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LOL: MSI is a disaster and we deserve a better competition

Most of Legends League’s competitive fans are disappointed with the 2022 format. Since the competition was modified in the last edition, criticism of Riot Games have been constant. The reason is the imbalance of the matches in the first phase of the tournament. The strongest teams in the world must face rivals with a much lower level than those found in their domestic competition, passing over them in most cases.

The less competitive competition of League of Legends

This situation results in generalized boredom in the first phase. Beyond the drought of competitions and the initial interest in seeing the great stars of the Legends International again, there are not many reasons to hook the matches. G2 eSports, RNG and T1 have passed round without losing a single game . A situation not very different from last year. Then, the LPL champion was undefeated from the Liguilla, while Mad Lions and Dwg Kia only lost a map.

However, The final result is not even the biggest problem and it is almost more worrying how it gets to it.

The comparison of the average duration of the items, provided that the metajuego remains constant, is the best scale to calculate the equality of the teams in a competition. While the sets of the three major leagues took an average of almost 33 minutes to win each game in their regions, the MSI meetings took 6.5 minutes less. This means that victories occur much faster . The inevitable conclusion is that the first minutes mark the encounter in almost all cases without incognito about what the result will be.

The inevitable conclusion is that the first minutes mark the encounter in almost all cases without incognito about what the result will be. Throughout everything that has elapsed MSI 2022 ten clashes have exceeded 30 minutes. This little review does not serve to improve opinion on the format that should be the second largest League of Legends competition. Only two of the ten games with a duration of more than half an hour correspond to meetings between uneven teams . We define as disappeared confrontations those in which a team that would obtain the direct square to Worlds against one that would have to go through the play-in.

  • The four clashes between Evil Geniuses and G2 eSports
  • The two clashes between Detonation and Saigon Buffalo
  • A confrontation between evil geniuses and orders
  • A confrontation between detonation and team aze

Underdogs or Underrated? ORDER takes the stage at MSI! | MSI 2022
* A confrontation between Istambul Wildcats and PSG Talon
* A confrontation between PSG Talon and RNG

In response to the data, it is difficult to take the opposite to the League of Legends community. The format only has two possible defenses. On the one hand, you can claim the possibility of taking place a great surprise and, on the other, the fact that smaller regions can see their favorite players compete against great teams. The first argument has a hard time supporting. The only “Wildcard” team that managed to advance groups in an international tournament was Albus Nox Luna , which succeeded in the 2016 Worlds when this format did not exist and only two sets of the minor regions stepped on the World Cup. It is true that we magnify Pentanet’s feat in MSI 2021, but it only took place thanks to the absence of the VCS.

As for what the fans of the minor regions want, we cannot talk to them. However, it is assumed that they would prefer that measures were taken to protect their talent and create a strong world ecosystem instead of receiving the caramel of letting them play against Faker once a year if the raffle determines it. Koldo , a player of which he is part of the Koi squad for the next Super League, said that of defeats as bulky as those suffered by these teams it is impossible to learn anything. In general, we all lose. League of Legends has very few international tournaments throughout the year to be so interesting

Data extracted from and analyzed independently.

LOL: A Yoricks play against a teacher and enemy who won almost unintentionally

With its millions of players and more than 150 champions, you can witness all kinds of things when you play League of Legends. If you like to see Pentakills, miraculous robberies of Nashor or other amazing movements, There is nothing more fun than to see a bundle or failure in a good and proper way. The goal is not to make fun and point to the poor player calling him Rookie, but the fact is that, in this case, one wonders what went through the head of our unfortunate teacher Yi when he wanted to do this play.

a 1vs 1 that did not go as expected

We can undoubtedly say that our player greatly overestimated his victory possibilities, but above all he underestimated the damage of the maid of the fog, Yorick’s final that does a quite considerable continuous damage.

The soul pastor had released his life partner in the upper lane so that a wave of henchmen could push the lane. Therefore, our worried jungle did everything possible to stop this attack and defend its Tierrta 3 turret.

Our fine Wuju sword begins the assault with its lightning q-rust, which he continues with his blow. If he hoped to end the fog lady with his self -tank, The situation very quickly turned against him in a completely unexpected way.

What he had not noticed was that the maid of the fog was accompanied by henchmen, but also by the Yorick fog walkers, who turned against him and knocked him faster than he could have imagined. The player still tried a last attempt to save himself with his flash, but the death sentence has already sounded for our unfortunate jungle. The fog lady continued her little path with only 121 life points.

