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Goat Simulator 3, plus Beêh life

You will probably not escape Goat Simulator 3 when it will certainly come up on November 17, anymore than throughout the Night Live Opening. For the demands of the show, Coffee Discoloration had prepared a video clip ofGameplayto far better illustrate the smoked opportunities of this second episode, whatever its title insurance claims.

Since there is a question ofgameplay , seven variations of mini-games wait for one of the most skilled, with for instance a variation ofking of capitalto gather one of the most crowns, another wayflooring is lavawhere you need to leave an increase lava, without failing to remember thevehicle derbyand its eruptive cars. Foot ( hoofball _) and also race for the flag are likewise in the video game, much like theHeadsplatwhich consists in repainting everything with a big shot, and also theprop Huntwhich reviews the hide-and-seek.



Integrating exploration, environmental puzzles and substantial damage, thissimulatorwill enable you to end up being a rhinoceros while to shatter whatever, drive a sales register to go and also blow up at a solution terminal, or sign up with a secret goats society because why not. Customization will also exist, in the form of tutus, magic brush or blonde wig, just to identify themselves from its other playing companions themselves changed right into a large banana.

Goat Simulator 3-Bande-Annon de Gameplay

This time is painting! I love the figure because I love “Escape From Tarkov”. final

About 1 month as before, because I like the movie “Escape from Tarkov.Raid.” Personnel Voron of Russia-based PMC “Bear” that appeared to make a figure, was the appearance in the article.

In good echo Thanks to you, we were able to in the article to safely complete. This is also solely thanks to everyone, thank you very much.

So, immediately toward completion, let’s paint!

# Detail up the digital modeling data and divided into 3D to print!

Well, the last time performs modeling on a digital space, we proceeded to the point where the output in the 3D printer, for about two weeks at that time is still beginning to study the software that Zbrush for modeling. Furthermore it is and coarse try to study about one week we have seen.

So, a little detail up and chest rig. To make it easier to paint divides the guns and face, leave the separate parts.

Detail up and division will continue to output a 3D printer when you’re d1. Models that Elegoo Mars3 printer to be used is bought at 45,000 yen. We will continue to three-dimensional by stacking a layer of finer 0.01mm than the previous.

Output products will be output in the form of stick to the parts of “build plate” of the printer. This is then peeled off a scraper.

Then, remove the resin stains used for 3D printing using an ultrasonic washing machine for washing the eyeglasses.

It is barely print complete removal of the posts!

This time a stack of layers of 0.01mm, virtually no stacked marks. This street if blow the surfacer. Now beautiful surface.

paint a figure that made! We try to prepare the…… tools before that.

It took a long time to here, but we will enter the finally painted.

Primarily for use in Spain made of acrylic paint called “Vallejo”. Dissolve in water, with less odor also coloring and hiding power (power to obscure the color of the base) is strong is characterized. Cheap price of also happy point of 300 yen uniform (Oil and luxury also you have those color 2,000 yen and 3,000 yen close that it is acrylic paint…)

Brush is mainly used three. Basic uses the “BunMoriDo Woody fit 2/0” at the bottom. The center of the “Tamiya modeling brush HG fine point brushes ultra-fine” is in delicate painting, such as the eye. For example, if you write a thin line we are using a “build-mura Special brush 03” on the top. All more than two years is the brush of love that you are using.

Pallet those of handmade lined with cookie sheet on top of the sponge filled with water. Prevent dry, keep the quality of the paint constant.

If only this everyone is also possible to go painted immediately. Once in a while, release the hand from the controller, it is also fun to open the hearts of art!

# Finally painted start!

First, we will paint the shadow of the skin in green. By using the green is the complementary color of the skin, it is going to draw a shadow while leaving the vividness.

When you draw a shadow to draw the light. Because does not matter in the rough, the convex portion and the emphasis you want the tip of the nose, we will repeatedly painted white in the center of the forehead.

Paint the color of the thin skin, we are close to the natural skin color while making the background of green and white.

While students comfortable in skin color was diluted with light and shadow, we will continue to further emphasize the light by adding the white or yellow in the skin color. If you want to dark impression Let’s further add a shadow.

Use the oil is from here, redness of redness and eyes of the cheek. We will draw the emphasis of further light. Oil is paint, and stretching from the stippling than say, I draw with the feeling that adjust the color of the background.

Cap and Comtac in the same kind of process (headset), beard also painted.

Then, clothes and chest rig also went painted.

will Nuro the gun!

Game “Escape from Tarkov” because commitment gun is amazing, I just want to also put a force in the paint.

First blow the surfacer in the airbrush, and to smooth the surface.

Then paint the black of the gun itself, leave painted to flake off likely place is painted a release agent of silicone barrier.

Painted in sand color gun in the play as a reference. Red-brown camouflage Do not forget!

We will peel off a portion of the silicone barrier that had been pre-painted with a toothpick. This quick and painting in real was able to reproduce the state fell.

While further draw the light in the oil, adhered to all of the parts on top of the fine-tuning! Figures was completed.

Let’s make a pedestal!

Pedestal that do not forget. Base hits in the frame of the painting, is an important factor that influences the world view and impression of the work one of them there.

This time you use the base of the tree, “Escape from Tarkov” to express the dark impression of, painted a wildly tree using the black dye and urethane varnish.

In addition, production of the Russian-logo of the PMC “Bear” also Voron belongs in Fusion360 used in the molding of the gun. Was the title plate painted in black and white.

These are combined with……

To production from all 0 is a steep way long to complete. However, the act of making the only one of the three-dimensional object in the world I think that it is a form of superlative love for content.

This only that liven up the enthusiasm “Escape from Tarkov” development company “Battlestate Games”, “Escape from Tarkov. Raid.” While to thank the creator of everyone of, put the figure that made the desk, I today and to also wander the Tarkov city.

It is possible to convey the fun of charm and figure modeling of this article is even a little “Escape from Tarkov” We hope to boost new step of everyone.

Everyone also play a lot of their favorite games, why not try to three-dimensional?

By the way, currently it is being produced a German empire soldiers of the First World War that became the favorite in the “Battlefield 1”. This is I want to make a figure in the image of the “S.T.A.L.K.E.R.” When you have finished, I believe Nante. It may also close the day seeing you in the article perhaps. In that case, also please have a look!

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