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BVB: Marco Rose probably met with Ultras

Borussia Dortmund’s coach Marco Rose has apparently met with fan ultras of the association. This is apparent from consistent media reports.

The BVB coach should have met with leading fans of the ultra-group “The Unity” in front of RB Leipzig, which was lost with 1: 4, with leading fans of the ultra-group “The Unity”. Rose wanted to know how the fans rate his person and what the team is missing: apparently the ultras are unconditionally behind the team, but in return fighting fight and commitment.

The idea for a meeting with the fans should have come by Rose himself. He had already organized a meeting with fans as a coach of Borussia Mönchengladbach, along with the former sports board Max Eberl. For Rose this is considered important to better understand the club and the environment.

BVB: Trainer Marco Rose kontert Kritik an seinem Posten

For some fans, Rose is controversial at the coach bank, since he has already lost 13 out of 40 competitive games with BVB. Among them Games against Leipzig, Leverkusen (2: 5), Amsterdam (0: 4) or St.Pauli (1: 2). “We did not manage to inspire people and take them properly to spite an euphoria,” Rose said critically a few weeks ago. “This suffers the identification with the team.” This wants to change the coach now in conjunction with the future BVB manager Sebastian Kehl and continue a change.

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Beginning to vaccine passport

Mark’s beginning, the former coach of the SVW, had not appealed against the judgment referred to by the Bremen district court because of the use of a fake vaccination certificate. The verdict was thus legally binding. This information was only published on Friday – and thus the 47-year-old has to pay 36,000 euros for his offenses.

Specifically, at the request of the prosecutor’s office, the district court of Bremen had adopted a penalty before 90 daily phrases of 400 euros each – and also criticism was adopted by co-trainer Florian Young.

Rather, however, his fake Covid 19 vaccine certificate, above all, shook the German professional football and cost her itself – especially because in the beginning the allegations on 18 November 2021 had declared. The Sports Court of the DFB, for example, did not release the football teacher only in January 2022 from 20 November 2021 for a complete year of coherence activities, the penalty being exposed to probation from 1 June 2022.

“I did justice to my role model function in no way”

But questionable, if in the future, a professional club will find itself, the beginning offers a job. It is aware of the coach itself, as he has admittedly admitted to his first public appearance since his offense.

“First of all, I would like to thank me to express myself here – and also the chance directly to apologize for what I’ve made,” as early as the “current sports studio”. “I did not live up to my role model function. I have many people who set a lot of trust in me and who have supported me, disappointed and lied. I have inflicted great damage to my family, which hurts me insanely. And last but not least If I apologize to the SV Werder Bremen. For if I did not live up to any role model at that time, then I should meet at least now – in the sense of: if you made a mistake, then you have to be and herself be enough “

During the procedure ongoing procedure, the 47-year-old had already evidenced himself earlier, “but there one will also be stopped that one would not be commented. Otherwise I would have expressed myself earlier.”

“I fight there against my fears”

His mistake out of his point of view: He had been afraid then to lose his job if he just does not vaccinate. “Exactly that,” so beginning. “It is so that in every positive test, the unvavings are sent in quarantine for 14 days. You also have to accept and understand that. If you are in a guide position, a club can not join several quarantine times in the long run. You can not do any Association lead when you sit at home. ” That’s his fear, he wanted to stay.

But why did not exist against the dangerous delta variant beginning at the time? His explanation: “Everyone has his personal story, his own health history. With me it is like that: I already have a heart muscle inflammation behind me – and I’m a great fear of this vaccine.” This also has to do with his father, who, when he had been coach in the 1st FC Cologne, was collapsed on the tribune “with a severe heart attack” (April 11, 2019; anm. D. Red.). “I went all up close up – and that’s something with 1. And that fear is difficult to take me. And the safety that I did not happen to me, I did not get that way, I fight against my fears.”

He talked to some doctors in this regard, but the fear does not let him go. “No doctor can give me the security that nothing happens to me.” That’s why starting has not yet been vaccinated until today.

