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TFT – SET 7.5 Unknown Kingdoms: Riot decides to renew the dragons to create a healthier metajuego

The Mid Set 7.5 of TFT will bring many changes in convergence and Riot Games has also decided Update the dragons , and there is probably one that changes everything, since now you can put so many dragons on your land without the Optimization that allowed it.. Dragons that grant loot also have the right to their small improvement. Discover all the changes that await you with patch 12.17 !

Goodbye to infinite dragons

The truth is that Riot Games is not entirely happy with the first part of the set. Some dragons quickly found their place, while others required much more balance (such as Shyvana or Aurelion Sol). With its high cost, unique type and monopolizing two slots, developers took some time to get each dragon to win their place without being too punishing. Its high cost created difficult situations where players had to be very lucky or plan your economy to the maximum to get 3 copies.


Here are the changes to Dragons with the average set:

  • Dragons are no longer unique
  • Dragon has become a main attribute
  • Dragons now cost 6, 7 and 8 gold at levels 3, 4 and 5, respectively.

As a result, it was necessary to create a new specific attribute for the dragon, a feature that will give it from 4 dragons, an additional slot in your team that will allow you to place up to 5 dragons in the field. The dragon attribute looks a bit like the guild, since it will do different things the more dragons you add:

* Passive : Dragons need 2 team slots
* Dragons count as three units of the indicated attribute and obtain additional improvements depending on the number of dragons we have in the team

  1. 500 additional life points
  2. 20 of armor and magical resistance
  3. 10% more damage
  4. +1 to the size of the equipment
  5. Duplicate the previous statistics bonuses it costs you to level up, new improvements called Dragon Heart, which gives you +1 to the dragon attribute, and a prismatic increase called era of the dragon, which grants three dragons (grants three dragons (granting three dragons (which Zippy, glutton and a random 4 level)..

Changes in the Treasury Dragon

Instead of appearing with the same loot distribution at a time, the precious dragon can now appear in three different versions. These new versions are dragon of the chaos and dragon of the order, which appear in 30% of the items. The remaining 40% obtains the Classic Treasury Dragon and which appears for all players.

Dragon of Chaos

The Chaos Dragon will have a very variable loot with each relaunch. His offer will not have a specific theme or purpose, but all will be of great value. Some more than others, but you will have to throw again and change offers to see what works best for your team.

This dragon can contain emblems, ornn items, champions duplicators, spatulas and almost anything that players can use . In addition, this implies the return of the target consumable of destinations: Beasts Festival.

Dragon of order

The dragon of order will focus on granting radiant objects with which to enhance your team. This dragon will bring similar options to those of the classic treasure dragon, but they will be much more powerful thanks to the inclusion of radiant objects. Look at Change options below!

The addition of light objects was really important for the development team, since it adds a new layer of decision-making, between choosing your favorite light object instead of the component of the object you were looking for to give the ideal combo for your transport.

All these new functions are already available in the PBE. Midset 7.5 will arrive at the servers with patch 12.17, which will reach official servers on Wednesday, September 8, 2022.

Cookie Run: Oven Brake ‘Season 7! The era of resurrected dragons! Update

Developed Studio Run (CEO Bae Hyung-wook) of Dev Sisters Co., Ltd. The era of resurrected dragons!

The story of Cookie Run: Oven Brake, which was announced in the Dev Sister’s online showcase ‘Devnau’ in April, will be unveiled in this season 7 update. The new episode of the Escape Mode, Snake Fruit Taste Cookie, will appear for the first time through the new episode, Brilliant Yongan Hwanggung.

In mid-July, the company will show the most powerful dragon cookie, Yongan Dragon Cookie. After 2019, the dragon and dragon cookies, fine dragon cookies, white lotus dragon cookies, and rich dragon cookies, and the white dragon dragon cookies will appear.

■ Highlights of the Bongsi Story! The final battle in the ‘Brilliant Yongan Imperial Palace’

With this update, the highlight of the Balaur Story Campaign will be unfolded following the seventh chapter of the story mode ‘Brave Cookie Adventure’ in April. The brave cookie group sees the sight of the Rambutan tribe that turns into a stone shortly after escaping from the falling Rich Dragon Court of Rich Dragon Cookie. At this time, the Snake Fruit taste cookie, which was first encountered, noticed the dangerous plans of the dragons and left an adventure to prevent it.

The brave cookie journey is held through a new episode of the newly opened escape mode, Brilliant Yongan Hwanggung,. Starting with the Call Rich Dragon Cookie, the story of the Yongan Hwang Palace and the Yongan Cookies, where the Yongan Hwang Palace and the Bongsi cookies live, to the last battle at Yongan Imperial Palace. A total of eight stages will be followed by 10 kinds of cookies, and you can meet all kinds of dragon cookies that have emerged so far on the new map.

