be invited to the autograph session of the pop-up store.

The fan signing event can only participate in the signing guide, and it is impossible to participate in the US. After holding the text, you can join the event after sorting according to the number order written in the number according to the guidance of the official until the start of the event.

When entering the event, the company plans to operate safely by completely complying with the Guidelines for Operation Operations, such as entering the order first. On the 13th, the fan signing event will be available for pop-up stores from 4 pm.

Kim Choong-sik, director of Grampus’s business & marketing, said, Following the appearance of Kim Jun-su’s character in the game, Kim Jun-soo and fans can meet for users who have sent their love to the pop-up store as much as the hot summer. I hope to communicate with Kim Junsu directly with Kim Junsu in the pop-up store in the small resort in the city center and fill the energy in hot weather.

Meanwhile, My Little Chef, which has achieved more than 2 million downloads in Korea and has a variety of fan base in the domestic cooking game market, uses Kim Jun-su (XIA) as an official model, and the 50th new restaurant ‘Shia Cafe’ It is open and is receiving a lot of response.

The month of black arts has begun in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

We have a regular event program that awaits us throughout the month of October in #Darkartsmonth. Lots of rewards are to find this month as well as they will consist of new portkey settings, ministry identification lenses and also several brand-new material. The calendar to date resembles this…

Harry Potter: Wizards unite the month of dark art started. Niantic Inc. and also WB Gamings revealed the occasion on October 7 as well as we have an entire month of occasions, activities as well as awards in play to wait. The statement of the phone call for weapons seems as well as gamers from worldwide are phoned call to interact versus the sinister and also obscure pressures, since an old wickedness gets her path to the past… The focus is placed on the shift.

Harry Potter: wizards unite the complete program for the month of black arts:

  • Brilliant Event of the Fighting Pressures, initial component: from October 8 to 14

A brand-new pursuit with the Dazzling Death Eating and also an Azkaban refugee

  • Community day of October: October 19

Anticipate more weird creatures, including quirks of vampire, doxy and also monster, more constant in the video game.

* Brilliant Event of the Fighting Forces, component 2: from October 22 to 28

A new sinister pursuit featuring the great Sirius Black and a craft

  • Exclusive Halloween Pursuit: October 31

Get ready for a citadel room as well as a mission with a minimal time incentives

Concerning the joint production of this game

Niantic Inc. as well as WB Gamings revealed the occasion on October 7 and also we have a whole month of occasions, activities and awards in play to wait. We have a regular event program that awaits us throughout the month of October in #Darkartsmonth. The calendar to date looks like this…

Portkey Gamings was started in 2017 and comes from Warner Bros. Interactive Home entertainment. With Niantic Inc, a San Francisco-based software program development firm, they co-created and co-published this extremely prepared for AR principle, qualified Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. The month of dark arts is only an additional event among a collection of events devoted because the launch of the video game, in June 2019. Wizards and also witches around the globe were unified this summer by an exceptionally efficient company. Fans Festival , while the video game continuously offers new content and also adventures constantly upgraded, combining as lots of people once more.

Harry Potter: wizards unite the join program for the month of black arts:

The month of dark arts is just one more event amongst a series of events dedicated because the launch of the game, in June 2019.

New event for APEX Legends surprises everyone with its mechanics

Did that really have to turn like that? As we saw that Fancy gameplay trailer for Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order , which offered a ton of interesting images and sparked a spark of hope in all of us. A hope that Ea has finally found the reason and they want to change things and find their roots, at the time when they were trying to do their best to please players, not investors. Now they have published a new Iron Crown event for Apex Legends, a surprise full of surprises.

The fact is that the event Iron Crown Collection Event for Apex Legends is something that their player has literally meandied in recent months. One way to present an impressive and engaging event, which would make the players enthusiastic and impatient to come back in the game to earn limited and sophisticated rewards. And that’s exactly what they did, with the introduction of the Legendary Hunt event, a great, fun and engaging event, while allowing players to earn incredible rewards. Unfortunately, the Iron Crown event has nothing to do with this and players around the world are scandalized and for good reason.

