The Centaur and the Stone is a quest of the many gifts in the arch of Poppy Sweetting history in hogwarts Legacy.
The goal is to find Pedro the Lua in a cave that has several puzzles.
See how to fulfill the mission.


Before this great mission, you will have to help Poppy argue with the centaurs, a very hostile people at this time in the magical world.
Complete the two dialogue missions for Dorian to take you to a cave.
The first rooms are not very complex: do not hesitate to scour all corners to find the collection chests.
By the way, in our video (at the top of this article), we show how to access the secret chest if you get the underwater passage.


find the stone of the Moon

In the first room of the butterflies, you will have to find insects behind the stone doors: Identify the symbols in each of the doors (are in pairs) and pull the correct drawers with Action.
Then pull the right and left mechanisms several times to open the door thanks to the repulsion.
In the next room, take one of the previous butterflies to put it in the new mechanism: pull it to activate a idge.
To open the next door, take the two butterflies: one to put directly on the door and the other to ing to the mechanism to the right of the door.

By activating the mechanism in question, the last butterfly will appear at the idge level: run to recover it.
To do this: Stay where the third butterfly appears and pulls the mechanism from afar.
Pass through the door.
After the fight, inspect bubbling water to dive.
Made a few meters, climb the various protrusions around the small mountain and collect the moon stone at the top.
When this mission is over, there will be only two to finish the Poppy Sweetting Arch in Hogwarts Legacy: Star Written (dialogue) and a bird in hand.