Second chance as a coach? “I can not expect that”

For Mark’s start “The first step”: for what he has made, apologize for all. imago images / commport

Vaccine passport checks begin in Ontario

Against the counterfeiting of the vaccination pass and visiting the Cologne carnival, when a vaccination certificate would have been to visit, in the beginning did not lead any arguments into the field. Rather, he was aware that he had committed a criminal offense – and now it had to live: “I used a false health certificate, I was not vaccinated, I’ve lied – because it was for me at that moment so that I only Capture my job with a vaccine. “

And because of all this he would like to show repentance: “I would say from me that I’m not a criminal person. But in the case I’ve committed a criminal offense. And that’s why many people have apologized – at Werder, at Frank Baumann with whom I also write at Klaus Filbry. And I can understand that people are mad at me. ”

Can he act again as a coach in the future? Beginning itself wants to worry about the moment “about how I apologize for what I’ve done, that’s the first step. I have to live with the mistake. And what maybe come, I have it No thoughts made me. But of course you want a person to get a second chance. But I can not expect that now. ” LESEN To this case also a comment by coach Reporter Tim Lüddecke: Mark’s start and the new dimension – inglorious, arrogant, responsive

Blood values not good enough B lter falls off against Nuremberg

Dimitrios Grammars is fine again. I feel fit, he said on Thursday. Nevertheless, the coach against the 1st FC Nuremberg on Friday (6.30 pm, live! At Friday) will not be able to sit back on the coach bank on Friday (18.30. Because: I made a PCR test again before yesterday, unfortunately, it was positive again.

As at 1: 2 against FC St. Pauli, the coach will keep contact with his coaching staff by mobile phone. I am nobody who writes a message every 15 seconds, says Grammars and emphasizes that he and his team are on the same wavelength in decisions.

It’s nothing serious, he just does not feel fit enough.

Dimitrios Grammars About Busters Health Condition

A use of Marius Butler can not consider Grammars and Co. this time. The striker had felt in the previous week, his blood levels have not yet improved this week. Also, on advice of a cardiologist should expose Butler against Nuremberg, with Grammars stressed that with a view of Busters health basically no reason to worry: It is nothing serious, he just does not feel fit enough. At the beginning of next week, Butler should join parts of the training again.

'Anti Aging' Diets & Fasting | Dr Matt Kaeberlein
Hurling New side man from Pie ringer?

Schalke is probably again two peaks despite the failures of Butler and Simon Eroded (muscle injury). Possible that the secondary man of Marvin Pie ringer this time is called Dark Hurling. The offensive player is again operational after his shoulder injury, as well as Florian Flick and Yaroslavl Mikhail. Meanwhile, it is questionable whether Dominick Dealer can be there — the midfielder plagues muscular problems.

After Guido Burgs taller has hurt the Schaller on the past weekend with his two goals for St. Pauli powerful, the royal blue against Nuremberg must now be careful on Johannes Gas. The ex-Schalke is the fixed point in the game of franc, says Grammars. He always finds good solutions with the ball at the foot, one must not give him too much room. And: He is strong even with standards. We have to try to avoid freezing in dangerous positions.

Kaerczinski New coach at SV Wehen Wiesbaden

The 51-year-old football teacher signed a contract until 2023 in the former second division and will initially conduct the training of the Wiesbaden on Tuesday.

In Kaczyński, the club from the Hessian state capital obliged a coach who has first and second league experience. The native Gelsenkirchen trained in the 2nd league the Karlsruhe SC, the FC St. Pauli and Dynamo Dresden (the club he also looked at the 3rd league). In addition, Kaczyński had a four-month commitment to the then Bundesliga club FC Ingolstadt (July to November 2016).

Markus Kaczyński is a very sovereign coach who brings a lot of experience from the 3rd league and the 2nd Bundesliga. We have led very good discussions this week and are convinced that he will evolve and stabilize the team in the League up to the top, Will Wiesbaden s Managing Director Nico Schaefer (53) is quoted in an official announcement of the club.