In addition, ‘EASY mode’ will be added to the escape mode. The EASY mode has a small number of runners and the difficulty of the map is easier than the existing flock. In addition, the EASY mode is also applied to the Escape Random Challenge, which runs with randomly determined combinations such as cookies, pets, and treasures. This season’s random challenge will be played against the cities of the wizards.

■ Season 7 The first new cookie ‘Snake Fruit Taste Cookie’ and Pair Pet ‘Scaly Fan’ added

Along with Season 7, Snake Fruit Taste Cookies are new. Snake Fruit Taste Cookie was a dragon, but he couldn’t ascended. On the outside, he is a tactics and faithful pawn who manages snake soldiers for the owner of the Yongan Imperial Palace, but he has a completely different dream in his own oysters. His play is characterized by the ability to destroy obstacles by summoning snake soldiers who throw spears and poison beads.

Snake fruit-flavored cookies are also available for pet pets and scales that are used to hide a meaningful smile. Scaly debt is responsible for destroying obstacles and producing wind jelly.

In addition, you can also find a new treasure ‘Young Dragon Claw’ and the new Legendary Jelly Skin, the Yongano Jelly Skin Set to watch the world.

■ Season 7 Various Event Progress, Crystal & Rainbow Cube pours out!

There are also various reward events for users to play games comfortably and generously. First of all, in commemoration of the season 7 update, ▲ ‘Special attendance’ that can receive a total of 10,000 crystals every day, ▲ ‘Run Mission’, which can receive a total of 15,000 crystals through play regardless of daily mode, ▲ Three daily challenges every day. A ‘Lucky Ticket’ event will be held to obtain up to 10,000 rainbow cubes.

In addition, the new event mode, Ku-chan Club, will begin, with a challenge and defense, and a team-fight mode with a friendly warfare will also be held. In addition, various game elements are waiting for users, including the reorganization of the guild system and the start of the guild game 17.

Cookie Run: For more information on oven brakes, please visit Cookie Run YouTube and Naver Cafe.

The State of Play served Dyspo distributing a presentation in society to Eternights, a game that reminds of Catherine and a person for its mixture of routine, love and dungeons.

We already have a first look at Dyspo distributing cane in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 . Coming from the ranks of the Heroic Pride Troopers of Universe 11, this famous supersonic warrior will arrive hand in hand with A new DLC , CONCON City poll , of which characters like Goku ultra instinct-signs will also be part-, Vegeta (Dragon Ball GT), Android 18 (Dragon Ball Super) and Bergamo. There is still no exact price or date for this downloadable content, but its launch is planned for summer .

Among the attacks of Dyspo we find the blows and the swords of justice , two very fDyspo distributingt superataques with which Ki’s arm will be covered and cause extra damage to his rivals. We also have a supersonic way Dyspo distributing awakening, where we will increDyspo distributinge our speed and the strength of attacks (at the expense of losing Ki continuously, Dyspo distributing usual). And to finish, Your Ultimate attack will be the Light Disco , the Circle FlDyspo distributingh, a blue Ki album that Dyspo will launch like a frisbee towards the enemies after projecting in the air, catching the opponents and giving us the Perfect opportunity to end them .

When it comes to speed, No other warrior can be compared to Dyspo , even the light stays in the dust! Says the description of the character. All that speed is yours to take advantage of it. Close the distance between you and your enemies in the blink of an eye and releDyspo distributinge the wide range of Dyspo’s attacks before they know what hit them ! Dyspo will also join To the list of Hero Colosseum figures, the way that is sweeping Conton City. In this way within Xenoverse 2 we can fight with almost 700 figures of dragon ball characters . From now on, Dyspo will be one of they.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Sum and Follow

Still having launched in 2016, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Lives a second youth and attracts new fans with the recent publication of its Lite version. With it the game enters the field of the Free to Play, even with nuances . For example, Xenoverse 2 Lite does not include the entire free story mode, but its first five chapters: Raditz’s attack, the arrival of the Saiyans, Ruckus on the planet Namek, the Dyspo distributingsault of Ginyu special combat forces and the battle against the galactic emperor. But calm that it hDyspo distributing everything the important: the hero colosseum mode, The multiplayer fighting online and the online missions. There are no excuses for not trying.

Dragon Quest: Following part announces itself with strange trailer

The traditional Dragon Quest series has a birthday! In keeping with the 35th wedding anniversary, publisher Square Enix has now released a new trailer for Dragon Quest Treasures. We’ll inform you what the Innovator for Dragon Quest 11 is all around.

Dragon Quest has her birthday celebration as well as reveals the future of the collection

You can’t avoid the Dragon Quest games if you are interested in Japanese role-playing video games. The JRPGs have actually been motivating many followers around the globe for 35 years now. To celebrate the birthday of the series, Part 1 was released as necessary on May 27, 1986, author Square Enix has currently released a new trailer for the upcoming parlor game Dragon Quest treasures **.

