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Blood, Dun, Me in one place. Dunpa 17th Anniversary Special Broadcasting

On the 3rd, Nexon’s 17th anniversary of the service of Dungeon & Fighter was surprised.

In this live broadcast, the director of Nexon’s representative online game gathered in one place to attract gamers’ attention. Park Jung-moo, Director of FIFA Online 4, Yoon Myung-jin, Director of Dungeon & Fighter, and Kang Won-ki, director of Maple Story, gathered in one place.

Director Yoon Myung-jin said that he had decided to broadcast to thank Dungeon and Fighter for the 17th anniversary. And he apologized for his recent service that he was not satisfied with users.


Park Jung-moo and Kang Won-ki, who appeared on the broadcast, also advised. Park Jung-moo said, I heard that the apology should be shared. Kang Won-ki, director of the chat window, reads the reaction of The introduction is long. Please release the gift quickly.

Kang Won-ki, director of active communication recently, has left a small joke. If the three directors are aligned in the order of age, Park Jung-moo, Director Yoon Myung-jin, and Kang Won-ki are directors. Kang Won-ki, director of the company, wrote a witty answer, Weight is reverse.

Since then, the three directors have cut the 17th anniversary cake, eat prepared food, and communicates with users.

Kang Won-ki, who had previously proceeded with the “ Maple Story ” showcase on the recording, mentioned the experience of being scolded by the user. Since then, he has been mainly conducting live broadcasts, and unlike the recording, he explained that it is better to communicate with users and understand the response in real time. If you eat food, you can eat a bite of food when the story falls.

The two directors also left a virtue of Dungeon and Fighter. Kang Won-ki mentioned that Dungeon & Fighter is a growing partner and competitor, and Park Jung-moo said that it is amazing and amazing to join the 17th anniversary event.

At the end of the broadcast, Director Yoon Myung-jin wanted to have a pleasant place, and explained that it is difficult to enjoy, but he is trying to make a good game. As there were a lot of bold attempts, the developers also thought they were in a hurry, but if they gave me time, they mentioned that they would create a better Dungeon & Fighter.

Director Yoon Myung-jin promised to provide a place to communicate with users about the in-game issue of Dungeon & Fighter.

Lol: 7 Curiosities of League of Legends that nobody had told you and you will no longer forget

The first game of the story of League of Legends was played more than thirteen years ago and since then the game has become one of the most enjoyed of the planet. Riot Games has an immense community willing to play as much as necessary to complete the events or upload ranges in qualifying games. A game never aroused such an amount of interest for so long. A cluster of circumstances that has allowed us to know countless details about the functioning of the game, its curious characters or situations that have been experienced since then.

It is precisely in the world of little known details about League of Legends in which we want to focus below. A whole assortment of elements of the game that you may not have looked for a curious explanation or phenomena whose discovery can be most surprising. It is nothing that will help us upload our MMR or discover which are the best champions. However, we can bet that you will take a few anecdotes that will help you better understand how the game works and what is its true story.

The origin of Baron Nashor

It is widely known in the community that League of Legends was born as the independent version of the Mod Defense of the Ancients. A situation that has motivated the accusation of being a copy of Dota. However, developers never hid their inspiration. It was the same workers who raised that original game who created the title of Riot Games and one of the most obvious winks to his past is Baron Nashor. This epic monster receives its name in honor of Roshan , the great neutral enemy of the aforementioned Defense of the Ancients.

So far you may already know this story. However, the curious thing comes when we discover that The origin of both names is in a ball of bowling . Steve Feak, better known as Guinso, led the development team of both video games and was very fond of this sport. Like so many other people he had the cabals of him and a very special affection for this gadget. The problem is that this story did not popularize, because doing so would be talking about the most famous bowling ball in the history of mankind.

Thus the League of Legends skills work

The phrase that says Everything in League of Legends is a minion is not too easy to understand for players who do not know much about video game design, but an example is enough to get the idea. In this case, we want to explain how some skills work since we press the key and the game server receives the information. For example, the case of the e lux (bright singularity)…

  1. Lux creates an invisible minion unable to attack and without collisions in the final location of the skill
  2. The animation begins and launches a projectile that advances in a straight line towards the invisible minion
  3. The projectile arrives at the invisible minion and is ready to detonate

The funny thing is that this operation system is also followed by many other spells. Riot Games usually recycle the code with which he has created the skills to save work, so that he does not have to repeat the same processes all the time. In this way, we can imagine that the Q (Ezreal mystical shot) is similar to the brilliant singularity of Lux, although detonating against any enemy unit along the way.

Bel’veth’s relationship with a broken washing machine

One of our recurring sections when we talk about the curiosities of the League of Legends champions are their sounds. The departments responsible for creating the auditory effects are responsible for having filled a condom of dog food and stamping it against a wall to create whatever we listen to when Zac throws his abilities. A contagious madness that has also affected one of the last songs created by Riot Games.

