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How to get silver in Lost Ark

Lost Ark - EASY INSANE SILVER FARM GUIDE - How to Get Silver in Lost Ark #Silverguide
To get silver in Lost Ark, you will need to kill enemies and perform quests . The more quests you perform, the faster you earn silver. After you get a significant amount of silver, you will use it to create guilds and buy objects, among other things.

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However, if you for any reason you want to farm silver, it is best to start with a small 1. Focus on performing each quest You can in the area in which you are. Quests give more silver than farm monsters. Farming of monsters is likely to be the worst way to get silver, as it can only be obtained from 4 to 5 silver for 5-10 minutes of murder of monsters.

Dungeons are also a huge source of silver and mining. Keep prey until you reach the city or village with merchants when you get prey that you do not want to use. It is best to sell it to merchants who get rid of a useless subject and give you a small amount of silver in return.

To learn more about Lost Ark, check out the section where to find a hidden story “Stubborn Writer” in Lost Ark or where to find a hidden story “Being Man” in Lost Ark here in the game manuals!

Lost Ark: Hotkeys / Keyboard shortcut – overview of all ingame

Lost Ark is a free-to-play game that combines ACTION-RPG struggles with MMO depth, and accordingly owns many game mechanics and concepts. Therefore, there are typically numerous controls and settings that you need to remember to largely play fluid. To learn this is initially difficult, especially if there is no correct summary. But do not worry, with our overview you will be a Lost Ark Grand Master in no time!

Lost Ark – Important Hotkeys

Hotkey / abbreviation function
Alt + A Raid settings
Alt + C Map
Alt + D Code
Alt + L Collectibles
Alt + N Relation
Alt + O Players
Alt + P Companion inventory

Lost Ark: Important Settings and Features You Need to Know About!
Alt + U | guild
Alt + V | Riding
Alt + X | HUD elements / interface gradually hide
Alt + Y | Book of coordination
Alt + Z | Auction house (market)
Alt + Ü | Group search
Tab / Tab | Minimap overlay
Middle Mouse Button | Move Minimap Overlay
B | Change craft / attack skills
I | inventory
J | Questlog
K | Fighting
L | Craft
M | World map
N | Adventurous
O | Squad
P | Character info
T | Automatic movement
U | Friends list
Z | Emot
F2 | Songs
F4 | Shop

Lost Ark – Change keyboard layouts

If the control in Lost Ark is unfamiliar and you feel wonderful with something else, you can easily change them at will.

To change both mouse controls in Lost ARK, you will open the settings menu (ESC for the game menu, then click on “Settings” at the bottom of the center), goes to the “Hotkeys / Basic Control” tab and clears the check box next to “An attack with right-click”. You now use the left mouse button and move with the right mouse button. The key assignments in Lost ARK change you by selecting a category of controls in the drop-down menu in the same menu, click on the key assignment that you want to change, and the new key is pressed.

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Lost Ark: How to reach the fastest the final game of the MMORPG

The mmorpg Lost Ark of SmileGate will finally appear after a few years now in the West. As in many MMOs, the “right” game starts even at a higher level in Lost Ark if you unlock the PVE gameplay loop. This is to complete various activities such as Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, and Quests on a daily or a weekly basis, and, among other things, to upgrade its own equipment from the materials obtained.

How to reach the fastest level 50 in Lost Ark?

However, these daily tasks are only available from Level 50 . So if you want to play as efficient as possible, it is advantageous to achieve this level early with a character. In contrast to mmos such as Final Fantasy 14 , it does not take a long time in Lost Ark to get into endgame . In fact, it is possible to achieve level 50 after about ten hours of playing time. That’s not difficult, you only have to ignore all quests for this, except for the main quest. This will be displayed in orange color and has a special, succinct symbol. CutScenes should of course, if possible, skipped, and any dungeons are completed on the normal degree of difficulty.

In the story of the title, you will eventually reach a point, about step 30 around, in which your main quest is replaced by a quest with blue color. Do not worry, you did not do anything wrong. Here only the exploration aspect of the game starts. It is now possible to place the sails with your own small ship and explore different new continents to find the remaining parts of the ARK. Here you just follow the blue quest that accompany you to level 50.

Here again the most important tips to quickly reach the level 50, summarized:

  • Just focus on the main quest
  • Closes dungeons on the normal degree of difficulty

ULTIMATE Lost Ark leveling guide, fastest ways to hit max level in this game
* skips all Cutscenes

However, some quests are still worthwhile to complete along with the main quest. The purple guide quests switch about some new features free for you. At the beginning of the game, a guide quest will probably wave with a pet, which automatically collects Loot for you. That was the case at least in the last beta version.

If you dipped in the world of Arkesia for the first time, it is still recommended not to sprint through all content. Smilegates MMORPG contains a lot of pretty cutscenes, nice characters and numerous dialogues, which bring you closer to the plot of Lost Arks. Also, the different side tasks do not cost too much time, as these are often in the same place as your main quest. However, if you want to go to the endgame as soon as possible, you should naturally ignore all side activities. Finally, missed quests can be picked up at a later date, and skipped cutscenes can be viewed again by their own function in the game.

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The launch trailer of the Uncharted collection is revealed: Legacy of Thieves

Before its release next week, PlayStation and Naughty Dog have today released a new trailer of Charted: the legacy of thieves. The launch trailer of the game gives us a new look at the remastered images that will be seen in the iteration of PlayStation 5 of both. Unchart 4: The outcome of the thief and unchart: the lost legacy, which are the two entries that make up this collection. And although nothing of what is shown here is completely new or different, it seems that this remaster for PS5 should be of high quality.

The launch trailer of Uncharted: the legacy of the thieves, which you can find then shows a series of iconic scenes that take place in both inexplain 4 and The lost legacy. For the most part, this video highlights some of the many scenes of each delivery, but certain parts of the game have also been included in this trailer. While both games were already great in their way in PS4, the new PS5 power seems to have made a considerable improvement.


It is worth noting that if you have not yet played inexplain 4 or The lost legacy, for yourself, you may want to skip the visualization of this launch trailer. While it does a great job when selling players in remistering, it also includes a series of glimpses of various scenes that tend to spoil some of the great moments seen in both titles. So, if you are still trying that these games do not ruin you, it might be better to omit this video for now.

Uncharted: The legacy of the thieves is ready to finally launch next week on January 28 for PS5. It is also expected that a PC version of the game arrives later in 2022. In addition, if you already have inexplorado 4 or The lost legacy or physically in PlayStation 4, you can simply pay $ 10 to update to this version of PS5 instead to have to buy the colacto de Law of Total Thieves.

Are you going to visit these uncharted games of yesteryear in PS5? Or are you waiting for the iteration of the PC instead? Let me know in the comments or send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12.

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