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MHR Sunbreak Route Guide

Getting through the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak storyline is no small feat. To receive credits, hunters need to complete a total of 40 hunts. Assuming an average hunt takes 20 minutes, that’s just over 13 hours of pure hunting just for the sake of history. This does not include grinding specific monsters to upgrade gear or watching cutscenes.

So it may seem like you’re making little progress when history dictates a hunter kill time by doing two random hunts while the NPCs are working on something else. But with an idea of where the finish line is, the routine can be more bearable.


All stages of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak story

Throughout the campaign, hunters are tasked with completing a set number of hunts before the story continues. Since many Master Rank hunts are nearly identical to hunting low and high rank monsters, hunters need to have an idea of which ones are the easiest for their weapon type and playstyle. If you like to rush through the story, focus on killing the weakest monster on the notice board so you don’t interfere with the hunt.

MP 1

  • Complete two MR hunts
  • Quest Blockade of Tetranadon
  • Complete two MR hunts
  • Scarlet Tengu in the Temple Ruins quest

MP 2

  • Complete two hunts in MR 2 mode.
  • Invoking Anjanath’s Wrath quest
  • Complete two hunts in MR 2 mode.
  • Rocky Rampage Quest

MP 3

  • Complete three hunts in MR 3 mode.
  • Rocky Rampage Quest
  • Complete three hunts in MR 3 mode.
  • Get busy quest
  • Complete three hunts in MR 3 mode.

MP 4

  • Ice Wolf, Red Moon Quest
  • Complete two hunts in MR 4 mode.
  • Finding doctors quest
  • Complete two hunts in MR 4 mode.
  • Quest The dormant jungle of Espinas
  • Complete two hunts in MR 4 mode.

MP 5

  • Witness by moonlight quest
  • Complete two MR 5 hunts
  • Dark Citadel, White Wheel quest
  • Complete two MR 5 hunts
  • Collect Curio’s quest

MP 6

  • Proof of courage quest

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God of was: Complete solution with tips and boss videos

God of was complete solution with tips & VIDEOS to the boss struggles: We broke ourselves through the atmospheric Sony hit and provide you with a guide with boss videos that supports you on the journey through Rates’ PC debut. We try to work in terms of Story as spoiler-free as possible, but it does not completely remain in a solution that one or the other is inevitably betrayed. So if you do not want any spoilers, you leave our walkthrough — at least in the first game run. First, you will find general tips on the gameplay of the game in this section. In it, we shortly cut the combat system and explain the first features. Also uses our topic page to God of War for more info and articles.

In God of War, Rates lives in the harsh game world of the Nordic gods and say. He and his son Atreus live withdrawn in a hut. The story begins with a fire burial of Atreus’ mother, which died recently. After the introduction into the game and the associated hunting trip Rates and Atreus want to fulfill the last wishes of the beloved woman and mother: their ashes should be scattered on the highest peak of the world. The journey into the epic adventure of Midgard can therefore begin. We also attach our tips to God of War to Heart.

If you have not yet decided to buy Rates’ new adventure, then our test helps to God of Was certainly at the purchase decision. With us the PS4 exclusive adventure is home to a game fun rating of 90 percent. The reasoning for this rating as well as all strengths and weaknesses of the game. In our review overview to God of War we deliver Facts and evaluations of national and international magazines. This will give you an overview to assess the new PlayStation 4-hits from Sony Santa Monica. Current metacritic averaging value — 95 out of 100 at a total of 92 reviews.

  1. Page 1God of War Complete Solution — General Tips
  2. Page 2God of War Complete solution — Tutorial and first boss fights
  3. Page 3God of was complete solution — the trip to the mountain
  4. Page 4God of War Complete solution — onward travel velvet boss fight
  5. Page 5God of was complete solution — the lake of the nine
  6. Page 6God of War Complimentary solution — The light of Álfheimr
  7. Page 7God of War Complete solution — on for black breath
  8. Page 8God of was complete solution — Mimic and the world snake
  9. Page 9God of was complete solution — the chisel of Thames
  10. Page 10God of was complete solution — with old weapons to Kelham
  11. Page 11God of was complete solution — the Rune to Rotunda
  12. Page 12God of was complete solution — with chisel and Rotunda Rune to the summit
  13. Page 13God of was complete solution — the escape from Kelham
  14. Page 14God of was complete solution — Try’s mysterious door
  15. Page 15God of War Complete solution — Balder defeat, mother’s ashes scatter
  16. Page 16Pictures Gallery for God of War: Complete solution with tips and boss videos


