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NVIDIA received a fine of $ 5.5 million for concealing information about the effect of mining on income

NVIDIA is fined by the US Securities and Exchange Commission for manipulations with the reports on finance and hiding information that cryptomining was an important element in the growth of material income from video cards.

Nvidia Pays $5.5M Fine Over Crypto-Mining Disclosures

In 2018, NVIDIA in two reports reported a significant increase in revenue. The company knew for sure that the reason for such a profit is to buy video cards from the miners. But NVIDIA is not indicated in special reporting forms, as the procedure requires.

As a result, the lack of such information was deprived of investors of critical information for evaluating the company’s business in the key market. NVIDIA agreed to pay a fine of $ 5.5 million.

Explanation of Tiny Tinas Wonderlands Chaos Chalser: How to unlock, all the portal icons and how to get the best rewards

As with many Borderlands games, after completing the history of Tiny Tina‘s Wonderlands, there is a new way that allows you to play without having to complete the game again. That’s right, we’re here for Explain the Chaos Chalser game mode and tell you how to unlock it and get the best rewards .

Some spoilers later, come back now if the story is not over and does not want it to be ruined.

What is the chaos camera?

Chaos Chamber is a Rougelike mode in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. By Roguelike means you carry your current team with you to a set of random fights that increase in difficulty as you advance. The fights themselves are like the innumerable random and camping encounters in which you have gotten into overworld.

The only big difference is that the enemies of Chaos Chamber throw crystals that can be used to buy modifiers halfway or rewards at the end. These can be a difficult challenge since enemies can easily surpass. Keep in mind that each race you get three lives. Dying once you will not finish the race prematurely, but do not convert it into a habit.

There are several different options when it comes to running. No matter what kind of career you choose, they will all end up in a bosses fight, so you want to be prepared. There is:

  • Featured careers that are the same every time.

  • Normal careers that are the typical random experience of Chaos Chamber
  • Extended races that are only longer normal careers and enemies release 20% more crystals.
  • Chaos tests are difficult races that allow you to increase your level of chaos.

Chaos levels work similarly to Mayhem levels in Borderlands 3 and give you the option of making future more difficult races as you upload higher with very improved possibilities to get an incredible booty. Keep in mind that you will also end up fighting against enemies above the maximum level.

How to unlock the game mode Chaos Chamber

After completing the final mission of history, you will begin the epilogue mission, which will take you through all Brighthoof to learn about the new game mechanics unlocked.

The end of this mission will take you to Brighthoof Castle on request Queen Butt Stallion, where you will find Dragon Lord. He will guide you through a short and very detailed tutorial and you can face Chaos Chamber’s races when you want when you finish.

How to get the best rewards of Chaos Chamber in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

How to Get Infinite Crystals and Legendaries from the Chaos Chamber! // Tiny Tina's Wonderlands
Here there are no magic tricks, you just want to grow crystals. At the end of each race, they drop you into an area with statues that correspond to different types of booty and have a crystal amount on top of what you should spend for a related booty source. The crystals are not transferred between races, so their only real option is to spend them if they have them.

To increase your crystal gain, there are some things you can do. First, the extended races are your friend. That boost to the crystals along with several more fights to obtain them is key.

Then, follow the lateral lens if you enter a camera with 1. This can be something like defending a statue or destroying one, but you will get more crystals at the end of the camera as a reward for completing it, so they are definitely worth it.

Third, go with the hardest curse when you choose with Mr. Dragon. I know, this seems to go against the idea of rapid races, but often you get a large percentage of increase in the cattle winds, so it’s worth the additional effort.

Also, when choosing a camera portal (more about this below), do it from elite when you have enough crystals to do so. Yes, 50 crystals is a high selling price and every time you do it costs more crystals, but you will get better rewards.

However, apologize to do so only when you have enough spare crystals. There is nothing worse than arriving at the end and being a bit short of a complete reward of the booty statue of your choice. To this end, it also avoid using any of the blessings around the cameras, although they can be economical, they can easily accumulate and exhaust their wallet.

camera portal icons

After cleaning a camera, you can choose between two portals. Like other Roguelikes, you choose how the next camera will end.

Portal of Lord Dragon

The portal icon of Mr. Dragon means that when you clear the next camera, the Dragon Lord will appear and you can choose between two curses.