We talk about the launch theme of Bel’veth . The music that accompanied the new jungle champion is made thanks to a broken washing machine and a man who had not had breakfast . We promise that this is not a joke, since the same composer explained the use of this type of techniques as a way of making the strange and dark origin of the champion remarkable. In one of those things that only artists know how He became one of the nuclei of the rhythm of the song.

The nothing reliable sensations of the community

There was a time in which League of Legends players did not have as many data at their disposal and we couldn’t even know the champions’ rates. This resulted in very particular phenomena. One of the most striking was the one that affected Zyra . The champion became one of the most broken premieres in history. However, the community did not complain at any time and when Riot Games decided to reduce his power there were complaints because in the eyes of the players he was quite balanced.

However, the most surreal situation in this regard was the one that affected Vladimir. During the first season, Riot Games published in the patch notes a very important power reduction for the character that, by mistake, did not reach the servers of play. However, the champion’s victories rate also decreased and there were even players who complained. Everything was a matter of sensations and a kind of placebo effect. The players were making it worse even if the hero had not changed.

The statistics not deleted from League of Legends

In the past, there was a statistic in League of Legends that allowed us to dodge the basic attacks of the rivals. There were runes, objects and even some characters that had it passively. Famous is the infamous Jax strategy maximizing its chances of avoiding enemies’ blows during the first season. It was something that almost all players hated since it depended solely on luck and that Riot Games definitively eliminated in 2012… or at least that told the community.

A few months ago A developer revealed that dodging still exists in the game , but that the statistics were simply reduced to zero for all champions or objects. It is something that is usually done since it is simpler and gives much less problems than definitively eliminating it. However, there is now an elephant in the room: we are at an error that it is re-introduced by accident.

How many people work balancing League of Legends?

A curious fact that surely surprises many League of Legends fans is that the team in charge of balancing the game does not reach the dozen people. Matt Leung-Harrison revealed it when a player pointed out that 15 or 20 people worked in this department: There are no 15 or 20 designers working to balance the game, there is a significantly lower amount because if it would not be very difficult to reach An agreement on something. Where there can be 15 people in meetings (with other departments).

The truth is that it attracts attention, but it is also one of the easiest points to understand the entire list. Surely you have ever seen yourself in the typical group work in which you have to make a decision and you are not able to agree with your colleagues. Mathematics says that the greater the most difficult number is to do so and that is why it is an department that, preferably, works with few employees and a lot of external help. Thus, times are optimized and everything goes much better. Of course, keep in mind that for great projects such as the update of patch 12.10 they have tons of help .

The time it takes to create a new champion

Seeing the rhythm at which the characters were thrown during the first years of League of Legends, it is normal for players not to value the work of the developers of new champions. However, the average dictates that each hero that arrives at the game does so after approximately one year of development. Time varies a few months since, as in everything, there are projects that are surprisingly well and others that take more than the account to be completed.

As additional data, the two most extreme cases were starred in Yorick and Sylas. The first was created in just three days and that is why he ends up receiving a Rework that barely left anything from the original. For his part, demacia prisoner took more than two years to be ready. In this case, it was due to the complexity to program the definitive 1. However, Riot Games felt it was worth dedicating all the time to be necessary to such technology.

Those who go through our League of Legends portal regularly, you will be accustomed to this type of data and you may even remember some in advance. Whether or not, do not hesitate to tell us how many of these curiosities you knew or if you would like to see more in the future.

With Amazing Bomberman on Apple Game, Konami makes his Tetris Effect

For those who do not have the essentials, a training setting will certainly be liable for educating the basics of master artificer, while a modegood friend Fightwill suffice to discover the players in your good friends listing. We will not escape the string of challenge collect either. Apple Game requires, it will obviously have actually to have actually subscribed to a service to find the title among the collection of available games, without marketing or micro purchases.


Offering 7 degrees usable at launch, the title will also detonate on the Playlist side, with an initial soundtrack bringing together Japanese as well as foreign artists-the video clip gives a preference that returns us directly one or two decades back, when insanity Beat Mania and also Dance Dancing Revolution confiscated Japan. The heart of the game constantly defeats to the rhythm of online battles, the degrees being expected to stall on the tracks that decorate it.


Consider him with his little faceted bomb under his arm: the venerable Bomberman will offer himself a younger cure on August 5 on Apple Arcade, with the upload of Amazing Bomberman. A title which, like a particular Tetris Impact, will try to ready to songs a timelessgameplay _, with a whole number of aesthetic results to punctuate the components.

Remarkable Bomberman-Teaser Official

Todays weekend purchasing is with the invoice

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What is the release date of Dying Light Hellraid?

