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TGS2022-related articles ranking!

This article’s response was great Tokyo Game Show 2022 (TGS2022) related articles! We will deliver news and unique reports related to Tokyo Game Show 2022 published in GAME*Spark in a ranking format. The ranking is based on the number of articles accessed in the survey period from September 1, 2022, to September 21, 2022.

Tokyo Game Show 2022 General NBA 2K news ranking

10th place Baku Heroes New Video Release-New Generation Group JRPG [TGS2022]: 39 Pt.

The background of more than 100 characters, including characters unsuitable for battles, such as armor shops, is created so players can spot them.

9th place Sudden pushes a PC! Steam introduction program Let’s play a game on a PC!

On September 16, Square Enix released a unique program entitled. Let’s play a game on a personal computer!

8th place Assault on TGS product sales corner! ELDEN RING T-shirts and 500 yen sale stimulate purchasing! [TGS2022]: 48 pt.

I went to the Tokyo Game Show 2022 product booth. Raven cushion and Lani-same T-shirt stimulate greed.


7th place [Update] portable machine type UPC Amadeo Air exhibited! Nintendo Switch Light size Windows11 Gaming PC [TGS2022]: 49 Pt.

At the venue of the Tokyo Game Show 2022, which has been held since September 15, we were able to touch the Chinese portable game machine type UPC series Amadeo Air.

6th place Octopus Traveler II world’s first real machine play video! The situation, battles, and opening events are also [TGS2022] [Update]: 51 Pt.

TOKYO GAME SHOW 2022 It was unveiled at the Square Enix official distribution.

5th place INAMI updated the trademark of Gens Suicide in Mexico-What kind of new development in a series has been interrupted for more than ten years? 54 pt.

INAMI is planning to make some new announcements on TGS2022.

4th place Craft Pier Development New Open World Survival Pal World latest video! The release of the Xbox version is also announced [TGS2022]: 55 Pt.

A new battle scene with a new large Pal has been released.

Pay attention to the technical demonstration of a Wi-Fi card that allows PC games to play with the 3rd place switch. The controller is fully automatic for achieving technological electricity power [TGS2022]: 137 Pt.

The technical skills of the achievement electricity exhibited at TGS2022 are amazing. Up to this point, the US and Europe were the main, but they seemed to focus on deployment in the Japanese market.

2nd place with a sword with a dinosaur! A new video of the new Cap com Expecting Powered suit is released [TGS2022]: 231 Pt.

He also shows the battle of Murasaki, a specialized suit, and Skywave’s backward support suit.

1st place I was an editor of an overseas media if I helped a person in trouble in the Tokyo Game Show, so I interviewed [TGS2022]: 291 Pt.

Tokyo’s game show spilling story.

The second place was Dinosaur with a sword! Cap com’s new Eguzoprimal Powered suit is released [TGS2022]. The article on the hottest title, Expecting, has ranked first. Dinosaur vs. Powered suit (ex suit) …… Check out the new video of this joyful setting.

The first place is If you helped those in trouble in the Tokyo Game Show, you were an editor of overseas media, so I interviewed [TGS2022]. Coincidentally, the story of GAME*Spark writers, who decided to guide the staff of famous overseas media, attracted attention. The TGS2022 was held for the first time in a long time, but the highlight was also in human pattern (?)… Please check out the sudden interview.

Elden Ring: The best rune farms in LimGrave

Elden Ring Players who want to go through a extra boost for their skills these places throughout limgrace to collect many runes for their harder journey that lies in front of them. Players, which go north to the castle storm veil, will meet a difficult margite, the fur omen, before they get access to the castle. If you need more levels before you opposite him, there are many rune farms everywhere in Limgrave. In this guide, some of those described are the best places in Limgrave to farm Runes in Eldenring.

The Best Limgrave Rune Farming Spots in Elden Ring

The first initial point is the Gatefront Ruines Site of Grace . This Site of Grace has some great early places for the farms of runes. There are enemies around the site of grace, which is retained in a short distance. In the West there are foot soldiers and a giant that applies to doing it. If you return immediately to the place of grace, all these enemies are reset.

The second point on this list is the Warmaster’s Shack Site of Grace . Five trolls stroll through the area right in front of the hut of the War Champion. However, make sure that you leave at any time before the night, as a Deathbird boss appears at night. The players can curl every troll to fight one by 1. If you are overwhelmed quickly, just go back to the Site of Grace and try again.

