Horizon Forbidden West has many obstacles to come to the players, but red firegleam crystals are some of the earliest annoyances that appear during the main history of the game. They appear later in the game in the main quests, but if they explore the forbidden West and focus on co-content such as reliktruins and other optional activities, they will meet them sooner or later. If you encounter you, Aloy will mention that you have not yet had the necessary equipment to take care of them. So how do you get rid of red FireGleam crystals in Horizon Forbidden West?

So destroy red crystals in Horizon Forbidden West

To destroy the red crystals in Horizon Forbidden West, your special equipment needed, which will be activated later in the game. The necessary tool is called Igniter and is automatically unlocked as part of the main story quest called Death’s Door. This is the total fifth mission in Horizon Forbidden West, so you get access to the IGNITER very early in the game.

Once you have the detonator in your possession, you can destroy red fire-shelter crystals by approaching them and hold down the R2 key. Aloy will then use the detonator attached to your spear to hunt them into the air and allow them access to new areas. Fire gloss dives much more often after completing the quest “The Door of Death”, so you get used to using your spear to ignite it.

Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay Walkthrough - Main Quest: Death's Door
Luckily, there are very few cases where FireGleam appears before the quest “Todestür”. However, there are still a few remarkable exceptions, like the reliktruins in no man’s land. If you encounter red fire gloss crystals during a side quest or an optional activity, just return later after you have received the igniter. Again, it is unlocked during the fifth main story quest, so you do not have to move too far in the game to get it.

Horizon prohibited west is now available for PS4 and PS5.

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