As mentioned above, if you want to get the best possible glass profit, choose the most difficult of the two curses, you will have your difficult difficulty in parentheses before the name of the curse.

Portal of the stallion to top

This portal will end with Queen Butt Stallion giving you a random blessing of your real choice. These blessings do not affect the rate of obtaining crystals and will be extracted from the possible group of blessings / advantages that you see in the cameras.

These can make your careers easier, since the blessing will be free. However, this is the portal that we would recommend due to the best options in terms of glass gain for the end of the execution.

Portal del Cofre

As you can imagine, this portal ends with you breaking massive dice granting considerable booty rewards and some crystals.

If you are in this through the booty, these are the cameras that you want to go almost always. To get final results even better, be sure to convert them into elite meetings.

Glass chest portal

If you want to maximize your glass profit, you must opt for these and the Dragon Lord portals. These glass chest portals work similarly to those of booty chests, except that the dice at the end will yield a good number of crystals.

The amount can be easily increased by taking the toughest curses mentioned above.

There you have it, everything you need to know about the Chaos Chalser, including the best rewards and what portals choose.

The chaos camera is also a great place to increase your ranges of myths, for which we have a detailed explanation here.

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Riot Games, WCK Hoking ahead of Media Day

[Data provided: Riot Games]

\ – 2022 WCK Spring Opening of the First Media Day

\ – Oh Sang Hyeon Riot E Sports General “I will not spend investment”

\ – Participation team “Thank you for your good environment… I will show you a wonderful performance”

Riot Games held media data ahead of the opening of the “Wildlift> Champions Korea (WCHCH), which is the in 2022.

Riot Games conducted media data for teams participating in WCK Arena in LCK Arena, located in Gongru-gu, Seoul on the 15th.

One department was conducted to present the presentation of the A Sports General Games e Sports. Older General, said, “After the” Wildlift “,” Wildlift>, “Wildlift,” I will invest a lot of sports tournaments using “Wildlift”. “

Riot's CEO Talks About The Next 5 Years of Riot Games

“Wildlift> E-sports test period” E-sports test period “has to take the E-sporting of e-sports in earnest since 2022, and has provided a system in the form of pyramid to the top competition to this.”.

While the amateur and light users participate in the “Wariwari Daewoo”, he took place and challenge the WCK, but he decided to run WCK’s lower League Challenger’s competition.

Through WCK, after the best team took the team, he will be competing with the world’s strongest seats through the global competition that teams representing 8 regions of the world. It will first open in Europe in June this year.

The overall of the Da Sang-heon said, “The League of Legend> I will try to capture the fans’ hearts by winning the League of Legend> e-Sports to capture the minds of fans, We have provided the basis for the best performance of the teams by conducting the competition. “

Part 2 was packed with six teams to participate in the 2022 WCK spring. T1, Rock Sandbox, and Guangdong Prix, who received the LCK seed, and in Guangdong Prix, the Team Crescent and Team Gipper passed through the Open qualifiers and the Team Gipper was together on Media Day.

Most of the teams have done Rollaster Y. Roluster Y has established a record of a scaled set champion in the first WCK competition in Korea in 2021, and has shown competitiveness in the international convention.

Kang Dong-hoon, Kang Dong-hoon, said, “I learned a lot through the International Convention in the 2021 and prepared a lot to go back to the international convention, I will show you a different look, “he said.

In 2022, the players who are on the first regular League WCK WCK said, “Thank you for your riot Games, who made a good environment, and you will show good performance to fans.” T1’s mid liner ‘Core’ Jeong Yong Hun is like “I will be able to play again in the best stadium of Rol Park,” he said, “He said,” I left the WCK in the WCK, but I will challenge the championship this spring. “He said.

2022 The players who participated in the WCK Spring also had a unique commitment. Rolling Y ‘Luna’ Choi Woo-seok would be a collateral color that symbolizes our team, “he promised,” I promised to dye as a mint that symbolizes our team,

2022 WCK Spring will be held on the 21st and held every Monday and Tuesday at 7 pm. The regular league, which is spreading in a double round robin, is held on the 2th of the Match 3, and the playoffs are held on April 16, the 4th and 4th Rhône, April 23 and 4, and the long-awaited finals on April 24.

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