Often agreeing to believe might be paying. For the lots of us who might not bear to takehellraidfrom our Heavy steam desires, our perseverance was awarded. Hellraid is not readily available in complete version, it is on the horizon as DLC for the Zombie-Parkour game of Techland,Lumière dying _.

The DLC will be offered on Steam, PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One on July 23.Lumière dying , you will certainly need to pay greater than $ 9.99 to run around frightening castles and also break skeletons in the head with melting swords. It is presently highly minimized for the current Vapor sale if you play on PC and do not haveLumière dying .

You can also play with the DLC in cooperative video game, so if you have pals that likewise such asLumière dying _, it appears like a great time.

The property of Hellraid is actually quite enjoyable, and a cheeky method to link this significantly different DLC in the video game. Much better yet, the tools you accumulate can be transferred to your main game if you manage to collect enough parts during your shopping.

Mihoyo of Harajin reported that the investment trust lost up to 40 billion yen. If the sales are flashy, the loss is also flashy

The Chinese technology media 36KR reported that MIHOYO, a representative game company in Harajin and 3rd, could have lost up to 40 billion yen in the investment trust business. Mihoyo has filed a lawsuit on June 25 to Minmetals International Trust, a real estate investment trust based in Shanghai, which has undergone investment trusts.

According to 36kr, MIHOYO was aiming for a listing in the stock market in China around 2017, but delays have been delayed one after another. Mihoyo had a strong confidence in his cash flow, but the founder, Hiruu Tsai, withdrawn. After the withdrawal, a venture capital was opened to make a profit by investing in unnecessary emerging businesses. They also proceeded in the direction of operating Mihoyo as an investment company.

Venture capital is basically an investment company that invests in a high-return investment method that invests in future emerging businesses. As an example, Mihoyo is in collaboration with the investment company Nio Capital, investing in Singularity, which develops a small tokamak-type nuclear fusion reactor, which is said to be the next generation. In this way, Mihoyo developed an investment business with a view to the future, investing in other companies, rather than listing himself.


However, MIHOYO’s investment business, which was widely developed, was greatly hurt by an investment trust contract with Mintrust. An investment trust is an investment method in which a trust management company raises funds from investors and invests in behalf of investors. In other words, in this case, a trust operating company Mintrust was unable to make a profit while receiving investment from investors, mihoyo. Some media, including Yahoo! Finance, that Mintrust has failed to make a profit, that there is a headwind of the real estate market that has fallen since May this year in China.

In addition, Mintrust has defaulted (default) in 15 trust projects in the past. The loss of the trust project that has been defaulted is 40 billion yen or more, and it cannot be determined at this stage whether Mihoyo’s damaged amount was caused by default. That’s it.

According to some lawyers who are familiar with Mihoyo’s investment trends, Mihoyo’s actions of dyeing real estate investment trusts were unusual. This is because investment trusts specializing in the real estate business are very unstable in China. Lawyer Zhang SHENGLI says that game companies and real estate businesses that step into such unstable markets are related to fire and ice. He explains that it is an unstable combination that erases each other.

Mihoyo may seem to have been a big pain. However, it is presumed that Mihoyo received about 3 billion US dollars (approximately ¥ 420 billion) as a total sales of the Harajin mobile version (Sensor Tower). With such a financial margin, Mihoyo has announced a new partnership with a GOERTEK acoustic equipment development manufacturer.

Investing in fields with technical innovation is particularly risky. However, Mihoyo keeps choosing a field with technical innovation as an investment destination, without breaking the belief that the motto is Tech Otakus Saves The World. Maybe you want.

Neople, Jeju East Gate Market Eco -Friendly Bio Damage Bok Support

Neople (CEO Roh Jung-hwan) announced on the 21st that it will hold a business agreement with the Jeju Alumni Traditional Market Merchants Association (Chairman Kim Won-il) to reduce the use of disposable plastic bags in Jeju Island.

Neople will provide a total of 1.8 million eco-friendly biodegradable bags with 360 stores in Jeju Alumni and 360 in Jeju Alumni. The eco-friendly biodegradable bag, which has been certified by the Ministry of Environment, is 100% natural when disposing, and the popular game images such as ‘Dungeon & Fighter’, ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’ and ‘Cyphers’ developed by Neople are engraved.

The company will pay eco-friendly biodegradable bags through the Jeju Alumni Traditional Market Merchants Association until October, and all business expenses such as bags of bags will be paid by Neople.

I hope that this biodegradable bag support project with the Alumni Traditional Market Merchants Association will help to protect beautiful and clean Jeju. I said.

Meanwhile, Neople has been supporting 150 CU stores in Jeju Island and Jeju Star Rent-a-Car to protect Jeju environment since January.