Best memories of the Wiesbaden Arena

The new coach praises the responsible persons of the club a clear idea of ​​the long-term development of a team. After the talks I quickly realized that I would like to be part of this development.

3 Goals! Haaland unstoppable | Wiesbaden vs. Borussia Dortmund 0-3 | Highlights | DFB-Pokal 1. Round

Kaczyński Meanwhile, Kaczyński has the best memories. On May 18, 2013, the 38th match day of the third-league season 2012/13, he celebrated a 4-2 success as a coach of the Karlsruhe SC with his team in the Wiesbaden Arena and thus the rise of the KSC into the 2nd league.

Kaczyński s assistants are meanwhile the previous co-trainers of the SV Wiesbaden: Mike Branch (49) and Nils During (41) and as a goalkeeper Marian Petrovich (42).

After the first training on Tuesday, the first mandatory game on the program stands for the new Wiesbaden Coach on Wednesday. In the second round of the Hesse Cup, the third division guests at the fifth division of Turkic Friedberg. Kaczyński s first league game as a coach of the SHOW then rises on the 20th of November (2 pm, live! On club) at the 1st FC Kaiserslautern.

BVB News and Rumors Rose contradicts Nagelsmann

BVB coach Marco Rose has Julian Nagelsmann contradicted in terms of communication with the players on the pitch. Assistant coach Rene Maric explains how then Erling Haaland discovered in Salzburg. There latest news and rumors about Borussia Dortmund.

Click here for more news and rumors on the BVB.

BVB News: Marco Rose does not want a player as a robot

Borussia Dortmund coach Marco Rose has 05 (15:30) a constant connection of the players on the court pronounced at the press conference before the game on Saturday against Mainz to the coach on the sidelines. Such a development was Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann initiated a few weeks ago, analogous to American Football, where the quarterback is connected by a button in the ear with the head coach.

I have for me the impression that it s not even my voice on the jersey of the player s needs, said Rose on Thursday. He was of the opinion that the boys their own decisions have to make. He continued: I do not think much about making robots from the players who like to respond to a button.

Marco Rose's Red Bull Salzburg Tactics Explained

As a player he had not responded positively to the coach s voice in the ear, he mused, I would probably tell him today that he should shut up. Finally, some of the statements during the game and just the stress relief served.

BVB also hope rises to the return of Erling Haaland. And Rose wanted wiser loads for his national team in the international game breaks. All information to be found here.

BVB GPAs: one only three times two before the decimal point – disappointed Moukoko

BVB News: Assistant coach Rene Maric talks about his career

Rene Maric is only 29, but already the right hand of BVB coach Marco Rose. This he supported even at Red Bull Salzburg and Borussia Moenchengladbach. During my studies I ve been trying to direct everything towards the football, so I can work in the region, said Maric in BVB podcast his career. I met Marco, we had some time contact and I then connected me to his coaching staff.

Here it is also encountered in Salzburg on Super Talent Erling Haaland . Salzburg has a large network and scouts with a large database At the end you get a selection of players that you look at, Maric said. The coaching staff, we supported the decision that Erling a promising player with enormous potential.

BVB, Table Situation: On Saturday leaders?

In the current table Dortmund in front of the eight games with 15 points in third place, level on points with SC Freiburg and just a point behind Bayern Munich and Bayer Leverkusen. As these teams meet on Sunday, BVB would take with a win against Mainz definitely the standings and overtaking on Sunday either Bayern or the Werkself – perhaps even both.

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BVB game plan in the coming weeks

date | kick-off | competition | opponents | location
— | — | — | — | —
16.10. | 15:30 | Bundesliga | Mainz 05 | Mainz
19.10. | 21:00 | Champions League | Ajax Amsterdam | Amsterdam
23:10. | 15:30 | Bundesliga | Arminia Bielefeld | Bielefeld
26.10. | 20:00 | DFB Cup | FC Ingolstadt | Dortmund
30.10. | 15:30 | Bundesliga | 1. FC Cologne | Dortmund

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