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Wow Wotlk Classic: How to register for the beta of the expected expansion?

Wrath of the Lich King Classic will arrive at the end of 2022 on World of Warcraft servers. And his beta is scheduled for the summer of 2022. This does not count much, but with the arrival of the summer season we offer you a summary of how to register quickly in the betlk classic beta. Be careful with scams and don’t succumb to impatience!

  • Wrath of the Lich King Classic’s beta is scheduled for the summer of 2022

Avoid scams and fraud with Wotlk Classic

As with each expansion ad, we would like to inform you that no one can provide a key to the beta since there is no; Not only because as mentioned, nothing like this has been announced, but also because players selected to participate in this type of events are automatically chosen during the Blizzard selection phases.


All emails, websites or anything else that offers a link to obtain access to this object of desire are pure scams for dangerous purposes.

Only a few events organized by certain influencers and news sites carefully selected by Blizzard can take place very occasionally. They usually take place in competition. Among the best known we find:

Beta Wrath of the Lich King Classic: Procedure

To participate in the Wotlk Classic beta, follow the steps indicated below. This should not take more than one or two minutes:

Go to the site section dedicated to Wrath of the Lich King Classic following this link
Log in your account using the drop-down menu my account ** in the upper right of the page

Then, move down on the page until you reach the section Register for beta .
Click Register for beta
* Yadeberías Be registered for the beta version of Wrath of the Lich King Classic!

There is nothing more to do, the rest is automated. If you are lucky, you will get access from the first ads of the official beta version of Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Otherwise… we feel it.

WOW: OGOGO vs. New players

In the past, in a gray classic period, the dungeons in WoW were a group outing of a special kind. You got together in the capitals and traveled through the world together to spank some mobs and bosses for hours – in the hope of something loot and a lot Fun. But these times are over. Not even in WoW Classic or BC Classic the feeling of that time could be adjusted again.

Instead, the dungeons are more funds to an end today. Whether leveling up, equipping or farming certain resources. There is hardly anything that does not matter in WoW. But instead of enjoying the fun of the path, many players only have the goal in mind. You would like the result (loot, XP or anything) as soon as possible, with as little effort as possible. The result: groups that plow through the dungeons at the speed of light and do not look on the left and not on the right. And that’s also completely okay! Many players just want to be through the dungeon quickly. Source: dungeons

Is Classic WoW or Shadowlands Better for New Players?

different intentions

However, there are still many players whose goal is not only the result, but also the way there. Especially returners and newcomers might like to get started a little more slowly, not only to see something from the beautifully designed dungeons, but also to get used to the game and understand what actually happens in the dungeon in question.

So they prefer to fight slowly and leisurely through the dungeon. Instead of fighting five groups at the same time at the same time and are not afraid that they will be kicked if they don’t find the sprint key in time or just drink a sip instead of hammering keys. And that’s also completely okay!

two philosophies do not go together

Although Shadowlands are slowly but surely coming to an end, new players come back into play or return. Some are impressed by DragonFlight, others want to play through Shadowlands at least once in terms of story and others get lost to Azeroth for unknown reasons.

And it is precisely these players that apparently have an increasing problem with the OGOGO mentality. Because while this mentality is only lived out by a few at the beginning of an extension, the group of pull! Pull! In the meantime everyone knows the dungeons, knows about the dangerous places and dares to play all bosses plus trash in every normal dungeon. Of course, it also plays a role that at the end of the Addon many players still add countless twinks. The level dungeons therefore find more OGOG players than usual. At least that indicates the “complaints” of new players in forums or social networks.

two dungeon finders?

Naturally, such problems only occur in the automatically compiled groups – but relatively frequently there. The problem cannot actually be solved. None of the groups goes wrong or is wrong. There is no law in WoW that prescribes how quickly or slowly a dungeon should be played. So what to do?

On the one hand, the players should of course stay friendly. If the rest of the group plays too quickly or too slowly, this is not yet a reason to become decreasing or even insulting – we meet both regularly.
You can be different. But that’s why you should still respect and not to be betting. Source: dungeons
On the other hand, an idea appears again and again that is definitely worth thinking about: a second dungeon finder. Of course, this does not really mean a second system, but more an additional setting. In addition to the role, it could also be checked on request whether you want to fight through the dungeon particularly quickly or particularly calmly. There are already comparable setting options for mythical plus dungeons.

Such an additional function should hardly be any effort. Of course, the waiting times might increase if you are not open to all options. In addition, you would exclude what you might not like at all.

mentor dungeons?

Another idea that is often found is to expand the mentor program. The demand is that newcomers are only sorted into a group with other newcomers and always sorted with one or two mentors. So Ogog players could avoid newcomers and the newcomers would always have one or two players with them, who are unexplained if they are unclear or who can take the group through the dungeon leisurely. Sounds not bad in theory. However, it is questionable what the waiting times for newbies would look like – after all, neither newcomers nor mentors are as numerous as Matsch in Orgrimmar.

