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Blood, Dun, Me in one place. Dunpa 17th Anniversary Special Broadcasting

On the 3rd, Nexon’s 17th anniversary of the service of Dungeon & Fighter was surprised.

In this live broadcast, the director of Nexon’s representative online game gathered in one place to attract gamers’ attention. Park Jung-moo, Director of FIFA Online 4, Yoon Myung-jin, Director of Dungeon & Fighter, and Kang Won-ki, director of Maple Story, gathered in one place.

Director Yoon Myung-jin said that he had decided to broadcast to thank Dungeon and Fighter for the 17th anniversary. And he apologized for his recent service that he was not satisfied with users.


Park Jung-moo and Kang Won-ki, who appeared on the broadcast, also advised. Park Jung-moo said, I heard that the apology should be shared. Kang Won-ki, director of the chat window, reads the reaction of The introduction is long. Please release the gift quickly.

Kang Won-ki, director of active communication recently, has left a small joke. If the three directors are aligned in the order of age, Park Jung-moo, Director Yoon Myung-jin, and Kang Won-ki are directors. Kang Won-ki, director of the company, wrote a witty answer, Weight is reverse.

Since then, the three directors have cut the 17th anniversary cake, eat prepared food, and communicates with users.

Kang Won-ki, who had previously proceeded with the “ Maple Story ” showcase on the recording, mentioned the experience of being scolded by the user. Since then, he has been mainly conducting live broadcasts, and unlike the recording, he explained that it is better to communicate with users and understand the response in real time. If you eat food, you can eat a bite of food when the story falls.

The two directors also left a virtue of Dungeon and Fighter. Kang Won-ki mentioned that Dungeon & Fighter is a growing partner and competitor, and Park Jung-moo said that it is amazing and amazing to join the 17th anniversary event.

At the end of the broadcast, Director Yoon Myung-jin wanted to have a pleasant place, and explained that it is difficult to enjoy, but he is trying to make a good game. As there were a lot of bold attempts, the developers also thought they were in a hurry, but if they gave me time, they mentioned that they would create a better Dungeon & Fighter.

Director Yoon Myung-jin promised to provide a place to communicate with users about the in-game issue of Dungeon & Fighter.

Netmarble Sena Revolution, July 28th and box office Jeong Jo -jun

Seven Knights Revolution, one of Netmarble’s anticipation, is competing with popular works in July.

Seven Knights Revolution is a new work that inherits Netmarble’s representative game intellectual property (IP) ‘Seven Knights’. The game is attracting attention to become a new growth engine for Netmarble.

Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young-sik, Do Ki-wook) held a media showcase in the Guro New Building on the 16th.

Today’s event was attended by Kwon Young-sik, CEO of Netmarble, Netmarble Park Young-jae, CEO of Netmarble Nexus, and Netmarble Nexus Ahn Jun-suk.

Kwon Young-sik, CEO of Netmarble, said, Seven Knights Revolution is a cooperative MMORPG that inherited Netmarble’s representative IP, Seven Knights, with a high-quality casual graphic. It has been shown and has been accumulating development and service experience for a long time. Seven Knights Revolution’s vast story, attractive heroes. I’m looking forward to it.

Kwon said, Netmarble wants to use 2022 as the first year of fostering platforms and IP.Seven Knights Revolution is a game at the center of this change and starts with a bigger leap of IP. It is also the fourth game with the title. Revolution title contains the company’s willingness to surpass the value of the previous work. I will try.

Infinite Hero Transformation RPG, Weapon Customization can be customized

Seven Knights Revolution is a major feature that users can transform into Seven Knights heroes through their avatars to experience the fun of adventure. The game is not to foster fixed classes, but to use all weapons with various skills according to the battle situation, and use a hero card to transform into a variety of Seven Knights Heroes, the company explained.

Ahn Jun-seok, general manager of Netmarble Nexus, said, If you are an existing Seven Knights user, you will be able to meet your favorite hero and transform into a hero. We can experience new adventures with a system.

Netmarble uses a rendering technique that stands out in material and light, not a general cartoon rendering, to complete the visuals of Seven Knights Revolution. High quality casual graphics.

In ‘Seven Knights Revolution’, which aims to be a cooperative MMORPG in the Open World, users can pioneer and own their own private property, Nexus, and carry out various activities. You can also customize your own hunting grounds, and you can share it with other users. In addition, you can enjoy various activities such as singing, performance, performances, and flights with other users, and you can feel the pleasure of cooperating, competing, and growing with each other.

Official release on July 28th… Today’s TV commercial starts

Netmarble will officially launch ‘Seven Knights Revolution’ on the 28th of next month. The game supports both mobile and PC play.

Park Young-jae, head of Netmarble, said, Seven Knights Revolution is a work that attempts a new genre challenge called Netmarble’s service know-how and Nexus’ development skills, and attempts a new genre challenge called CCG MMO. We will do our best to make Knights IP re-leaping into the global leap as a representative IP of Korea.

In commemoration of the launch, various events will be held. First of all, following the pre-registration of Google Play, the Apple App Store pre-registration will be started from today (16th). In the same way as the Google Play Pre-registration benefits, all participants will be provided with five three-star rachel heroes, 50,000 gold, and five three-star experience cards. If you participate in pre-registration on the official site, you will receive a Grande Sid port costume.

If you share the invitation code with your friends and enter the code, you will also hold a friend invitation event that will automatically participate in the event. The top 100 people will present ‘Seven Knights Revolution’ goods.

In addition, NFT ‘Sena Kongs’, which reinterprets Seven Knights Heroes through Collaboration and Collaboration, will be mining on the Open Sea (NFT trading platform). A total of 11 NFT auctions will be held three times from 11th to 30th of next month, and all profits will be donated.

Based on live-action shooting, ‘Seven Knights Revolution’ TV commercials, which can be transformed into popular characters such as Rachel and Rudy, are also available today.

In addition, Netmarble plans to hold various events that can communicate with users on the official forum of Seven Knights Revolution and SNS channels. It will also hold a user communication program with the influencer this month.

Kim Jung-min, CEO of Netmarblexus, said, Seven Knights was a project like my first love. I tried various changes in IP through the Nintendos Location version and Seven Knights 2. There are various games, but I tried to maintain the value of Seven Knights. I made a new attempt and trial and error. In the Open World, users will be able to enjoy a variety of adventures with friends and guilds. I will prepare without it.

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