Elden Ring - The 3 Best Early Game Rune Farms | 125k+ Runes An Hour

The third point to get rune fast is at Agheel Sea . Instead of actheel, killing the dragons, just lose him to the other enemies in the area. Agheel adds these enemies with a shot enough damage, which gives them fast runes. However, this method is tricky and might kill them quickly. Be careful with this method if you want to go safe to number.

The last two places are in it Morne Castle at the southernmost point of Limgrave. In the Castle Morne terrain , players can summon spirits and attack all semi-human and misprint enemies to turn them off. There are also some dogs on the left and a pumpkin head enemy at the other end of the terrain.

The last place to farm Runes in Limgrave is in the castle walls of Castle Morne . After passing the grounds of Castle Morne, players can go to the ramparts of Castle Morne. Up here you will find other enemies, of which you can farm runes. Keep look for the soldiers fighting against the missgot or semi-human enemies. If you do not mix, players get simple runes.

ELDENRING is now available for PC, Playstation 4 and 5 as well as Xbox One and Series X | S.

Attack of the Fanboys / Player / Elden Ring: The best rune farms in Limgrave

Elden Ring: Video shows how RPG

Direct at the beginning of Elden Ring, FROM software plays new gamers a common prank. A funny video on Reddit now shows exactly how players feel like they fall into the developer so early in the trap.

Elden Ring rolls new players at the beginning of the red carpet – just to draw it away in typical fromSoftware manner directly under their feet. While you can do the opponents in the tutorial initial area without difficulty, the first real fight with the tree watchman ** (almost) always ends an end. A funny reddit video now shows exactly how to feel players.

Elden Ring: Fan video shows nasty trick

Reddit user 13Plackhat has perfectly summarized in a video the feeling of new Elden ring players : While the first opponents do not constitute a problem and the self-confidence grows at the beginning with every successful heavy slot, it becomes the first serious meeting in the Open World quickly caught up.

From Software has clearly allowed a little fun with Neulingen: While weigh in safety at the beginning and overestimate its own skills, the game shows you only with a small delay , which is actually waiting for a difficulty in the intermediate country. The riding tree watcher shows with only one stroke that the journey is by no means a sugar pocket.

Community celebrates video

For Elden Ring players on Reddit , the video definitely meets in black : Many commentators find themselves in the cute animated player character and admit that they are precisely in this way in the trap of Dark -Souls maker tapped.

  • “” I thought that should be difficult? Am I so good ??? “Oh, how naive I was.” ( Reddit User Hallludba )
  • “That’s so sweet and shows exactly how it felt like to watch my father in this game.” ( Reddit User Snagglepuss )

Elden Ring - Hidden faces of enemy NPCs
* “LMFAO, that’s true to 100 percent. I’m full of self-confidence to the tree watchman. Was humiliated pretty fast.” ( Reddit User Bled )
* “Absolut everyone I work with, says, ‘I can not defeat this tree knight’ lol.” ( Reddit User Davidtalvo )

In our video we show you what elden ring is so special:

At the end of Elden Ring you can start the New Game + – what do you lose and also what is your own?

In Elden Ring ** you can fall into the game after the triumph over the last manager. The New Game + makes it feasible. We from Meinmmo have actually regarded the New Game + and give you responses.

What is New Game +? The hammer-hard action-rpg elden ring face yourself with persistent managers. Under the term “New Game +” you really start again from the front in the merciless globe of Elden Ring.

The game asks you: “Do you desire to begin a second round? What happens to my things and also progression?

Focus, you can not take every little thing away!

What can you keep in New Game +? Great information immediately: You do not start completely blank in the New Game +. You can actually move a huge component of your products as well as game progress from your old game to New Game +. The following things and also progress accepts:

  • Weapons as well as shield
  • Enchanting skills
  • Amulet
  • Most consumables
  • Weapon as well as Summon Upgrade Degree
  • Craft as well as upgrade products, in addition to recipe books and various other crafting upgrades
  • Upgrades for personality level
  • Boss pointer items
  • Gestures
  • The vial leaving as well as vial upgrades
  • Start-up class
  • Card progress – the places of poise you need to unlock again

These things are missing out on in the New Game +: However everything is not taken over. On the complying with products and also advance you need to do without the brand-new game sadly and also re-play them again:

After the New Game + you can begin an additional round that is still listened to. The entire point can be raised numerous times.