God of was complete solution — General Tips

At this point of our God of War (Buy Now €16.90 / €44.99) Complete solution we offer you general tips on the start of the game. So you are well-prepared for the journey of Rates and his son Atreus through the new world of Nordic mythology & say. The PS4 adventure offers in addition to a really great story also a great combat system. We explain the basics so that you master the game entry well.

Table of Contents

  1. 1god of was complete solution — General Tips
    1. 1.1The combat system — dark soul’s greetings
    2. Switch 1.2 Wickets
    3. 1.3artefacts as collective items
    4. 1.4upgrades of equipment influence character level
    5. 1.5Norn chairs for apples and horns
    6. 1.6All in lot on the boat
    7. 1.7NEBEQUEST for forging & spirit
    8. 1.8Wild world cracks

The combat system — Dark Soul’s greetings

In God of War, Rates by R1 performs a weak and R2 a strong attack. With L1 you block the attacks of your opponent at the right moment. The marking of the opponents using R3 also leans against FROSTS Dark Souls series. In addition to the standard attacks, you may choose the especially with numerous opponents you between remote or melee. Source: Ax also throw and call back to opponents. This offers new combat possibilities, as Rates can attack without ax with fume slopes. The fum slopes increase the stunning strip of the opponents faster, which can be very useful in certain situations.

Atreus helps fight with his bow — at least after a certain point in the tutorial. As a result, he distracts opponents and engages with his knife in close vapors. Deviating actions executes it via the X key. Many actions in God of was lent you XP points. So you will then line new skills for Atreus and Rates — depending on the game progress. Incidentally, healing does not receive them through entrained potions, but by healing stones on the ground. They are either at fixed positions or appearing of defeated opponents or in vessels such as vases or boxes.

change shaky camera

If you bother you the action-packed wobble camera, so you turn the knob in the menu of the game. With the option key you get to the menu. Now press the triangle button and navigates to the point camera. Here is your regulator for environmental cam phone swing and motion blur. It’s best to play with these controllers to find the optimal setting for you. The rotary speeds are also possible to regulate their separately. Our experience: The surrounding camera swing on stage 5 is completely sufficient.

Artifacts as collective items

Games, masks, figures and more — in the game world of God of War, you will find a lot of collection items. Completely completed your collection and then give this to the forging Book or Sindhi. You will receive a lot of hacksaws — the currency in the game, the artifacts such as toys are distributed throughout the game world and bring money to the forging. Source: games.DE you want to upgrade weapons and armor. In many sections, you will find different artifacts that you should also seek out of the main path. The hiding place of the collection objects in God of was not at no time unfair. Do not worry if you miss one of the artifacts. Due to later backtracking, you reach the locals again.

Upgrades of equipment influence character level

Unlike Dark Souls, you Level in God of was not Rates itself but your equipment. For example, the Leviathan ax, armor parts or certain rune inserts influence the level. If you improve this equipment in the forging in the game, the level of war god Rates also improves. The equipment has partly different basic stages, so that you find better shoulder, hip or bracers with higher attributes for strength, defense, rune power and so on during the game.

Nouns for apples and horns

The Dunn apples give you life force. Collects three of them and Rates’ energy bar rises. Source: Follow detour to unknown places or stubborn for the main quest? In God of War for PS4, Midgard’s game world opens up. For example, nor mouses sealed by runemagia, you will find Dunn apples or blood meters. For this, you sometimes also make worthwhile detours away from the main quest. Collect your 3 of the items each, eliminates either Rates’ Life Energy Display or the Rage List. Overall, 9 horns and 9 apples are hidden in nouns in the game world. If you bum on the chests, the surrounding area looks like the seal and solves the puzzles.