Considering that this is not a primary component, , according to Square Enix, will also be much less typical. What specifically is suggested remains open. And another thing is unclear: So far, the author has not exposed for which gaming console the video game ought to appear.

Dragon Quest Treasures is an innovator to Dragon Quest 11 from 2017. Erik and Mida are still children in Dragon Quest Treasures.

The trailer is intentionally kept brief since Square Enix prepares to provide the game in extra information in June 2022. Nonetheless, different details concerning the spin-off is already understood.

what do you need to understand regarding Dragon Quest?

Dragon Quest Treasures is a prequel to Dragon Quest 11 from 2017.

The role-playing video game was an industrial success as well as got good evaluations around the world- 89 percent on Metacritic . Therefore, the precursors were additionally published as remakes in the west.

The conventional Dragon Quest series has a birthday! If you are interested in Japanese role-playing video games, you can not prevent the Dragon Quest video games. To commemorate the birthday celebration of the collection, Part 1 was launched accordingly on May 27, 1986, author Square Enix has now published a new trailer for the upcoming role-playing game Dragon Quest treasures .

The Dragon Quest brand is just one of one of the most well-known parlor games from Japan as well as enjoys an excellent track record, specifically in our very own residence. This is how Dragon Quest is extra popular than Final Dream, for instance.

Yet the collection has currently additionally established itself in the rest of the globe. This made it feasible in certain Dragon Quest 8: the trip of the enchanted king , which was released in 2006 for PlayStation 2 as well as later on likewise for Nintendo 3DS.

“Like” in the wall clock that combines the history and time of “Dorakue”. 19.50,000. “Family time” which the number of numbers watching

As one of the national RPGs representing Japan, “Dragon Quest” (hereinafter referred to as Dorakue) series continues to be loved for many years. A number of masterpieces have been created in a three-year-long history of the same name released in May 1986.

This popular series is a single piece of number of numbers alone, but a unique wall clock that can grasp the history of such “Dorakue” with a glance was published in Twitter and collected great attention.

The center of the published image is a simple analog wall clock with only a longitle, short -leweight, second hand. However, unique things are placed instead of the dial, and it is a guide that indicates time.

It was chosen as a substitute for the dial, the successive “Dorakue” works, which are each placed on the pedestal on the circumference. The first “Dragon Quest” and 2 o’clock “Dragon Quest II Dance of Dragon Quest II Dance of Dragon Quest II Dance” in the 1 o’clock direction, and the numbering works are arranged in the form of a dial. For example, if a short needle points to the “Dragon Quest VI Phantom Earth”, you can see “6 o’clock or” at a glance.

It is “Pa” (@dqaka_pupupusun) that has attracted interests that collected interest, but that his son produced the wall clock. When the image containing this wall clock was released on Twitter, more than 195,000 “Like”, many people, such as, so many people are I sent a praise.

It will be repeated, but the “Dorakue” numbered title of the released is the 11th at this stage. Therefore, there is still a number of numbers that fill in the direction of 12 o’clock, and now there is a blank of the number of numbers.

It was popular and became popular and was popular “Dragon Quest Heroes Dark Dragon and World Tree Castle” and “Dragon Quest Heroes II Twins King and Prophecy End”. It seems that “12” is expressed by arranging the first and second work of the “Heroes” series.

This two works are also great games, but this latest work will be colored again with the latest work, with the “Dragon Quest XII” Fire Fire Fire Fire Fire Fate of Late Destiny “under intensive development.

We asked “Pa” of the Lord who showed this image on TwitTE this time, and I visited some of the stories about the wall clock and “Dorakue”. Please see one end of the figure that loves the favorite name series with your family.

教 Please let me know if there is an evaluation when submitting “Dorakue Watch” as an issue.

“Pa”: I closed the design and production process and submitted with a photo, but it seems that the reaction was thin. But when I bring my friend to my house, everyone stands in front of the clock and looking at the pokan to look up at the huge monitor (laughs). The response of adults was more than the child than children. Everyone is taking a picture and returned (laughs).

──息子さんたちも、時計に並んでいるドラクエ作品をプレイされているのでしょうか。 If so, how are you entertained?

“Pa”: I’m playing. But because the NES main unit has become useless with a typhoon for a few years, “I” to “IV” have become an interior that can not play. It is a three brothers, but it is a lively adventure that it is neither nervous.

── What works are Dorakue for your family?

“Pa”: Dragon Quest for us to learn a lot, and is part of the life that further deepened the family’s bond. “I” ~ “V” is a thing that is acquired from my father, so I want to transfer all to my son someday.

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