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Valorant Soars Up The Charts: A Global Taxation Ranking Analysis Of Riot Games FPS Phenomen

■ tory ranking-Global trend demonstration, Overwatch 2 ‘Valorant’

◎ ‘Overwatch 2’ jumps over, ‘Valorant’ 6th place
-Riot Games’ FPS ‘Valorant’, which recorded a PC room share of only 0.2%last week, eventually succeeded in ranking over Overwatch 2.
Along with the constant PC room events, the uptrend of the FPS genre, such as Sudden Attack and Ajax Legend, has been effective.
As it is already a game that has already become a global e-sports sport, it is expected to be able to feel the craze soon in Korea.

◎ A pleasant sprint of the new work, an additional increase in ‘Night Walker’ 6 steps
Nixon’s new MORPH, ‘Night Walker’, which first entered the ranking table to -20, is receiving a lot of attention without losing its momentum.
This week, it was ranked 14th, up six steps from last week, and this popularity was also available in the PC room game rankings.
Users are acclaimed for the action and hand taste of the game, and the developers have continued to promise steadily by considering convenience and optimization in the future.
Please also watch the next week’s ranking analysis of what will continue to increase the smooth ranking of ‘Night Walker’.

◎ ‘Cart rider: Drift’, which falls faster than the original, is it possible to rebound?
-Meanwhile, Kart rider’s new work, Cart rider: Drift, is showing down four stairs after six stairs falls last week.
The current ranking is 29th, which is larger than the original ‘Cart rider’.
According to Game Trip, a PC room aggregate site, the 9-step PC room ranking was also detected compared to last week.
As the end of the service of the original ‘Cart rider’ was announced on March 30, it is necessary to see if the users of the original will be absorbed and succeeded in rebounding.

■ Domestic PC room ranking-February 1 PC room weekly report

◎ A total of 19.915 million hours of using PC room on February 1, 18.6% less than last week
-PC Room Game Statistics Service The total number of PC rooms last week was about 19.15 million hours, which was 18.6% decreased compared to the previous week, which was significantly increased for the Lunar New Year holidays.
The weekly utilization rate was 15.1%on weekdays, an average of 21.1%weekend, with an average of 16.8%on weekdays.

◎ In the overall decline, the accompanying FPS genres
-In compared to last week, the overall PC room usage time has decreased, and in the TOP5 rankings, FPS genre games have been detected in the East.
Sudden Attack was ranked third, rising one step by one, and Valorant was ranked fourth, ahead of Overwatch 2, with a difference of 0.16%.

◎ Night Walker, 96% increase in use time compared to last week…
-As the majority of games have been reduced in PC rooms compared to last week, and the new MORPH ‘Night Walker’, which is holding various events in commemoration of its launch, has been ranked 13th with a 96%increase compared to last week.
As the event continues for a while, we should also watch the future PC room ranking.

■ Steam game trend of this week

◎ Today’s Steam Trend Game-‘Crab Game’
-Them DB’s trend indicators this week is named ‘CRAB GAME’, a free multiplayer game released in 2021.
The domestic Netflix series, which has hit the world, and a survival game with the motif of ‘squid game’, and recently, overseas Virtual YouTuber has played this, and the simultaneous users have risen nearly 30,000.

◎ 10-year coop shooter ‘Pay Day 2’, with a discount
-In August this year, the longevity coop shooter, Pay Day 2, which has just been released on Steam, has been included in the end of the steam-dong ranks where games have not changed for a long time.
Although the record for the most popular part is low, about 46,000 people are still a classic who is still playing the game.
By 9th, we will sell 83% discount on legacy collections that can purchase main and DLC.


◎ ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ on the trend indicator, but
-This week, Hogwarts Legacy, who is about to launch the world’s official launch on Friday, is on the trend indicators despite the lack of steam.
Since the start of a reservation, it has been named in the world’s steam sales rankings, so you can see the expectations of gamers about ‘Harry Potter’ IP.
In Korea’s highest popular indicators in Korea, ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ is ranked second, so you can see that a significant number of gamers have made a reservation.