GTA 5 fan uncovers absurd key after 9 years and also there are 2 flying trucks

In GTA 5, the most interested things are found once more and also once again. Occasionally these points are just found by opportunity and reveal even more about the techniques that programmers use when constructing their games.

GTA 5: In this mission, two unnoticeable trucks really fly around

That’s what it’s around: Even after nine years there are still keys in GTA 5 that nobody has discovered up until now. Or they have currently been found, yet have never reached the greater public, naturally that can always be. In this instance, there are two invisible trucks that fly with the area-and look incredibly funny when they are made visible.

The ideal thing to do is very first look at the absurd-creveal spectacle yourself:

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That could be the factor : If you are now questioning why the hell since these 2 trucks fly about, you are not al1. Obviously the 2 trucks supply us with a camera point of view.

What occurs right here? In fact, in this mission we have to follow the yacht on the supporter of a vehicle.

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Much more concerning GTA 5 as well as GTA 6 can be found in these Twitter content write-ups:

This is reminiscent of the trick in After effects 3, which was utilized by the individuals behind the video game. For some factor, it was simpler to configure the movable trains in the Broken Steel-DLC if they were just hats on the head of regular numbers. Appropriately, they walk behind the scenes in the underground-with a train on their head as a big headgear.
| GTA 6: Rumors as well as Leakages for Launch, Setting, Map & Co. | Superstar allows Red Dead die online as well as GTA 6 & GTA online are guilty | Study: Exactly how several playable characters do you desire for GTA 6? **

How do you like both flying trucks?


In GTA 5, the most interested things are uncovered again as well as again. That’s what it’s around: Even after nine years there are still secrets in GTA 5 that nobody has actually found so much. What happens below? Actually, in this goal we have to follow the yacht on the supporter of a truck. That can be the reason : If you are now wondering why the hell since these 2 trucks fly about, you are not alone.

Sony says Top Gun Maverick owes its success to Venom 2, Spider

Top Gun: Maverick , the new film of Tom Cruise , is already one of the 20 highest grossing films in history thanks to a collection of 1.2 billion dollars , a record in Pandemic time for Paramount Pictures . Although not everyone celebrates the success of competition the same; So much so, that Sony Pictures ensures that a good part of the success of the Top Gun sequel is his. This hhighest grossing been recognized Sanford Panitch and Josh Greenstein , co-presidents of Sony Pictures, in a recent interview.

Sony believes that he hhighest grossing raided the way to Top Gun 2

So much so, that from Sony Pictures the goal of to bring back the general public to the cinemhighest grossing during the pandemic thanks to their numerous premieres, starting with Venom: there will be a killing and its more than 500 million collection dollars. But there is more; Both executives of Sony’s cinematographic division ensure that their following blockbusters, Ghostbusters: Beyond (206 million dollars of collection) and, especially, Spider-Man: No Way Home (1.9 billion dollars), they were key.

When we started brand new movies lhighest grossingt October, there were not really other great premieres. Everyone had spent their great films to this summer. We risk the relehighest grossinge venom in cinemhighest grossing. Then we fold the bet with ghostbusters: beyond. When all the studies had fled, we tripled the bet with Spiderman: no Way Home, our greatest and most important piece of intellectual property, they say.

There is a lot of press about Top Gun: Maverick right now. Things like ‘The cinema business hhighest grossing returned!’ In a strange way, I would say that Top Gun is benefiting from our play . Venom is the beginning of the story that hhighest grossing allowed Top Gun to get the success he hhighest grossing. These things do not happen overnight, they require their time, they conclude from Sony Pictures, not without remembering another of its great premieres with Uncharted and its 401 million dollars of box office.

How to clean the carousel rods in Powerwash Simulator

There are several games that are as larynx to satisfy as Powerwash Simulator. He is in the same spirit as such unlikely, but fascinating games, such as simulators of cargo transportation. The main cycle of the gameplay in itself is a reward, and the explosion of dirt and dirt is a clear indicator of progress. But, although this is good for the first passage, the players will have to rely on the tablet to make sure they got to each point. And when players approach the carousel, there are several particularly problematic places.

Where are the fishing rods in Powerwash Simulator?

Horse rods are vertical crossbars holding every carousel horse on the spot. Their cleaning can be troublesome due to the 360-degree space and finding on and under horses. Another problem in this equation is that if players stop the carousel to clean it, this covers parts of horse rods in the floor and ceiling. The carousel must move to finish cleaning the rods. .

Carousel is one of the first puzzles, with which the players will face Powerwash Simulator, and it led to many dizzying situations. But it is this non-standard thinking that Powerwash Simulator holds from obsolescence.

To learn more about simulators, read the classics How to get an unlimited amount of money in SIMS 4 using cheats in Pro Game Guides.

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