Of course, this is not a problem that moves the width mass in WoW.
But I think we all agree that new players also do World of Warcraft (buy now).
And in the past, Blizzard has already done a lot to ensure that the newcomers feel comfortable and are well introduced into the game.
What do you think, could be the solution here so that the new players are not deterred directly from the old hands?
Tell us your opinion in the comments.
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Wow: Ahnqiraj-Grind starts soon in season of the championship

Although many WoW fans are currently discussing WOW: DragonFlight and the 2022 CLASSIC version of Wrath of the Lich King , we are not allowed to look at the everyday life on the live servers. to lose. And while the community of TBC Classic is preparing slowly, but certainly on the final in the Sonnenbrunnenplateau **, the opening of Ahn’qiraj on the program stands in the first season of the championship. Let’s start soon!

War efforts for Ahn’Qiraj

Before the gates of Ahn’qiraj open, the players of all servers – you know the procedure certainly – have a lot of resources farms. However, there are two challenges that Classic Fresh brings: The grind effort is already a real house number already on very well attended servers. However, the population of the championship season is comparatively small. At the same time, the publication rhythm of the phases precipitates very quickly, so it does not remain much time until Naxxramas stands in front of the door.

The Blizzard developers adapt the war efforts for Ahn’Qiraj on the “season of the championship” servers. When the starting signal falls on April 22, 2022 , expect the following adjustments:

  • Overall, only half as many resources are needed as before.
  • The time until the automatic completion of the targets of a war effort begins was reduced.
    • Through this change, Ahn’qiraj’s gates open on all Realms within a month after the start of the event.
  • The repeatable quest “The hand of justice” now grants twice as much call at the breed nozdormus.

Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ20) Classic WoW Guide ???? DUNGEON DIVES

In addition, all adventurers entering the temple of Ahn’qiraj meet the mysterious prophecy of the chaos. She holds additional challenges in the temple for you, if your call is high enough for the breed nozdormus. C’Thun was also relocated to its original, most horrible form. The nightmare old God will therefore challenge you much more than in his original form in Wow (Buy Now) Classic. Basic information on the contents of this Classic phase can be found in our guide WOW Classic: Ahn’qiraj calls, Phase 5 is started – All information about Patch 1.13.5 .

WoW Classic: Season of the Championship – Official Patch Notes for Version 1.14.3

The gates of Ahn’Qiraj

  • For the war efforts now a total of half as many resources are needed as before.
  • The time until the automatic completion of the targets of a war effort begins was reduced.
    • Through this change, Ahn’qiraj’s gates open on all Realms within a month after the start of the event.
  • The call reward for the breed nozdormus from the repeatable quest “The hand of justice” was doubled.
    • _ Comment The developer: There is a well-known error with the display of this reward. The chat indicates that 200 reputation was obtained, the actual amount for the completion of the quest is 400 reputation._

Temple of Ahn’qiraj

  • At the encounter with Prophet Skeram, great adjustments were made.
  • Players are now in the temple of Ahn’qiraj distributed pile of “Treibsand”. If you are interacting with these piles, players nearby get a stackable movement speed bonus (both while riding and walking).
  • Raid groups who defeat Prophet Skeram to get access to the tunnels under Ahn’qiraj, meet the “prophecy of the chaos” and can interact with this mysterious object to get dark whisper and further challenges in the temple of Ahn’qiraj to activate.
    • New mechanics for the prophecy of the chaos are available when players with the breed nozdormus achieve new call levels.
    • If your boss defeats, while you are under the influence of the prophecy of the chaos, you will receive more booty (scaling with the chosen difficulty level).
  • The level of difficulty of basic version of encounter with fan crack to the relentless was adjusted.
    • _ COMTATAR The developer: This encounter has not received new mechanics, but in the future you must interact stronger with existing mechanics. Already in the original_ world of Warcraft und in WoW Classic War this fight comparatively easy comparatively simple in the temple of Ahn’qiraj. Through this change, even the basic version of the fight in the season of the championship would feel more dangerous.
  • C’Thuns Original fearful figure was restored.
    • Complent developer: Due to more frequent inquiries, we have restored the version of C’Thun before weakening in all their mathematically impossible splendor.