THE ONLY YORICK GUIDE YOU WILL EVER NEED (Combos, Builds and Runes more) Season 11 League of Legends
Of course, it must be taken into account that Master Yi was level 10 while Yorick was level 14 (and put up to the bars of objects of pure and hard damage), so the outcome of this duel is not really surprising. It is expected to think twice before starting a 1 against 1 in the future taking into account all the data, but especially the state of your opponent.

Zack Snyder calls Geeks + Gamers on Charity Stream

Zak Snyder Insult - Geeks + Gamers after stream addressing Snyder comments

While everyone is racing about the recent exit of the Judice League Zack Snyder Epic Cup, the real story took place during a chairing flow that resulted in a chaotic chat of good and evil.

If you have not heard, the Snyder Cut of Justice League was released last week, which is a long 4-hour cup of the original movie of 2017. But it is not the film, but what s is ‘Past during a charity broadcast between Zack Synder and the Geeks + Gamers website.

Geeks + Gamers has the reputation of being a form of “alt-right” media, “anti-SJW”, which includes YouTube videos. It seems that the Geeks + Gamers community has continually tended to make known feelings and thoughts to individuals or groups about Geek + Gamers. This includes video titles such as “game reporters hate video games”, and support videos for Gina Carano, and cancel the culture.

The objective of the Stream was to collect funds for the US Foundation for the Prevention of Suicide, which is a wonderful cause, especially since the daughter of Zack, Autumn, died by suicide at the age of 20. Snyder had to leave the Justice League project during this period. to deal with his loss.

The stream presented Uche Nwaneri, Ryan Kinel and Lethal Lightning, who are all Geeks + Gamers contributors. One hour after the start of the stream, Zack was introduced and started with: “Just a little thing before you start. »

He followed with: “I know that on our donation page, we always have the Geeks + Gamers logo. I just wanted to say that I really – we talked about it and we are really not associated with geeks + gamers as far as I’m concerned. I really want it to be clear. I just want to just say that in the light of recent events, if Justice League teaches us something, it’s about gathering and there is no room for hatred. I just think it’s an important message. As a father of Asian children, he really hits near home. For me, I just want to broadcast it, there is no place for hatred and that’s exactly what it is. What, the Geek + Gamers contributors of the Stream did not say anything. But of course, later, Nwaneri tweeted a thread with his answer.

Although I’m not a big fan of Zack Synder, there are some things I appreciate whatever the movies he realizes. He has not been part of sexual harassment / toxic behavior / scandal # metoo and seems to be very frank about diversity, including women’s representation; In particular by comparing Snyder allegations against Joss Whedon.

On the one hand, I must admire Snyder for recognizing the sometimes controversial mentality and type MOB of the Geek + Gamers community and their contributors who thrive thanks to this, however, it seems appropriate that Snyder has waited for the exit of the film. Express this opinion, giving the opportunity for all fans that it could offend the time to watch the movie. There is also the notion that these comments would trigger more discussions on the exit of the film, but we do not know the true intentions of Snyder with these comments; We know that he felt the need to denounce what he considers an unacceptable behavior from a community and contributors.

What Zack Syndner did, was the right thing to do, I wish more celebrities or anyone continue to denounce this type of behavior, if they are ready to do it and to face any reaction that could occur..

LOL: The community discusses the evolution of the client and the changes he has had

The most veteran players of League of Legends remember everything that has happened with the same commented and criticized client of the game. Today, Riot Games has its own application for your games, from Valorant to Legends of Runetterra, but it was not always like that and, with that in mind, the community discussed which was the best client of the game and How they preferred to join the battle in the invoked crack.

Client new vs antique customer

The thread was created by the XEmacs user in the official Subreddit of LOL, at the same time an extract of a recording in which his computer supposedly opened the old LOL client , showing the 2010 version:

Since the publication in question, members of the Community stated that the famous session start screen were lost. As much as the Riot customer currently has its login screen, according to players, animations and small details do not have the same impact as once. Next we will leave a comparison of the first LOL logon screen with the Riot client in 2022. Be careful the most veterans since when reviving the music and the effects of the first customer may come out a tear:

Other players even shared that there is a way to access or view the images and sounds of the old logon screens using game files installed on the computer’s document folders, and some of these were used as a response in publication, such as Client of the Mob First Season. Also according to some comments, the appearance of the previous login screen may occur as an extremely rare error related to the updates of the game after installing the patches. LOL is in its 12.1 update, which opens the doors of the 2022 season, but many other details have already been revealed on the new season, in addition to the unpublished animation The Call, information about the HRI Rework has also been revealed, as well as information about the new Zero champion.

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