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The best games similar to surviving vampires

Vampire Survivors was an unexpected breakthrough released in December 2021 before exploding popularity in January 2022. But a few months after the release, there is definitely an itch that needs to be eliminated by adding more diversity to the game. If you have already completed everything you need to do in Vampire Survivors, or simply looking for something new, we will provide you. Here are the seven best games such as Vampire Survivors.

Magic survival

In fact, Magic Survival is a game that originally inspired the developer Vampire Survivors to Luka Galante. However, since Magic Survival is a mobile game, not many people may have heard about it when they played in it. Nevertheless, this is a funny little game, and it is definitely worth a try if you are a fan of a backbone.

20 minutes before dawn/10 minutes before dawn

Minutes Till Dawn, such as Vampire Survivors, began as free browser games, and then turned into a much more extensive paid version of Steam. You can still play 10 minutes till dawn for free, but you will find a more often updated and more advanced 20 minute Till Dawn in Steam.



A fan game based on Hololive Vtuber, Holocure seems quite niche, but in fact this is a great game in itself. Inspired by various Vtuber talents in Hololive, this game takes very different designs and personalities of streamers and turns them into characters to survive in the waves of enemies.

survivors with a stone of the soul

Soulstone Survivors 3D, which has the most impressive graphics among all games on this list, opens up a unique prospect for the squeezer of Action Roguelike Bullet Hell. With a sufficient variety, so that you can play for hours, and calls from the bosses, this is a great choice, especially since the demo version is completely free.

Book of Fighters of Demon Fighters

Cute anime style make this game similar to Vampire Survivors, incredibly attractive, and free prologue makes it an easy task. Enemies are really the main draw of this. They look incredibly, and more difficult work with sprites gives a magnificent artistic style that gives pleasure when you fight with your set of magical weapons.

her name was fire

More smooth and dynamic than other records on this list, Her Name Was Fire is more focused on building a deck and developing each run. Simple, stylish and very cheerful, there are many topics around the tarot and stellar signs that make this small game attractive.

Hunters for spirits: endless horde

Incredibly cool artistic style makes this game worthy of attention. Each character also has more unique mechanics, which makes the game more reigree. Progress is more like something like Diablo or Path of Exile, but the game cycle is simple enough so that you can return again and again.

To find out more news, manuals and information about Vampire Survivors, read the section What is a gold egg in Vampire Survivors and how to unlock it? In professional game guides.

Overwhelming high quality! Horo Live unofficial fan game Holoocure Free Release

Individual developer KAY YU (@kaynimatic) has released an unofficial fan game Holocure of the VTuber group Holo Live. Free release for PCs.

This work is a viewpoint-type action game influenced by Vampire Survivors and Magic Survival, based on Holo Live. While defeating the enemies that rush in large quantities, we collect EXP to raise the level, acquire various abilities, and strengthen the characters.

There are 11 characters that can be used by Horo Live ENGLISH. From the start of the game, you can select Watson Amelia, Guru-Gura, Ichiina Hisu, Kotori Yu Kiara, and Mori Kariope.

Other IRYS, Kujukusa, Ceres Fauna, Auro Cronnie, Seven Poetry Mumei, and Hakos Bails can be unlocked in in-game gacha (in-game currency only) 。 In the future updates, members of Horo Live (Japan) and Holo Live Indonesia will be added.

The corresponding language is Japanese and English. It is produced according to the secondary creation guidelines of Holo Live, and there are no plans for cashing.

Holocure is being distributed for free on the game sale and distribution site ITCHIO.

Open World Mars Survival “Occupy Mars: The Game” Open beta test reception start-Constructs a colony and survives harsh environment

Pyramid Games has started an open-world craft survival “ Occupy Mars: The Game ” open beta test receptionist from February 22.

30 New Upcoming PC SURVIVAL Games in 2022 & 2023 ► Best Open World, Crafting, Base Building!
This work is a sandbox type open world survival that can experience harsh environments on Mars. Players are poor resources and are a violent Mars of day and night, and build a base to stably get water and food and oxygen and energy needed to survive, and upgrade the base little by little.

First of all, a greenhouse, an oxygen tank, a generator, etc. make a pipe and a cable, and start stable food production and supply. And sometimes, I have to repair the damaged parts using electronic parts and electrical instruments etc.

Also, the player will step into a further area of ​​Mars to look for valuable resources. Let’s build a new base in the land weird land, mine groundwater, pump up, and expand the colony by placing and pumping mining facilities. There is a concept of day and night in the game, especially the temperature of the night is cold, so it is necessary to create a solar panel and efficiently ensure the power in the base. And, the vehicle is essential for harsh Mars, but this is also possible to upgrade as well as the bases.

“Occupy Mars: The Game”, which can experience harsh survival experiences on Mars, is currently accepting participation of open beta testing at STeam. The DEMO version is also available at the same time as STeam can also be downloaded.

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