Do You Remember The First Apex Legends Event?

During the IRON CROWN event, you can complete specific challenges in the game, which will bring you backwards. To unlock the best event skins and all the main gifts, you must open the Iron Crown packs. The fact is that simply playing, you can win 2 of these Iron Crown packs. To get the other 22, you must acquire them via your portfolio. Well, bex legends being a free game, and in general, packs are estimated at 1 USD each, it would only be necessary to unlock them, is it? Well, not really… Unlike other models, these iron crown packs cost 700 APEX corners (about 7 USD each), which represents a total of 154 USD if you want to get all goodies (or about 140 USD if you Buy at a reduced price. APEX Coins). However, that’s not all. If you unlock the 24 packs, you will also have the opportunity to buy the inheritance for 3500 APEX pieces. Assuming you have managed to get two packs playing and you bought the remaining 22 packs and Heirloom, all this will total 170 USD (discounts included). But if you do not finish the challenges and you bought everything, it will cost you a total of nearly 200 USD. Unlike the first edition, The Legendary Hunt, which was attractive and fun, the event looks like a cash seizure. He aimed to force people to spend money to enjoy the rewards they offer.

So, you have two options here, either you play the game, you win your two iron crown packs and you pray the GNG gods that these boots are… I mean, a surprise mechanics gives you the skin for one of your hands, or you can open your portfolio. Yet there is always the third option, and I’m pretty sure you all know what it is.

FIFA 22 begins the FUT Birthday with brand-new special cards tomorrow – what can you expect?

When does the event start? A new billing display in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team reveals the start of the occasion. It starts on Friday, March 4 at 19:00.

What is Fut Birthday? The FUT-Birthday event has actually been taking location annually given that FIFA 14. The birthday commemorates the birthday of Ultimate Group and also there are countless brand-new special cards, SBCS and jobs.

INFIFA 22 has now officially revealed the FUT Birthday. When it begins as well as which material might bring the preferred FUT event, you will certainly discover below.

That can anticipate you at the Fut Birthday

What brings the FUT Birthday Event? The Fut Birthday does not reverse a collection of particular players, just like the Future Stars, where only young abilities can be under 23. Primarily the cards of the FUT Birthdays are mixed vivid.

There is always an idea that the gamers enhance particular varieties. Over the last few years, it resembled this:

  • In FIFA 21 and FIFA 20, there were teams with solid increases along with altered ability steps and values in the weak foot.
  • In FIFA 19, players were published with setting adjustments. So Salah unexpectedly played as left-back or Ibrahimovic as the main defender.
  • In FIFA 18, FUT Birthday concentrated on previous FUT faves, such as Sturridge, Doumbia or Esswein.

Nevertheless, the instructions of this year’s Fut Birthday is still entirely open. There is additionally no indications that gamers might arise in the occasion. In the past, nevertheless, it was usually to make sure that the FUT Birthday offered proper leading cards.

What could still be pending? Along with the discount groups, there ought to be some added web content as jobs and SBCS once again this time.

FIFA 22 7 x Guaranteed 83+ x 25 FUT Birthday Upgrade Packs!

You can already exclude all cards of the present Totw 24. You should not depend on MBappé, Dembélé or Diaby in the first group.

It may be possible that the FUT Birthday might once more provide a token system where you can make gathered tokens to make solid cards or packs. Anyway, we remain curious as well as maintain to day.

What do you state about the occasion? Are you eagerly anticipating the Fut Birthday? We such as to tell us in the remarks!

If you want to understand which excellent feature in FIFA 23 can wait for you, after that look below:

Leaks to FIFA 23 show long-awaited feature – is lastly crossplay?

INFIFA 22 has currently formally announced the FUT Birthday. What is Fut Birthday? What brings the FUT Birthday Event? The Fut Birthday does not turn about a collection of specific gamers, as with the Future Stars, where just young talents can be under 23. In the past, nonetheless, it was commonly so that the FUT Birthday offered appropriate top cards.