Everything in Lot on the boat

It is later worthwhile on the lake of the nine — depending on the game progress — also to control other shore. Partly your undiscovered shore discovers with many secrets, rare prey or the above-mentioned world cracks. As rewards, in addition to hucksters often, rare Runes rattles with the boat also remotely remote places. Source: Games.DE or Talismans with helpful properties for Rates. In the game changed the lake and other goals reveal. We do not want to reveal too much at this point. Easily uses our complete solution for details on the following pages of this article. By the way: During the boat tours, Rates and Atreus have to talk about content and say from Nordic mythology. Who is interested in the contexts, will entertain wonderfully during travel.

Side quest for forging & spirit

In addition to the main history of the game, you’re also doing passive quests such as the number of defeated opponent types fulfill, find hidden chambers or bring opponents to stumble and much more. Real side quests from NPCs also ears you in the gameplay! So you did for the blacksmith Book and Sindhi a few liked. Besides, ghosts ask for a few times. These are so well linked together that they are directed to new secrets or more powerful opponents on this travel. You do not notice much for later, sometimes you leave too strong, optional bosses initially alone.

Wild world cracks

The world cracks offer good prey but also hard opponents. Source: games.DE Some secrets are the so-called world cracks. After visiting Álfheimr and worried the light, you will find Webern’s balls in some places of the game world. If you touch these, you will conjure stronger opponents who have to defeat you. If you succeed, you will receive special items as a reward, with which your high-quality equipment can liberate. Attention: Partially, the opponents are overpowered and doing Rates sometimes through a single blow. If you are not ready for the fight, so just returns later. Worlds cracks are distributed everywhere, looks out afterwards and just tests.

  1. Page 1God of War Complete Solution — General Tips
  2. Page 2God of War Complete solution — Tutorial and first boss fights
  3. Page 3God of was complete solution — the trip to the mountain
  4. Page 4God of War Complete solution — onward travel velvet boss fight
  5. Page 5God of was complete solution — the lake of the nine
  6. Page 6God of War Complimentary solution — The light of Álfheimr
  7. Page 7God of War Complete solution — on for black breath
  8. Page 8God of was complete solution — Mimic and the world snake
  9. Page 9God of was complete solution — the chisel of Thames
  10. Page 10God of was complete solution — with old weapons to Kelham
  11. Page 11God of was complete solution — the Rune to Rotunda
  12. Page 12God of was complete solution — with chisel and Rotunda Rune to the summit
  13. Page 13God of was complete solution — the escape from Kelham
  14. Page 14God of was complete solution — Try’s mysterious door
  15. Page 15God of War Complete solution — Balder defeat, mother’s ashes scatter
  16. Page 16Pictures Gallery for God of War: Complete solution with tips and boss videos



1 2… 16 God of War Complete solution — General Tipped of War Complete solution — Tutorial and first Bosskämpfegod of War Complete solution — The journey to the mountain God of War Complete solution — onward journey with Bossfuggod of War Complete solution — The lake of the Reunion of was complete solution — the light By Álfheimr of War Complimentary solution — on the Black Breath of War Complimentary solution — Mimic and the World Slanging Good of War Complete solution — the chisel of Thurgood of War Complete solution — with old weapons to Kelham God of War Complete solution — the Rune to Jötunheimgod of was complete solution — with chisel and Jonathan Rune to the Summit God of War Complete Solution — The Escape from Kelham God of War Complete Solution — Try’s Mysterious Door God of War Complete Solution — Defeating Balder, Mother’s Ash Sprouting Imaging Gallery To God of War: Complete Solution With Tips And Boss Videos

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Men of War 2 will be launched in 2022 after 13 years

Fortnite is an on the internet game established by Legendary Games in the type of different game modes that share the same general gameplay and also the very same game engine. Game settings consist of: Fortnite: Conserve the globe, a participating capturing game and also from Survival developed for 4 players maximum as well as whose goal is to eliminate zombies and also protect items using strongholds, and also Fortnite Battle Royale, an imperial battle game in Free-to-Play where up to 100 players Back in between them in increasingly more tiny areas with the objective of being the last survivor. These 2 game modes are not suggested for less than twelve years in Europe (PEG: 12) as well as at the very least from thirteen years in The United States and Canada (ESB: Teen).
The Fortnite Mode: Save the globe was published in 2011 while Fortnite Royal Battle was published later from 2017 in breakthrough accessibility; Save the globe is just available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Collection, Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One, while Fight Royale has been published for these last platforms, but also for Nintendo Change, iOS as well as Android devices did not support such an information download.
If both video games have been a success for Epic Games, Fortnite Fight Royale has come to be a societal sensation, drawing in even more than 125 million players in much less than a year and also generating hundreds of millions of dollars a month. Legendary Gaming reveals in 2019 that Fortnite has 250 million players, twice as much as in June 2018. Considering that early December 2020, it is possible to register for a regular monthly membership, the new paid formula of Fortnite.