  • Big runes of employers
  • All tricks
  • All the ureken, which are opened up with keys
  • Sites of Poise
  • Bell bearing
  • All pursuits are reset
  • Medals
  • Audio grains

So much to the New Game + as well as what it means. Do you have any more obscurities to Elden Ring? Then let’s understand us in the comments!

In Elden Ring, the 2nd pass brings even much heavier combating. You additionally get more runes for that. In enhancement, you can likewise end pursuits that you hired or missed at the initial pass.

Elden Ring - New Game Plus | What do you KEEP and LOSE

That’s why you should do New Game + anyway: Anyone that has already wagered games from From Software application, as an example Spirits Games, that understands that such new passages are firmly belonging to the game. In current games, also entirely brand-new material was exposed just in the second pass.

Just how do I begin the New Game +? If you do not intend to start the second round right after the last, after that you can make this any time at the area of the gnad among the table-round festivals.

Do you really discover that the toughest spells and tools should be generated? Then allow us recognize right here!

In Elden Ring you can fall right into the game after the triumph over the last boss. What is New Game +? What can you keep in New Game +? Good information right away: You do not begin totally empty in the New Game +. You can in fact transfer a big component of your items and game development from your old game to New Game +.

What is inside Evergaola Cuckoo in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Evergaols serve as closed axes for bosses. Each everty will contain a powerful enemy, whom players can win to get powerful awards. Evergaol cuckoo contains Bol, Karian Knight . Players can defeat this boss to get it powerful witchcraft . Bol is a complex enemy at lower levels, but players can easily defeat it using long-range attacks. Players who use the Magic Assembly will especially benefit from victory over this Evergall, since the wizard obtained is useful for magical protection.

Where do you find Evergaol cuckoo?

Cuckoo’s Evergaol can be found in Liurni north of Huttel huts place of grace . Players can easily reach this area. This is on the way to Kariana Manor . You can also find a plot of grace at the foot of four bells north of Evergaol.

What do you get for the victory over Bolly, Karian Knight?

When players win Bols, Karian Knight They get powerful magic titled Falang Big Blade . This is a protective magic surrounding the player to mystical great blade. When the enemy is suited too close to the player, large blades rush to it, causing a huge damage.

Elden Ring - 10 Easter Eggs & Secrets You MISSED

Interested in Evergaols in Elden Ring and want to know more? Find out what is inside Stormhill Evergaol in Elden Ring? In professional guidelines for the game!

Elden Ring: One of the hardest chiefs of the game is completed with a harmless torch

While some people chain Speedruns and Non-Hits in Elden Ring, others set unlikely goals to try to make history. This is the case of Zerolenny, a Streamer / YouTuber that has set the goal of completing the game at 100% using only the torch.

Complete Elden Ring with torch: Zerolenny’s Project

This idea occurred to him after trying to kill Radahn with a torch; And once this feat was successful, he set up to Complete 100% game playing torch exclusively .

Unexpectedly, the torch can generate enough damage. We really do not know how it distributes your statistics points, but still everyone would think that the damage would be almost insignificant.

However, exercise is not easy, because like claws, the torch requires being very close to your opponents to catch a hit successfully. The training is mandatory and before killing Radahn with an unpredictable style, Zerolenny trained a good 4 hours before achieving him (not counting his practice with the other bosses).

In the run of it they do not count the number of dead nor the time employed. We also noticed that he does not intend to make this challenge at level 1, because this would undoubtedly be too complicated given the conditions in which he is.

What’s more, when he says he wants to spend the game, he does not seem to want to waste time in the innumerable secondary heads that have the intermediate lands, but the opposite, will undoubtedly be limited to the main plot of the game. A story that can be done in less than 37 minutes (according to the last record established yesterday).

Elden Ring - 10 Early Game Discoveries You May Have Missed!
However, the challenge of him has the merit of being atypical and tremendously fun to see.

Elden Ring has a Chinese copy for mobile and have even used its official synopsis

Earlier this week, a discovery has returned to us all, but especially those who are fans of from software : a Chinese studio called Guiyun Cloud Network , he considered Timely take advantage of Hype’s wave by the new Japanese title to develop a mobile game at full speed that copies many things from Elden Ring.

