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On the 24th, the new area of the new area will be held on the 24th.

Hoyo Bus will be updated on Wonsin 3.0 on the 24th.

In the 3.0 version of ‘Thousand Roses that reveals the dawn’, the fourth region ‘Sumer’ will be released, and the full element and the new play character ‘Tinari’ and ‘Colley’ will appear. Sumer, on the west side of Liwol, consists of two areas of rainforests and deserts, and can explore several settlements, including dense rainforests and Ormos ports.


At the same time, it is possible to play using the new element, ‘Pool Element’. Pool elements interact with fire, water, and lightning, resulting in combustion, flowering and intensity reactions. When the full element interacts with the water element, one or more prokaryotic is generated by flowering and causes delayed explosion damage to the enemy. Subsequently, in contact with a fire or lightning element before an explosion of the prokaryotic, it causes a full-fledged reaction that produces a speech reaction that causes a full element damage or a fantasy bullet that tracks nearby enemies.

Two full element characters also appear. Tinari, a new five-star character, is a warm-hearted boy scholar and a forest patrol hall, which is specialized in a serial attack that inflicts the full element damage several times. His disciple, Colley, is a limited 4-star character that can be recruited when the 3.0 version of the main season event concentric pieces can be completed.

In addition, you can meet Tinari, Colley, Palm, etc. in the first half of the event.

In addition, new tools for logging, cooking, and fishing are added, such as the Wood King’s Protection, Express Heating Lamp Prototype, and Fishing Line Stabilization.

Finally, the future update schedule has been released. From version 3.0 to 3.2, it usually runs every five weeks ahead of six weeks. The 3.0 version is August 24, 3.1 is September 28, and 3.2 is November 2. The crew mentioned that it pulled the update cycle and did not reduce the content volume. Finally, 3.3 returns every six weeks and will be released on December 7.

For more information, please visit the official cafe.

Sumer, the country of the grass comes! Wonshin 3.0 Special Broadcasting

Wonshin, serviced by Hoyo Bus, conducted a special broadcast of version 3.0 through the official YouTube channel. The video started by the founder and representative, Ryu Wei, and unveiled Sumer, the most important content of the patch, the nation of pool. The disclosure of the Sumerian region has a very special meaning and pointed out that the seven elements of the originality have been completed.

Among the playable characters in the Sumer region, they introduced cholesteri, Tinari, and Dori first, and the characters showed a short appearance if they would appear later. 3.0’s mission title name is composed of phrases related to grass, passing through the fog and dark forests and the thousand roses that reveal the dawn.

Sumer Castle is in the huge rainforest in eastern Sumer. In version 3.0, the story of the traveler’s story is also unfolded on a new land, and it is a story about the city of wisdom by confronting the dense forest and endless sand breeze.

The seven gods of the pool’s gods are quite different from other images, and Sumer’s god ‘small Kusanari incarnation’ is much younger than the Sumeran Nara. The small Kusanari incarnation was born about 500 years ago after the Kenrian disaster. Following the god of the fleet pool, ‘The Great Luk Kadabata’, who passed away, the small Kusanarihuhuin incarnation is Sumer’s best god.

And in Sumer, knowledge is integrated as a resource, and the air system modified in the Academy is playing a role. Thus, the Sumerians are set up to acquire relevant knowledge using facilities called air terminals.

To go to Sumer Castle where the Academy is located, you can start with the nearest layer of rock in Sumer. If you go to the route, you will pass through the large and dense rainforest ‘Avidiya Forest’, where a mysterious creature with intense features live. There are various types of mushrooms, floating and strong animal luggers, and twilight birds with colorful colors, and the rainforest is rich in grass elements in a humid climate, and plants also grow into a terrible momentum.

And Sumer threatens the various flora and fauna of the rainforest, the land of death, and only those with the eyes of God can prevent the erosion of the land of death. More details can be found in Sumer’s mission and Tainari’s legendary desert fox.

The new character Tynari was in charge of the voice actor. Clay was in charge of Bang Si-woo’s voice actor. Lastly, Dori was in charge of Lee Myung-ho.

Sumer Castle is located in a huge sacred tree. There are buildings that have a unique atmosphere of Sumer, including the adventurer guild, including the Jubir Theater and the Puspa Coffee Shop. The Academy is in the middle of the tree pillar, and there is a rare palace on top of it. It is not easy to enter the palace.

Ormus Port, Sumer’s foreign trade port, is full of merchants and ships from various countries. It is a place where many people are mixed and transactions are frequently made, and it is far from Sumer Castle, so it is relatively less controlled by Academia.

In 3.0, it is a thousand rose that reveals the second act dawn, passing through the first act of the Sumerimer Mission Mission, and the story will be released from 3.0 to 3.2.

Sumer has an object that can cause three changes. It means several conditions of plant growth, which causes different interactions depending on the condition. Among them, ‘status’ occurs in the pool element, which is born by the three reactions of combustion/flowering/intensity. Some full element objects interact with three elements of fire/water/lightning, which can change the condition.