Men of War 2 is the complete suite that fans of the franchise have been waiting for 13 years. Best Way is currently developing the game. The objective of the team is to finish the game and to launch it officially with the public by 2022. Unfortunately, the game will come out exclusively on PC.

Men of War 2 will offer its players a solo experience including two campaigns. The campaigns will talk about Soviets and allies who fight the Third Reich during the Second World War. The game can be played in solo or cooperative mode, with up to five players. There will also be additional options that will allow players to have smaller stories away from the main points of the historical intrigue.

Fortunately for those who are used to the old game control system, this feature will be back. Players will always be able to see things from a single soldier’s point of view. However, this feature would have been improved in something called Direct Vision. This new feature will allow players Concentrate only on one unit at any time and improve, modify or repair the equipment on the fly.

A front-line mechanic will simulate the thrust and attraction of the war, as well as changing borders, which will give the players of Men of War 2 the chance to Get the battles of wear and drill the non-defended lines to do Advance card areas under control, dig trenches and support troops in a newly won territory.

MEN OF WAR 2 - Upcoming New WWII RTS with High Detail - Trailer Breakdown & First Impressions
Because of this new front-line feature, the battle lines of the game between the territories will move and change dynamically, depending on the direction in which the battle goes. As expected, only some things can be done on their own territory, including the area close to the front line itself.

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Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy Liste mit Achievements geleakt

Pension complète est une comédie française réalisée par Florent Siri et sortie en 2015.
Il s agit d un remake du film de Gilles Grangier La Cuisine au beurre sorti en 1963, avec Bourvil et Fernandel dans les rôles principaux. Dans Pension complète, Franck Dubosc et Gérard Lanvin reprennent ces rôles.
Dix ans plus tôt, en 2005, un autre remake du film, Mes deux maris, avait été réalisé par Henri Helman sous forme de téléfilm et diffusé sur TF1. Patrick Bosso y reprenait le rôle de Fernandel.

Before Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – definite edition at all comes to the market, there is already a list with the achievements. A corresponding leak can be found at GTA Forum thanks to the user Alloc8or . Thus, you already know what successes you can unlock in the GTA collection and what you need to do – at least if the list should be real.

Their origin has not yet been clarified. It seems to come from the Rockstar Launcher, a confirmation from the developer is so far.

In addition, we talk at this point a spoiler warning , as the description texts can anticipate some things from the gameplay. If you do not know the classics yet and so do not want to take the tension, you should not read more.

The Achievement list is divided into the three games of the collection, so GTA 3 (Buy Now), GTA: San Andreas and GTA: Vice City. Some of the successes are easy to unlock. Others, on the other hand, require anything extraordinary actions from you. For example, you must delete a certain number of fires during a mission with the fire truck or reach a certain high score at Keepie-Uppy Beach Ball. Anyway, there is much to do in the three GTA games.

Here are the overview:


1 – First Day on the job
Complete Luigi s Girls .

2 – Without A Scratch
Deliver Mike Lips Car Without A Scratch on First Attempt.

3 – Escape Artist
Use 20 Police Bribes.

4 – Disposing of the Evidence
Crush a car at the Junkyard.

Keep the Two Mafia Members Alive During Triads and Tribulations .

6 – Street Sweeper
Waste 100 speed members.

7 – Planned Ahead
Take Out Chunky Lee Chong With A Car Rigged With A Bomb.

8 – Got this figured out
Use a coach to pick up all 8 prostitutes in the mission The Fuzz Ball .

Complete The Turismo Race in Under 180 Seconds.

10 – Wreckless Driving
Perform A Perfect Insane Stunt.

11 – Wheels Up
Complete 20 Unique Jumps.

Kill 25 Gang members with Melee Weapons / Fists.