Eilon Ring: The mobile game that copies to Elden Ring

Fortunately, at the time of writing this article, Mobile game is no longer available in stores , but has existed enough time for players to realize that it is an aberration that takes advantage of Elden’s popularity Ring

The similarities are such as the creation of the character, that the game icon looks a lot like Malenia, as well as it seems to copy many things from the Souls in general. In addition, things were allowed to be borrowed from other popular videogames by adding GOD OF WAR elements in the character’s personalization.

** The summary in iOS presents the game as a role and action title within a dark fantasy world that is very on the Souls line. When reading this, you would surely have thought that we were talking about Elden Ring.

However, as expected, the images presented in the mobile store are not in any way reality: the game is a Pay to Win action title that is not worth it. In fact, I would encourage players to spend money to improve their character and ascend in the classification. Since he retired from circulation, unfortunately we could not play it to give more details, but it seems similar to League of Angels.

It is obvious that Elden Ring’s popularity tempted this development studio, and the latter did not skate on taking different aspects of the game of Software to create deceptive advertising in order to cheat the players and push them to the massive discharge.

Elden Ring: How to find the Rosenkirche

The Rosenkirche is a half-important place in Eldenring for many players. Although the Rosenkirche is not a compulsory place you need to visit to complete the game, a quest line is associated with that you need to complete to be able to attack other players in ELDEN ring. Since no main questline event is associated with Rose Church, it is not difficult to overlook this place. You will mention the church when you go to verra after you killed Godrick. Let’s see where you can find the Rosenkirche in Elden Ring.

Where can I find the Rosenkirche in Elden Ring?

The news that Verra left told them that he is pulled into the Rosenkirche, which is off the main road. This can give you a small direction to find the church but no direct location. The first thing you need to do is find the most map parts for Liurina, which is the area to which you get access after you have defeated Godrick. If you get these card parts, finding the rose church will make much easier as you can place a marker where it is located.

The actual location of the Rosenkirche is located directly south of the Raya Lucaria Academy. You will search for the solid island, which is located between the path fork. As soon as you have arrived at the Rosenkirche, you should sitting in Verra outdoors. You can talk to him to start the quest series and unlock invasion tools. In the church you will find the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (12).

Apart from the fact that they receive more craft recipes and the bloody finger, the Rosenkirche is also a place where blood rose appears. You need bloodrose to make objects that can use blood loss on enemies in a hitch and be very useful. Since blood roses are hard to find in groups, the church is a great place to breed them. However, you have to be careful because the church has an assassin, which appears inside when approaching.

Apart from the assassin inside, they just have to worry about the Albinaurics that spawn outside the church. As long as you do not have to be persuaded, you should not represent too big a problem. If you have more problems with Elden Ring, you really read our other instructions.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

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Elden Ring Release postponed

From Software and Bandai Namco have moved the release of Elden Ring. However, fans do not have to wait too long for the next action role-playing game of Dark Souls makers. On February 25, 2022, Elden Ring should now appear for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S as well as Xbox One in the trade. Previously, January 21, 2022 was scheduled as a release. So the game will be available just a month later. Only two weeks ago, from Software announced that the development is already on the target straight.

Among other things, George worked R.R. Martin – better known as the author of the The song of ice and fire novels and thus the template of Game of Thrones – together with the studio to Elden Ring. Recently fans have already learned that George RR Martin only for the story The title was engaged – the text itself was written by HiDetaka Miyazaki at FROM Software. As with the other projects, S Pieler may also set itself back to a cryptic narrative at the Story of Elden Ring.

Despite the new appointment, players soon get the chance to throw a first look at Elden Ring. From Software will organize a network test between the 12th and 15th of November. All appointments and registration for the test can be found on the website of Bandai Namco. The makers also publish a short trailer to the network test.

On the weekend, another gameplay video of the Action Roleplaying gameplay was also used on Twitter. Almost 30 seconds material of the Xbox One version can be seen in it. Also in the context of the Play! Play! Play! – LiveStreams of Sony Japan Elden Ring was a topic. But there were only a few new screenshots to see, which presented the day and night change of the title.

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ELDEN RING – Closed Network Test Announcement

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