Except for the combustion produced by grass and fire, the flowering of grass and water, the intensity of the grass and lightning, is implemented in version 3.0. When the living organism is affected by the water element pool element, it causes a flowering reaction and produces a full stock solution. At the same time, only a certain quantity may exist at the same time, and when the duration ends, the full-fellowship explodes, causing the full element damage.

Here, when the folk element and the pool nuclear core meets, it causes ignition to cause more powerful full elements. The lightning element converts a full prokaryul into a tracing coal, which causes an active reaction when the creature is influenced by the lightning element and the pool element. At this time, the attack of the lightning element causes a promotion reaction, which increases the damage to the lightning element of the next attack. When a full element is attacked, a radiance reaction occurs, which increases the damage to the next attack.

Tinari’s aiming shooting is possible. If you hit the arrow of the lobe, you will produce an arrow with flowers that automatically track the enemy. Elemental combat skill fruit produces an area of eating temperature, which continuously provokes the enemy with a mysterious fantasy and shortens the charging time of the next three arrows. Elemental explosion-tangled vine arrows automatically firm a cave arrow that tracks enemies in large quantities, and when hits to the enemy, a secondary vine arrow is produced. Finally, the search characteristic knowledge indicates the location of the surrounding Sumer region. You can understand it as a full attribute.

Clay’s elemental combat skills pass through the leaves of the leaf boomerang to damage the enemy. Elemental explosion Nyan Books continue to jump in the area by the Colin Enva doll and damage the enemy in the range. Clay’s search characteristic Sumerian flight champion reduces stamina that party members consumed during foot. The sound of full amber comes out.

Dori produces two A/S shells that automatically track the enemy when the lamp number of brain solutions that appease the elemental combat skill soul is hit by the enemy. The element explosion devotion is to constantly restore the HP and element energy of the target by summoning the spirit of the lamp connected to the surrounding character. If the enemy touches the line between the lamp and the character, it can cause lightning elements. Search characteristics unexpected orders return some materials used to synthesize when synthesizing characters and weapons development materials.

In version 3.0, new weapons and relics also appear. The Sumer-style forging weapon set was also added, and the relics were introduced in two kinds of memories and plated dreams. The memory of the forest is that the two set effects have a full element damage bonus +15%, and the four set effects are the enemies of the elemental element, which is hit by the elemental combat skills or the element explosion attack by 30% for 8 seconds, and even when the equipped character is waiting. The effect is activated.

The plated dream is a two-set effect of the element mastery +80pt, and the four-set effect is strengthened according to the element type of other characters in the party for 8 seconds after the element reaction activation. Each time there is one character of the same element type as the equipped character, the damage is increased by 14%, and the element mastery increases by 50pt whenever there is one character of another element type.

The new enemy was introduced to the mushrooms of large mushrooms. Vitality begins to attack more fiercely, and it continues until you get tired. When this condition is not activated, it is burned and burned due to the insolvency, and the spores are scattered everywhere to summon mushrooms to get out of the dry state.

Lightning trees were also added. It is similar to ice trees, but there is an organ that is similar to the lightning element core in the roots and corolla. Every time the state of lightning is changed, the state of lightning trees changes, resulting in the flowers of fullness or the flower of void. If two flower schemes exist at the same time, they pull each other and cause a powerful charge explosion.

In addition, a new ruins monsters are hidden in some of Sumer. The ruins dragons periodically emit a kind of energy torrent and increase the resistance of the element depending on the main element type of the previous damage.

The new concentric sculpture event, along with the cholay, finds materials from place to place, helping to collect employees’ creative inspiration to obtain ideas notes, and to be rewarded to employees. Classes can be invited when the tutorial mission is completed, and the crown of knowledge, characteristic development materials and character breakthroughs can be obtained when participating in the event.

The Fight’s argument event is a challenge battle event. The character already provides the experience character, so you can enjoy a special potion that seems to have been able to enjoy the characters, and the time has stopped during the battle. Afterwards, if you take all the monsters in the viewfinder range, the monsters will disappear.

Pharmaceutical Research Event is a challenge event that allows you to randomly acquire a buff effect. You can create a party by using an experience character that organizes or provides a party. There are three rounds of challenges in each trial, and every time you use a special device during the challenge, one or various buff effects are activated.

The lost treasure event can be seen again in version 3.0. You can cooperate with a small spirit, but this time the color is full. If you do treasures, you can discover treasures according to the guidance of the spirit, and in addition to the rewards obtained by the excavation itself, you can collect scrap metal goods and exchange them with various items.

In the first round of the 3.0 event, Tinari, Palm, and Colley will appear. In the second episode, Dori appears, and Gamwoo and Cocomi can be seen as a reprint. In addition, all 5-star relics that are updated before version 1.2 can be obtained by converting from the mysterious system of the return of the relics.

New Simple item 3 kinds of wooden kings, express heating lamp prototypes, and fishing line stabilization were also added. The use of the wooden king can immediately obtain the wooden wood of the nearby tree, and the lamp consumes minerals to increase food processing efficiency. The fishing line provides a variety of levels of synergies when the fishing tension reaches the optimal tension section, depending on the number of fish.

Meanwhile, this 3.0

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