13 – WHERE TO?
Complete 100 Taxi Fares.

14 – Liberty City Minute
Survive With Less Than 10 HP For 1 Minute.

15 – Full Artillery
Use Every Weapon in The Game At Least Once.

16 – A Marked Man
Complete Last Requests .

17 – Offshore Delivery
Complete A Drop in the Ocean .

Complete The Exchange .

Complete The Kingdom Come mission.

20 – Man Toyz
Complete Every RC Toyz Mission.

21 – SPLISH Splash
Extinguish 15 Fires During A Single Fire Truck Mission.

22 – Playing Doctor
Complete Paramedic Level 12.

23 – Going Rogue
Kill 15 Criminals During One Vigilante Mission.

24 – Dirty Money
Amass a Fortune of $ 1,000,000.

25 – Right hand Man
Earn a criminal rating of 2,500.

26 – Furious First Responder
Complete Paramedic, Firefighter, Vigilante.

27 – Liberty City Secrets
Collect 100 hidden packages.

Achieve 100% completion.

29 – King of Liberty City
Unlock all achievements.

30 – Got Any Stories, Old Man?
Complete Cipriani s Chauffeur .

Complete All Phone Missions.

32 – Blood in the Streets
Pass all 20 rampages.

33 – Insigator
Complete 10 Rampages.

34 – Chasing Paper
Amass a Fortune of $ 500,000.

35 – Am Walkin Here
The From Leg Run Over.

36 – Hunting Season
Destroy Five Helicopters.

37 – Repeat Offender
Get Busted 20 Times.

38 – Cheaters do Prosper!
Blow up 2,000 cars.

39 – Play Fetch
Complete The Portland Docks and Shoreside Vale Import / Export Car Lists.

Deliver All Emergency Vehicles to the Crane at the Portland Docks.

41 – Relief Pitcher
Extinguish 20 Fires During A Single Fire Truck Mission.

42 – Like A Boss
Earn A Criminal Rating of 5,000 or Higher.

Pick up curly bob in a taxi during Cutting the grass .

44 – Recycler
Crush 25 cars.

GTA: Vice City

1 – Born in the 80 s
Lists to All Music Stations at Least Once.

2 – Running Rampant
Complete Vigilante Mission Level 12.

3 – Iron Y
Kill The Property Developer with a Golf Club During Four Iron .

Complete Mission G-Spotlight Without Falling from the Rooftops.

Perform A 30 Second Wheelie.

Drop Off 25 Passengers Driving The Taxi.

7 – High Quality H2O
Extinguish 10 Fires.

Deliver 10 pizzas.

9 – Bull in A China Shop
Cause $ 1,000,000 in Property Damage.

10 – Vice City Mogul
Own 10 properties.

11 – Salutations My Little Friend
Use the M4 to take out Diaz during the mission Rub Out .

12 – Catch Me if You Can
Achieve a six-star wanted level.

13 – Somebody Call the Wambulance?
Complete Paramedic Mission level 12.

14 – Greasy Palms
Use a police bribe to reduce your wanted level.

15 – Just Like the Real Thing
Win the RC Bandit Race.

16 – Keepie-Uppy Okie Dokie
Earn a high score of 5 with the Keepie-Uppy Beach Ball.

17 – Gun for Hire
Complete all assassination contracts.

18 – I m Famous!
Earn the Stuff of Legends media attention rank.

19 – Don t Need Roads
Hit max speed in a Deluxo.

20 – Daredevil
Complete 36 unique jumps.

21 – Legal Counsel
Complete the Riot mission.

22 – Life of the Party
Complete the All Hands on Deck! mission.

23 – South American Connection
Complete the Supply & Demand mission.

24 – Big Heat from Little Havana
Complete the Trojan Voodoo mission.

25 – Chauffeur
Complete the Publicity Tour mission.

26 – Tommy Two-Wheels
Complete the Hog Tied mission.

27 – Grand Theft Auto
Retrieve every wanted vehicle at Sunshine Autos Import Garage.

28 – Bloodstained Hands
Earn the Butcher criminal rating.

29 – Take the Cannoli
Earn the Godfather criminal rating.

30 – Mischief Managed
Complete the Keep Your Friends Close… mission.