Adjustments to materials and occupations

  • Adjustments have been made to certain professions and the availability of many handicraft materials:
    • The requirement of level 60 for alchemists in order to obtain additional items through successful production was removed.
    • Alchimia is still required at level 300.
    • The requirement of level 60 for herbalists for finding Schwarzerm Lotus in high -level herbal deposits was removed.
    • If arcane bars, moon material or supple indestructible bellows are produced, you now get more bars, fabric or bellows.
    • Level 300 is required by alchemy, tailoring or leather processing.
    • The times until almost all herbal deposits were reappeared.
    • _ Commentary of the developers: In many cases, the minimal and maximum recovery times were reduced by half or even more. This change works in combination with the changes that were already made in the season of the championship._
    • Thanks to new knowledge in the development of fishing technology in Azeroth, it is now possible to catch several fire -finish snappers, oily black mouth and stone scale rooms with a single fishing test.
    • More elementary water, elementary earth and elementary fire can now be obtained from the corresponding herbal and ore deposits.
    • There is now a chance that several demonic runes are dropped by creatures such as satyrs.
  • Both in the ruins as well as in the Temple of Ahnqiraj, many more scarabes, idols and box keys can now be preserved.
  • More jewelry and coins can now be obtained from all sources in Zul’gurub.
    • Hakkar now drops a chest with jewelry when it is killed.

User interface

  • New access options such as text-to-speech and speech-to-text have been added burning crusade classic. Here you can learn more about these features.

Fixed error

  • An error in Classic ERA was fixed through which C’thun occasionally used his unpredictable movement animations during the ‘Dark Staring’ ability.
  • A mistake in Classic ERA and in the season of the championship was remedied, through which the plump toilet from Bauer Dalson could not be interacted in the western plague countries and no progress for the quest could be made.
  • A mistake in the season of the championship was remedied through which the mechanics that prevent exploits from instances could be avoided by engineering grenades.
  • A mistake in Classic ERA was fixed to immediately let the Maexxnas ‘fan net’ immediately fall on the floor instead of hanging on the wall.
  • Several improvements on the crotch have been overwhelmed in the quest “The missing diplomat” in the Marschen von Dustwallow, through which the event is less often stopped and quest progress is less often blocked.

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Wow: Classic Arena Tournament starts on February 18th 2022

Bock on exciting arena matches in the ecosystem of World of Warcraft: Classic? Then you should look a little time for the coming weekend! From the 18th of February at 19:00 until the 21st of February 2022, the “Classic Arena Tournament” runs! With this: Eight teams from Europe and North America.

The important corner data

In the official announcement of Blizzard states: “_The Esports from World of Warcraft passes through the dark portal and enter the arena in Season 3 at the second edition of the” Classic Arena Tournament “! The eight most powerful 3VS3 arenatics teams from Europe and North America Your incredible skills in the arena demonstrated and fight by a total of $ 100,000 prize money. Take in front of the devilschiner in eight, when we return to an action-packed weekend full of classic arena PVP in the shard. You expect a lot of nostalgia, excellent commentators And an interview with Brian Birmingham, Lead Software Engineer by WoW Classic! This event should not be missed! _ “

Where, who, what and why clarify the important corner data for the tournament:

  • WO : and

  • Co-Streams : Players can stream their matches.
  • Dates : Friday, February 18th to Sunday, 21st February

WoW Classic Arena Tournament | Day 1 Full VOD
* Beginning of Transmission : 19:00 CET
* Prices : Price pool of a total of $ 100,000
* 1. Place : 17,000 USD
* 2. Place : 12,000 USD
* 3. Place : 8,000 USD
* 4. Place : 5,000 USD
* 5. & 6. Place : 2,500 USD
* 7. & 8th. Place : 1,500 USD
* Format : 3VS3, Best of 7
* Available languages ​​for YouTube streams:
* English – and
* French –

Moderators and teams

The moderator team of the WOW-Classic tournament: Eiya, Supatease, Venruki and Ziqo. Source: Blizzard with Elliott “Venruki” Venczel, Gillian “Eiya” Long, Mohammed “Ziqo” Beshir and Sid “Supatease” Compston was able to win Blizzard several experienced WoW players as commentators for the tournament. The following teams have qualified for the lots:

North American teams

  • Sup Fresh
  • Fishstick Gaming
  • Congrats Floberz
  • Surfs up
  • No glaives
  • B i n g b o n g
  • PhD in Misery

Source: Blizzard the tournament tree for the North American teams. Source: Blizzard the tournament tree for the European teams.

European teams

  • Blackwater Gaming
  • Soon pythons
  • Got Renamed
  • J.B. Phelps Insta
  • Scarabs
  • Naixi Demon King
  • Poland Mountain
  • CZSK Pumper

In ten lots each decide who is allowed to take home the prize money of 17,000 US dollars. What looks like: Do you go to the Classic format of the Arena Tournament? Do you play yourself regularly in Burning Crusade Classic Arena-PVP? Track us in the comments!

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Players of the Call of Duty League hit the league because of the Covid

The 2022 season of the Call of Duty League (CDL) finally begins with the Kickoff Classic event of the past weekend, the first personal LAN of this year’s competition. However, CDL players already have some concerns when it comes to players reliability around Covid-19.

