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At the end of the Chuseok holiday, the new game relay released.

Major game companies are in a hurry to launch a new work after a short Cause holiday. After the Corona 19 Fan Derick, the company plans to expand the development period and speed up the remaining second half of the project.

According to the game industry on the 12th, major game companies will introduce new genres of new genres in the second half.


It is not only a new work but also a new test and steam Early access.

First, Net marble plans to introduce new works sequentially regardless of regional and platform. In addition to PC MOB ‘Overtime’, ‘BTS Dream: Tibetan House’ and ‘Marvel of All: Meta World’ are typical.

‘Over frame’ is a strategic action game that combines the genre of enemy point (MOB) similar to the third person shooting (TPS) and ‘League of Legends’. The game selects one of various heroes and supports 5-5 or 3-3.

In particular, the game proved some of its success through global tests. According to the last second private test (CBT) infographic, the match matched for 11 days was 196,000 times and the highest number of concurrent users was 15,000. In addition, the number of participants was 350,000 in 162 countries, about six times higher than the first test.

‘Over frame’ will be released in Steam Early Access within the year. After that, additional balance work will be carried out and converted into a formal service. In the market, the game is watching whether the game will bring about the MOB craze after the existing MOB popularity.

‘BTS Dream: Tibetan House’ and ‘Marvel of everyone’ is a new work that inherits the Marvel IP of BTS and every1. Tibetan House is a hybrid genre that combines rhythm action and decorating, and Meta World is summarized as a real estate investment game that trades real map-based NFT real estate.

Nixon Korea, who laughed with ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’ and ‘Hit 2’ this year, is also preparing a new work. The recent racing game ‘Cart Rider: Drift’, the shooting game ‘Bail Expert’ and ‘Tales Weaver: Second Run’ are typical.

Cart rider: Drift is a racing genre that corresponds to PC mobile consoles. The game has a lively driving experience with the 4K UHD high-resolution graphics, inheriting the original fun, including speed mode that competes for driving skills and tension item mode.

‘Bade Expert’ is a new work that is attracting attention from shooting game fans, and is considered one of the AAA-class titles under its own development by Nixon Games.

Tales Weaver: Second Run is a collectible RPG genre that is being produced based on Tales Weaver IP. In the case of this game, it is attracting attention whether it will be released in Japan due to the characteristics of the content.

Aka Games, Craft ton, and Dev Sisters are also quenching new works.

Aka Games unveiled the teaser of Ever Soul, and announced that the launch was imminent. This game is a new work that emphasizes the fun of collecting and fostering beautiful girl characters of beautiful 3D graphics. In the case of this game, it is attracting attention to lead the growth of Aka Games, following ‘Odin’ and ‘Uranus Me Pretty Derby’.

Craft ton, famous for Battleground, is also planning to introduce a new work. If Unknown Walls, famous for ‘Subnautica’, is conducting a steam test from the 15th to 30th ahead of the launch of the new ‘Moon breaker’, the new ‘Christ Protocol’ of the Striking Distance Studio (SDS) will be released in the year. Development is in full swing with the goal.

Dev Sisters, which has grown into ‘Cookie Run’ IP, is preparing a construction simulation game ‘Brick City’. The game, which aims at home and abroad, depicts the story of the survivors of the destroyed humanity, ‘Brick’, which is a purified material, to create a city by building buildings and structures to revive the devastated Earth.

An official in the industry said, The new works of various genres in the second half of the year are entering the overseas market as well as in Korea. I have to watch if I will be inherited.

About 3000 people participating in “Mine Craft” New York Reproduction Project is in progress-What is the driving power of activities over two years including the battle with difficulties

American Real Estate and City Design Information Site Curbed is about 3,000 “ Main Craft About continuous project over two years of team that reproduces the real-grained real-grade I reported.

CGI Timelapse - New York City 2016 - 1811

This is one of the “Build the Earth” projects that reproduces real building groups within “Mine Craft”, and the NY City Reproduction Team has a largest 2731 people in the project.

The New York City Team Leader is Minefact from Germany Frankfurt. Currently, he was originally planning to reproduce Frankfurt City, which is the local Frankfurt, using a generator that creates a rough building outline in the game using the data of Google Map developed by itself. Among them, when I tested it with the data of NY city, I got a very high quality map data than that of Frankfurt City, so I at least postponed the local reproduction architecture and “Build The Earth” NY I joined the city reproduction team.

However, using convenient programs and many personnel, it seems that it was suffered from the occurrence of various problems that exist between reality and virtual space.

The team is the first step, with two square pools with two square pools with two square pools. However, when dropping map data on “Mine Craft”, the problem of square pools distorted to a diamond shape suddenly causes a crisis of project interruptions.

As a result of various trials and errors, the strain by the Mercator Graphic is a source of problems, and the map projection method from Merucattle Merucattle by Merucattle Merucattle Merucatts under the cooperation of Mathematician Daniel Strebe, which is familiar with the map projection method. It seems that the problem was solved by changing to the World Map) **.

“Main craft” and gamer where various attempts continue to be conducted regardless of genre, such as 1/1 scale reproduction of the Monde region of “Kojin” and the adventachamap that reproduces the world view of “DOOM” and gameplay. The collaboration of the hearts is likely to show us various possibilities from now on.

NY City Reproduction Project Leader Minefact has never visited the actual NY city . However, he has started encountering in the game because everyone had no longer closures in the house, so people have started encountering in the game. These new reality are outside I was able to create the world I knew at. Metaverse, it is a little bit similar, but as said that it is another kind of style, the NY City Reproduction Project is also a space on the game It can be said to be one area that symbolizes the present to accelerate various interactions used.

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