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Eastern European Street Racing Games “Szrot” Steam Page Page Released after the Soviet Union Collapse!

Developer Kontraktor Entertainment Bureau has published the STEAM page of the drive game “ SZROT ” based on the car and culture of Eastern Europe.

In this work, we depicted the back society of street races that spread in Eastern Europe after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the player aims at the top with the old car “SZROT” that the uncle was on the newcomer. Various locations from Belgrade’s dirty town to the sweets of Finland and Russian border appear, and it is possible not only to repair, tune, and earn ortheworks, not only races.

The characteristics of this work are as follows. By the way, “SZROT” seems to have an old broken car that sells a used car part in Polish.

  • Race

  • Semi-Open World

  • destruction

  • Customizing szrot

  • Help the grandmother’s grocery store

  • Can be delivered by car before drunk friend spit

  • Run away from the police

  • Bank for commuters

“SZROT” to draw retro graphics is scheduled to be distributed for Windows / Mac / Linux.

Fonts Retro, Vampire Survivor Korean Official Support

11, Vampire Survivor conducted a Korean support update.

In December 202, the Vampire Survivor, released as ahead of Steam, is a Retro-style lock Like Top down shooting game. It is the main contents of the game that kills the undeadly to come from everywhere and took a certain time. Unlike simple externalities, you can organize multiple builds with combinations of skills and equipment that appear differently differently, and you can proceed with a speed of speed.

Vampire survivor is constantly maintaining ‘overwhelming positive’ evaluation from steam since its launch. As a result of a good evaluation and steady admirer, we have recorded the maximum number of concurrent users, 139,186, and on January 27, the steam has proven amazing popularity, including the top sales of the world.

Vampire Survivors Santa Water Evolution - Krochi Unlock - Tiragisu Unlock Patch 0.2.11

The update has been informed with Korean, French, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and Japanese, and conducted new weapons, achievement contents, and other convenience updates. In addition, since the update plan, the new stage and the Linux version of the update were predicted.

On the other hand, vampire survivor has been in the picture problem of the evil series sprite, and the manufacturer is in progress of the problem and the graphical modification.

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