After the tournament in Arlington, Texas, which enabled the fans to see Kickoff Classic live in the Esports Arena, several cases of Covid were registered both players and fans. One of these cases is James, Cluster ‘Embanks of NYSE, who has now expressed his disruption on the handling of the event by the CDL on Twitter.

Cluster claims that there has been an absolute collapse of the CDL when it comes to the Covid-19 security of the Kickoff Classic – only one of many LAN tournaments planned for the CDL 2022 – a feeling which is confirmed by La Thieves. Dylan Messenger Cannon.

In a Tweet, Cluster says that players at the LAN tournament have pushed for No fans and daily tests for CDL employees and players present – something that is common for sporting events for some time. However, the Kickoff Classic LAN event took place without mask obligation for the fans present, and only a single negative test was required to participate in the players.

This event took place as Covid cases increases in northern Texas. Last week alone, Tarrant County recorded, where the eSport’s stage is in Arlington, 32,000 cases. It is therefore no surprise that players have some concerns when it comes to their security.

Absolute breakdown from the CDL to demand only 1 negative test for players on Thursday and have no rules for fans (though we did not force fans, daily tests for players / employees) and of course a lot more positive from this weekend Testing. So brain tot.

  • NYSE Cluster (@clayster) 25. January 2022

CDL Kickoff ???? S / O @tomfoxphoto & @SeezCollins with @dallasnews

  • Camera (@ThecamSteadman) 22. January 2022

Not surprised to test teams positively, says Envoy on Twitter. Record cases around the world, why should we risk it for a 30,000 Kickoff events? In addition, the CDL still does not do the minimum at the event to ensure the security of the players.

The CDL website indicates that every personal event subject to local law and public health laws is carried out. It also means that the data can change all upcoming LAN events – this could mean shake of the schedule when the situation worsens.

Activision was contacted for a commentary, but the CDL will continue for the time being as planned.

Castlevania Requiem Ultimate Edition Available at Limited Draw Games

The Smithsonian Collection of Classic Jazz is a box of six LPs with an option of timeless jazz, which was released by the Smithsonian Establishment and also jazz doubter Martin Williams in 1973. The option ranges from the start of jazz and also the Jazz (Scott Joplin) to John Coltrane as well as Ornate Coleman.
She was released with thorough Lining Notes (by Martin Williams) and also a foreword by Sidney Dillon Ripley. The collection discovered excellent recording and was advised as an example from the Doubter of the New York Times Ben Ratliff for Jazz newbies. The issue was so successful that they reached double platinum condition. She appeared in the 1970s each time when classic jazz had to defend public attention. The themes for the option were not suitable. In 1987, a modified edition showed up in which the recordings were reworked (for instance, in the original mono). Furthermore, some recordings were replaced by others and also there were a total amount of 7 LPs (later on 5 CDs). After the death of Williams (1992), the recordings were re-mastered (by Bruce Talbot), however the choice remained by Williams. The complete recordings were currently absorbed (Williams had actually partly chosen to certain solos and other areas). After 1999 she was not put on.
In 1985, a Smithsonian Collection of Big band Jazz appeared. 2011 showed up a 6-CD box Jazz: The Smithsonian Anthology (Smithsonian Folkways) with another selection (111 shots), which additionally contains musicians outside the USA. Editor was John Edward Hesse as well as entailed was a worldwide body of 42 jazz criteria (consisting of Dan Jorgensen as well as Alan Ship ton) as opposed to simply a single as with the Smithsonian Collection.

If you are a fan of Castlemaine from the mid-90s, you will probably remember Rondo of Blood games (1993) and Symphony of the Night (1997). The PlayStation 4 portages of these two games are part of Castlemaine Requiem, released in 2018. Soon, fans will be able to get their hands on a physical collector edition of this compilation.

Limited Run Games has set up a few packs for Castlemaine’s unconditional fans. Castlemaine Requiem Classic Edition and Ultimate Edition are delivered with goodies. Of course, if you just want physical game, you can get it, which is also accompanied by a poster.

The classic edition comes with a soundtrack on CDs of both games, a reversible 18 x 24 poster presenting the art of both games and a collection box with retro style game illustrations. The Ultimate Edition contains many more items in addition to what comes with the Classic edition. It comes with a certificate of numbered authenticity, a steel book case, a double-sided alternative game cover, sword and shield replicas, a vampire killer chain pin and a physical casket Save Point.

All items in the Ultimate Edition are packaged in a collection box, which is also covered with sweet art. These items are not cheap. The standard edition with its own poster costs $35, the classic edition costs $65 and the ultimate edition will cost you $175.

If you pre-order yours, you will probably expect 8 to 9 months before it arrives. The game came out in 2018, so what’s a few months ago? Castlemaine Requiem is available on PS4.


Would you like to get a physical copy of this game? Let us know in the comments below.

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