Digital Deluxe reservation buyers also offer benefits to play games 72 hours before the official release date.

■ Domestic mobile game ranking

◎ This is the power of the swimsuit character?
‘Blue Archive’ entered the top 10 Google sales
-Last week, ‘Blue Archive’, which succeeded in entering the Google sales chart with 7th sales, has succeeded in entering all 10 market sales, ranking 2nd in One Store and 9th in App Store.
New event story ‘business trip!
It will be interpreted as a result of the updated swimsuit characters with the white night sea house franchise plan.

◎ Increased sales rankings of ‘FIFA Mobile’, which does not stop, four out of 10 Google 10 Nixon games
-The sales ranking of ‘FIFA Mobile’, which renewed its own record to the sixth place in Google Play last week, has risen one step further.
At the same time, FIFA Online 4 m is also steadily maintaining sales without going out of the top 10.
Even ‘Blue Archive’, which has appeared in the leaderboard, is included in the top 10 Google Play sales in Nixon.
Meanwhile, FIFA Online 4M has been ranked No. 1 in Apple App Store and One Store, suggesting that soccer games are continuing.

■ tory Popular Game Voting

Valorant clips: How to look at repetitions in Valorant (2022)

_ Appreciation _ has many players who like to create content and share their creations with others in the community. Some people want to collect many clips of their gameplay to support them in content creation. In return, many players may be looking for ways to record their gameplay and to view repetitions _ value _ value_. This guideline article guides you through the process of how to view valorant match repetitions.

How to view Valorant Replays

Unfortunately, there is no way to create and view repetitions of games in the game. However, there is a gap in the form of using external tools to record your games, and you can then view them again. These strategies apply to each region in which they will play _ value estimation_.

You can choose to use obs to recording the game if you are already familiar with this tool. It is strongly recommended in the entire community for creating gaming content and has been used for years in all games for transmission and other similar creation activities. However, there is another way to record their repetitions, and whether they are just a player who wants to see their repetitions, this uses something that most people can already access their PC or laptop.

If you have a NVIDIA GPU, you can use the “Instant Replay” feature integrated in Geforce Experience for NVIDIA. Just start valorant and simultaneously press ALT and Z. If the NVIDIA Overlay is displayed, just click the Instant Replay setting and then set the playback length to a time that would be suitable for your recording. Now activate the instant replay and when you play, you can press old and press F10 to get a repeat of what you have done during this time.

Hopefully, if there is ever a console version of _ value estimation_ There will be a built-in repeat function for the game.

_ Appreciation _ is now available on the PC.


Attack of the Fanboys / Player / Valorant Clips: How to look for repetitions in Valorant (2022)

“Valorant” Criticism from the whole world to the popular streamers discrimination remarks. It is too bad, and the developer will be permanent from the RIOT GAMES work


IShowSpeed氏はYouTube上で活動するゲーム配信者であり、チャンネル登録者数は記事執筆時点で700万人を超える人気ストリーマー。カメラの前で暴れまわったり、味方プレイヤーに対して暴言を発したりといった過激な配信スタイルが、注目を集めているようだ。同氏は昨年末に、人気ストリーマーAdin Ross氏が主催する「E-Date」と呼ばれるTwitchの企画配信において、インフルエンサーであるAsh Kaashh氏と共演。同配信内でIShowSpeed氏がKaashh氏に対しておこなった、恫喝の入り交じるセクハラ発言が原因で、Twitchのアカウントを永久停止されている。

そんなIShowSpeed氏の『VALORANT』配信におけるボイスチャットでの暴言が、物議をかもしている。問題となっているのは4月7日、Full Squad GamingのオーナーであるJake Lucky氏によってツイートされた、IShowSpeed氏の配信クリップだ。