The first crisis event of Rainbow Six Extraction offers the automatic turret

The first Rainbow Six Extraction crisis event overflow is now online. The event equips players with new dissolution agent cartridges they need to set up and guard against several waves of Archeans enemies. They must overcome the enemies so that their entire team is not destroyed.

Playing the event gives the players from Rainbow six extraction a chance to unlock the automatic turret. This allows them to follow and shoot automatically on their opponents. Once they destroyed an extraterrestrial colony, they can move on to the next. Finally, they could erase the whole card. It is to the players to decide if they want to give each automatic turret a cute name or a bottom frame.

Other Rainbow six retrieval rewards for participating in the event include exclusive operator uniforms as well as weapon skins. Players can even unlock Zofia, who is a Six Siege Rainbow striker. Zofia can equip React teaching his grenade launcher. Unfortunately, it remains to see how this feature works in the game.

Rainbow Six Extraction: Spillover Crisis Event, Zofia, and Auto Turret | Ubisoft [NA]
Spillover is the first crisis event for Rainbow six extraction. Fortunately for franchise fans, Ubisoft has already confirmed that they would deploy at least three more. According to them, this one is only the “first of many” events and upcoming up to come.

Some players who have spent time with the event complained that he seemed to have deleted what made the basic game vibrate. They would not have been able to fully enjoy new additions included in the event because it was just too difficult.

The hordes would have been initially manageable. They were able to experience this seat adrenaline push when they hear the enemies approaching. However, the players were upset that there was no respite. They simply spilled continuously. Finally, the game became so difficult for them that their defenses collapsed. They would perish all or extolled very early.

According to them, the Difficulty curve of Rainbow six extraction itself was manageable. However, they could not say as much about Spillover. Things have just degenerated too fast. It would have become too difficult for them to try again the event without feeling upset.

Do you play the event? Let us know in the comments below.

Players of the Call of Duty League hit the league because of the Covid

The 2022 season of the Call of Duty League (CDL) finally begins with the Kickoff Classic event of the past weekend, the first personal LAN of this year’s competition. However, CDL players already have some concerns when it comes to players reliability around Covid-19.

After the tournament in Arlington, Texas, which enabled the fans to see Kickoff Classic live in the Esports Arena, several cases of Covid were registered both players and fans. One of these cases is James, Cluster ‘Embanks of NYSE, who has now expressed his disruption on the handling of the event by the CDL on Twitter.

Cluster claims that there has been an absolute collapse of the CDL when it comes to the Covid-19 security of the Kickoff Classic – only one of many LAN tournaments planned for the CDL 2022 – a feeling which is confirmed by La Thieves. Dylan Messenger Cannon.

In a Tweet, Cluster says that players at the LAN tournament have pushed for No fans and daily tests for CDL employees and players present – something that is common for sporting events for some time. However, the Kickoff Classic LAN event took place without mask obligation for the fans present, and only a single negative test was required to participate in the players.

This event took place as Covid cases increases in northern Texas. Last week alone, Tarrant County recorded, where the eSport’s stage is in Arlington, 32,000 cases. It is therefore no surprise that players have some concerns when it comes to their security.

Absolute breakdown from the CDL to demand only 1 negative test for players on Thursday and have no rules for fans (though we did not force fans, daily tests for players / employees) and of course a lot more positive from this weekend Testing. So brain tot.

  • NYSE Cluster (@clayster) 25. January 2022

CDL Kickoff ???? S / O @tomfoxphoto & @SeezCollins with @dallasnews

  • Camera (@ThecamSteadman) 22. January 2022

Not surprised to test teams positively, says Envoy on Twitter. Record cases around the world, why should we risk it for a 30,000 Kickoff events? In addition, the CDL still does not do the minimum at the event to ensure the security of the players.

The CDL website indicates that every personal event subject to local law and public health laws is carried out. It also means that the data can change all upcoming LAN events – this could mean shake of the schedule when the situation worsens.