31 – Chopper d Up
Kill all hostile NPCs during the mission Demolition Man using the RC chopper s blades.

32 – City Sleuth
Find 100 hidden packages.

33 – Done it All
Earn 100% completion.

34 – Kingpin
Unlock all achievements.

35 – Put Em Up
Knock off 15 stores.

36 – Offender
Attain 50 wanted stars.

37 – Retro Lewk
Wear every outfit in the game at least once.

38 – Scouring the City
Find 50 hidden packages.

39 – Break it Up
Cause $500,000 in property damage.

40 – Target Practice
Perform 50 headshots.

41 – Prime Real Estate
Purchase all properties.

42 – Vice Vice Baby
Complete the Cherry Popper dealer subgame.

43 – Baked Distractions
Highjack the tank without alerting the army first, during Sir, Yes Sir! .

GTA: San Andreas

1 – Getting Started
Complete Big Smoke .

2 – With Extra Dip
Buy 8 meals from Cluckin Bell throughout the game.

3 – The End of the Line
Complete End of the Line .

4 – Hoopin it Up
Score at least 30 points in the basketball mini-game.

5 – A Legitimate Business
Export all three car lists.

6 – I ll Have Two Number 9s
Reach maximum weight.

7 – The American Dream
Purchase any house.

8 – Pay n Spray
Use a Pay n Spray with wanted level.

9 – Bike or Biker
Complete BMX or NRG challenge.

10 – Who Needs Directions?
Find Mike Toreno without any of the referenced locations during Mike Toreno .

11 – Liberty City State of Mind
Complete the Saint Mark s Bistro mission.

12 – Swiss Army Strife
Max all weapon skills.

13 – School s Out
Fully complete a vehicle school.

14 – Horror of the Santa Maria

15 – They Can t Stop All of Us
Sneak into the underground base without setting off the alarm above ground during Black Project .

16 – Smooth Moves
Perform a perfect dance routine.

17 – What the City Needs
Complete 12 levels of Vigilante.

18 – Saviour
Complete 12 levels of Paramedic.

19 – Rescue a Kitten Too?
Complete 12 levels of Firefighter.

20 – Yes I Speak English
Reach 50 fares in Taxi Mode.

21 – Lucky Spinner
Win at least $1,000 in a single spin of the Wheel of Fortune.

22 – What happens in Las Venturas…
Complete Yay Ka-Boom-Boom .

23 – All Dressed Up for San Fierro
Complete The Green Sabre .

24 – Not a Player
Go on at least one date with every potential girlfriend.

25 – What are the Odds
Win a race in Inside Track Betting.

26 – Double or Nothin
Put all your money or the maximum bet on red or black and win.

27 – Assassin
Stealth kill all enemies in the mission Madd Dogg s Rhymes .

28 – Original Gangster
Reach maximum respect.

29 – Today Was a Good Day
Go 24 hours (in game) without breaking the law, being wanted, killing or harming anyone.

30 – Public Enemy No. 1
Reach 6 wanted stars.

31 – Chick Magnet
Achieve maximum sex appeal.

32 – Ain t Nothing But a G Thing
Own all gang warfare turfs, properties and have $1,000,000.

33 – Remastered
Earn 100% completion.

34 – …Here we go again
Start a new game after getting 100% on a save file.

35 – I Ain t No Buster
Unlock all achievements.

36 – Sticky Fingers
Earn $50,000 through burglary missions.

37 – 81 Years Too Late
Spend 24 hours on foot in the countryside (looking for Big Foot).

38 – Get a Pump
Do a barbell curl or benchpress at any gym.

39 – Beat the Cock
Win the Beat the Cock marathon.

40 – Metrosexual
Spend $6,969 on clothes, hair, and tattoos.

41 – Where d He Go?
Escape the police 20 times using the Pay n Spray.

42 – High As a Kite
Fly as high as possible / Hit the height limit.

43 – Represent
Purchase a Grove Street tattoo.

44 – Assert Yourself Next Time
Fail a mission.

45 – Serial Offender
Get arrested 50 times.

46 – Freight Date
Take the train between cities.

47 – Time to Kill
Watch Credits to the end.

48 – Lots of Guns
Unlock all weapons.

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