このクリップおよびツイートは、瞬く間に世界中で話題となった。Riot Gamesにてゲームプロデューサーを務めるSara Dadafshar氏も、これに強く反応。「こんなプレイヤーは私たちのゲームコミュニティに必要ない」としたうえで、IShowSpeed氏を『VALORANT』のみならず、Riot Gamesのすべての作品から永久追放すると言い渡した。さらに、YouTubeのゲームクリエイター部門でグローバルヘッドを務めるLester Chen氏も同ツイートへのリプライで、本件に対応中であることを示唆している。

こうした反響を受けて、IShowSpeed氏は、Jake Lucky氏とLester Chen氏に向けて謝罪動画をツイート。言い訳するつもりはない、としつつも、クリップが数か月前の配信内のものであることや自身の若さを引き合いに出し、「あのころの自分とはもう違う、成長したんだ」と弁明した。しかし、そのあとにおこなわれた“you guys might not see me no more.(君たちはもう僕を見られなくなるかも)”と題された配信で、同氏は再び『VALORANT』をプレイ。配信内では、女性プレイヤーに対してボイスチャットで独身かどうかを尋ねるなど、反省の色は一切見られないようだ(該当部分は削除済み)。


Valorant showed electrifying Neon skills

Valorant started episode 04 in an electrifying style! Neon, a brand-new agent, is now readily available, and also with her a couple of other attractions.

The figure itself existed in the past, yet only currently we have a full summary of its abilities. The Philippine neon agent rapidly as well as with the abilities rate rushes, discharging the bioelectric radiance impulses as rapidly as its body generates. Neon goes like a wind to take opponents from shock, after that complete them faster than lightning:

q — relay lightning

As soon as, quickly produce a lightning power that will certainly impact. After each impact on any kind of surface, the lightning is metricized listed below the substrate, creating a sensational explosion.

e — high run

Instantly utilize Neon’s power to significantly increase. When the load is offered, make use of an alternative shot to make an electric slide. Cooling the slide as two murders

C — at complete revolutions

He terminates two energy lines in the ground that will certainly quit after beating a short distance or striking the surface. The lines end up being the wall surfaces of fixed electrical power that limit the vision as well as handle injury passing through them enemies.

x — overdrive

Briefly launches full power and neon rate. Fire to transform power into a harmful light beam of lightning with high accuracy. The period is reset after each murder.

Beginning with Patch 4.0, accounts that have not yet played in ranking setting should get to 20th degree prior to they can sign up with the ranking line up. Consequently, accounts that have actually not reached 20th degrees have actually reached, however they played in ranking mode, they will still have accessibility to this line up. All details can be found here.

Valorant started episode 04 in an electrifying style! Neon, a new representative, is currently readily available, and with her a few other destinations.

Well, Valorant prepared outside Neon? A new battle pass, an additional collection of skins, patch 4.0 will certainly reinforce numerous tools, compromise a pair of others and also enhance the fight in a short circuit. Bind maps and also specifically Wind have actually been transformed in areas that should transform the program of the clash in between defenders and enemies.


Neon goes like a wind to take opponents from surprise, after that finish them faster than lightning:

There are already up to 50 less AFK players in Valorant

You can only submit entirely new text for analysis once every 7 seconds.

No matter what title you are playing, having a player AFK ( Away from Keyboard ) Within your team always turns out as a huge problem that can quickly become a defeat. This was something that was constantly happening in Valorant, the new competitive shooter of Riot Games, However, its authors affirm that this year the number of absent players during the games was drastically reduced.

Recently, Riot confirmed that this year, the number of players AFK at Valorant was reduced by more than 50%. According to its developers, earlier this year they implemented a series of measures that they would seek to fight all those players who are absent during the games, and it was thanks to this that the problem is no longer as frequent as before.

Valorant Devs Introduce THE END of AFK Players - HUGE BANS, NO MERCY - Update Guide
Initially, these measures were applied for players who were constantly disconnected or remained completely inactive for a long time these items, and later, they also began to apply for those who used disconnections, but not so frequent.

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