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Point & Click ADV Return to Monkey Island Game Play Trailer Release -Pc and Switch compatible

Devolver Digital has released a game play trailer for the point & click ADV Return to Monkey Island . It has also been revealed that it will be released for PC (Steam)/overseas Nintendo Switch.

This is a classic point & click-style adventure game set in the Caribbean Sea. In 1990, Lucas Film Game’s first work Monkey Island was released as a sequel Monkey Island 2 Le Chuck’s Counterattack as the Monkey Island series. It has been highly evaluated. In Japan, in 1993, Victor Entertainment Monkey Island Ulei Pirate Otaro! ] was released under the title. In this work, Ron Gilbert, who planned the first work, and Lucas Film Games again, a new story and adventure full of surprises and thrills. The player will be a young guybrush that longs for pirates, and will explore the islands full of danger and mystery while unraveling the puzzles. Have a fun conversation with nostalgic friends and new people you meet, and embark on an unknown world voyage.


Return to Monkey Island, a legendary adventure game revived in modern times, will be released in 2022 for PC (Steam)/overseas Nintendo Switch. The specific date and time are unknown at this time. It has been announced that the distribution and translation of the Japanese version will be handled by the Bridge Games.

Tennocon 2020 from Warframe goes to digital because of coronavirus problems

Last updated there is March 14, 2020

Digital Extremes, a free action game developer warframe, announced that the annual game agreement, known as Tennocon, only digital event this year, due to concerns about coronavirus.

Kingpin system, Railjack, New War & Madness of The Duviri Paradox | Warframe Tennolive Abridged
Traditionally, Tennocon is a celebration of a weekend of all things warframe, with panels, prices and a lot of cosplay. This year, July 11, Digital Extremes will rather organize a digital event. There are no details about what this will cover, but we assume that Digital Extremes will try to keep as many panels as possible and will make a live revelation of any new content they had planned to announce.

While the ticket tickets had not yet been on sale, the company advises anyone who booked his trip in advance to contact his travel provider as soon as possible.

We think the weekend would lead more details on The Duviri Paradox, an upcoming extension for the game that was originally revealed in Tennocon 2019. The trailer shows a single man traveling through a landscape strangely deserted at the top a horse that is better described as unusual.

It is difficult to talk about the relevance of revelation without going through the territory of the spoilers, so we will simply say that the clip above has made a lot of noise at the time. We do not know if more information about The Duviri Paradox will be part of Tennocon this year, but it seems logical that the work on the extension has progressed to the point where the presentation of more gameplay would be planned as part of Tennocon.

“Digital Licking Age … The governments work is fundamentally changed”

_20 The presidential election was not a month. The presidential candidates such as digital powers, venture companies, and job creation, has released a variety of commitments. There is also a candidate for promising the government deputiation of deputy prime minister of science and technology. How do academia will evaluate the commitment of presidential elections. What kind of commitments and policies would be? Chidinnet Korea listed on the policy evaluation and the policy evaluation of the presidential candidates to the domestic major instal members in the presidential plan. This is introduced in turn. _

Hwangsung Soo Area Information Chemical Society (Professor Yeongnam University Department) was assessed that Lee Jae-sang was the most visible of the “basic income” among the policy of the Democratic presidential candidate. The Sulfur Institute of Welfare is a certain amount of welfare, “However, a large-scale basic income was required to be a national agreement.” Digital Dental Heating policy of Lee Jae-namu candidate also gave a high score. “I want to re-examine the regulatory system, and install the conflict adjustment mechanism, and I want to evaluate the part that I want to reassemble the conflict between the new old industrial industry,” “Digital-related jobs and education policies are declared, I wanted to see, “he said.

How Estonia became one of the world’s most advanced digital societies | CNBC Reports

President of Yoon Suk Hyeon, Presidential Candidate Policy said the new Digital Innovation New Division is instructed. It is that it is said that the digital talent is positive and to activate the digital industry. In addition, it has also given a score of ‘Digital Platform Government’, which became one of the trademarks of Yoon Suk-yeol. He said, “I planned innovative government operations by linking to all government departments, planning innovative government operations, and that several ministries and local governments will create a comprehensive situation room online, to exchange information in real time, and to respond to the same situation as Corona 19,” he said. “The coding and digital education policies are declarative, but I would like to see it positively.”

The Hwang Institute of Sulfur’s President Ahn, Chul-soo, said, “The science and technology support system and future talents are imported, and we also have concrete blueprints, and are impressive.” I also want to evaluate the viscosity of the educational system of the educational system. I also want to evaluate the point of differentiation by the relevant field of specialization, college new, ultimate,

When we ask the policy to propose to the presidential camp, the Hwang Institute shall, as the Digital Economic Age is faster, “Digital economy, the government needs and role for the government to manage the digital economy, platform economic ecosystem. “He said. Then, it will happen in a lot of conflicts between the new industry and the agency, such as ‘Tada’, and the shade according to the platform economic integration. This is a difficult problem that can not be solved by autonomously or uniform government regulations “It is necessary to” the government “and the government invite the government to derive the autonomous adjustment that the government invites itself, creates, and regulates the ecosystem. “We propose a new and wise coordinator to induce social profit creation of the necessary cost sharing and ecosystem activation,” he said, “he said,” We have to stop the tragedy of digital sharing. “

He also said about the reorganization of the government organization of the next government. “Of course, some of the necessary departments must be reorganized. However, it is necessary to change the software (SW) over the hardware (HW),” It is difficult to change the operation of the software (SW) “, but it is difficult to work, I have to innovate. I need a manner to ensure a universal and safety, but I have been working with slim and smart paintings that work with new information communication technology. “

In the questions that the Moon Jae-in’s government’s good policy, the Hwang Institute of Hwang, said, “It is the first ranking of the public that has been made to communicate with the people and discuss policies, using Gwanghwamun 1, which is a national participation platform in terms of administration.” In terms of industrial, “emphasizing artificial intelligence, investing in this (data dam (Data, Digital New Deal) and supporting national policies that induce support.” In addition, the insufficienced policy of Moon Jae-in said, “I was expecting to have a new 4-World Revolutionary Committee in relation to digital, and I expected to show innovative directions and achievements. Data-based scientific administrative implementation was also found to be inevitable. “Efforts such as enacting data-based administration laws, but I was sorry for the data-based science administrative implementation. For example, it was difficult to see scientific policy decisions for data analysis in virtual support and defense decisions in the decision of resolution and defense infrastructure according to corona.”.

The Korea Local Information Society, led by the Hwang Institute, was established in 1996. On the past 25 years, we have been with the development of information and communications policy, including Korea and national information, information and communications industry. Establishment of electronic government committee and establishment of e-government roadmap, opening public data, opening public data, and building the village of information. The Hwang Institute graduated from the Department of Administration, Hanyang University and was held at Administrative Studies at the Master of Administration, the University of Syracuse, and the University of Pittsburgh.

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