Activision was contacted for a commentary, but the CDL will continue for the time being as planned.

How to perform October Limited Search Tasks and Research Rewards in Pok mon GO

In a single October day for Pokémon GO players, you have an extremely limited chance to capture an Alanlan Meowth. The event will take place on October 10 from 8:00 am to 22:00 in your local time zone. During the event, there will be a variety of exclusive field research tasks that you can accomplish and will reward you with a meadow of the Kanto, Alala and Galago region. You can receive these tasks by running the Poké Stop and Gym disks. Make sure you have enough space to receive them when you arrive at the scene.

In addition to this 14-hour event, there will also be an exclusive timed search accessible to all. You probably have access to the timed search at the beginning of the event and have up to 22 hours to finish it. Rewards will probably meet Stardust meetings, Poké Balls and Meowth.

All exclusive field search tasks

We will list the exclusive field search tasks that you can get during the event and their rewards. For those who reside in the United States, you expect to know them about 24 hours before putting them online.

OCTOBER 2021 Event Breakdown In Pokémon GO! | Research, Raids, Spotlight Hours & Community Day!

All search tasks and rewards with limited time

We will list the tasks and rewards for the limited time research task for the event when putting it online.

Pok mon Go starts tomorrow Part 2 of the Halloween

Part 2 from Halloween Event BePokémon Go launches on 22 October. The event is called scary journey . We show you everything at the time, duration, bonuses, Pokémon and Shinys.

What is this for an event? The Halloween event in Pokémon Go runs in two parts this year. On Friday, October 22, Part 2 starts with the name Scary Journals . Then the new Pokémon Paragoni, Trombork, Irrbis and Pumpdjinn appear for the first time in Pokémon Go.

There is a new size mechanics, changed wild Pokémon, collector challenges, new RAIDs, 7 km eggs and field research. We show you everything here what you need to know about scary journals.

Scary companions – all bonuses, new Pokémon and Shinys

When is it going? The event starts on Friday, October 22, at 10:00 o clock local time. By 31 October at 20:00 local time it is active.

The highlights shortly:

New Pokémon Errbis (+ further development Pumpdjinn) and Paragoni (+ further development Trombork) appear for the first time in Poikémon Go
Irrbis and Pumpdjinn can catch in different sizes (S, M, L, XL)
A collector s challenge that turns to Ghost-Pokémon starts
The next part of misunderstood Schabernback is published
New Raids with Darkrai
Double sweets for sending, hatching and catching, as well as garnished XL sweets by walking with your buddy are still active and stay up to the event end on October 31st
RAID weekend on 30 and 31 October with dark and mega-absolute raids

Pokémon in the wilderness: In the wilderness, you meet Halloween Schabernback Pikachu and -Plinfa , Nebulak , Kramurx , Traunfugil , Shuppet , Felilou, Paragoni, Irrbis in size S and M .

With happiness, you also encounter Alpollo, Makabaja , light, Irrbis in size L or XL. Pokémon, which are marked with a star , you can also meet as Shiny.


Eggs: From the 7 km eggs that you receive during the event, you can get the following Pokémon: Webarak . Traunfugil , Shuppet , Light, Pargoni. Rarer finds Galar Makabaja and Golbit.

Pokemon Unite - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Intro and Standard Unite Battles! (Nintendo Switch)
More about Pokémon Go

For this mad milestone, a trainer had to swap over 1,000 hours
All spotlight hours in October and your bonuses
Before this nightmare Pikachu, the coaches are struggling

One of the great bonuses of Halloween events is the development of Galar-Flegmon to Galar-Lashoking. Coaches were particularly pleased about this new content and could not wait to add the new Pokémon to their collection. But a mistake crossed the coach s plans.

Because of a mistake in Pokémon Go you have a new, limited research. The research should definitely solve them if you are looking forward to a Galar-Lashoking. Because she delivers the appropriate conditions so that you have the coveted Pokémon soon in your collection.

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