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Unions long -running favorite Khedira: Do not need the huge show

Many runs truly well with Union and also one runs a lot: on average 11.09 kilometers per 90 mins, Ran Hegira covers on the field. He sees himself liable for the equilibrium, for the balance of the group as well as simply attempts to be there for the group, as he exposed in a media round.

As a vital aspect for the dream beginning of his group, Hegira sees the difficult work that he as well as his teammates invest weekly in training: It is a certain confirmation of the initiative we do every day. Consequently, it is no coincidence since it is Hard worked out. We tried to go to our limitation week after week. In most cases we succeeded. So we are really delighted concerning the 17 points.

It is a particular verification of the effort we do on a daily basis.

Ran Hegira

The automatism and also processes that instructor Urs Fischer and also his staff have trained-again and also once more seriously, always modest presently the key to success a shut group. Hegira does not require the red rug and also the huge program-as well as maybe that’s exactly what connects him and 1. FC Union Berlin.

As a vital variable for the dream start of his group, Hegira sees the difficult work that he and his teammates spend every week in training: It is a certain verification of the effort we do every day.

Many runs actually well with union and one runs a lot: on average 11.09 kilometers per 90 minutes, Ran Hegira covers on the area. He sees himself responsible for the equilibrium, for the equilibrium of the group as well as simply tries to be there for the group, as he disclosed in a media round.

The following 90 minutes with pure fighting and also running will probably soon follow-next Saturday (3:30 p.m., live! At Twist), the Knickers will certainly go to Frankfurt for the away game.

2K, “WWE 2K22” released with different content

2K is the latest work of Visual Concepts (Visual Concepts) of the WWE Games Franchise WWE 2K22 with PlayStation 4 (PS4 ™) and Playstation 5 (PS5 ™), Xbox One, X Box Series X | S, PC Steam It announced that it launched 11 days.

WWE 2K22 How To Unlock Everything! (+DLC & Day 1 Patch News)

WWE Superstar, Ray Mistlerio, which celebrated 20 years, was selected as a cover model, WWE 2K22 was newly renovated with redesigned engines and gameplay, WWE 2K-wide graphics, intuitive and easy control.

In addition, the Soundtrack of WWE 2K22 was aware that Machine Knelie is taking care of the overall producer, and he will also appear as a character that can be played in the download content pack in the future.

WWE 2K22 shows the existing popular game mode as well as a new mode.

First, in the 2K showcase, the player recalls the interview of the documentary style while reproducing the main game of Ray Mistlerio, and can confirm the scene where historical momentary gameplay is gently switched to the actual image.

In Maji Mo (MyGM), the player chooses one of five GM or generate his GM, manage the athlete list, the budget, and looks at the top of the wrestenia and looks at various economic types, production elements.

MyFAction (MyFaction) is a new moderate mode in the classic team configuration mode, and the player can create a FAQ to collect, manage, and upgrade the WWE superstar and legendary players.

At Myrise, the player will experience the journey of the WWE Superstar until the WWE’s legend, starting with a rustic newcomer of the WWE Performance Center and to get a fame of WWE, followed by the legend of WWE.

Universe (Universe) can be customized to small details, and you can follow the selected superstar game every week, and you can enjoy a variety of plays, such as developing rival relationships, starting the tag team, or starting the tag team.

The Creation Suite provides a functionality such as a new cross-platform community creation, with a creative section, community creation voting, and a superstar generation wizard for rapid generation.

Five content packs released after the launch will include two new characters and content, including Machine Gun Kelly, Logan Paul, Ronda Lauge and Rabber Dam.

Each content pack is available to individual purchases, and the entire pack is included in the Season Pass, Deluxe Edition, and NWO 4-LIFE Digital Edition.

Greg Thomas, a Visual Concept, said, “The Visual Concept team has focused on focusing on providing a WWE experience for fans for the past two years. WWE 2K22 and all the performance are the direct results that the team strives to create a large-scale game with long history. The achievement of this release is proud and the future of the WWE 2K series will shine bright. “

WWE 2K22 is released as a NWO 4-LIFE digital edition that celebrates its total four types of editions, standard editions and crossten digital bundles, deluxe editions and 25th anniversary of New World Order.

All editions except Crosszen Digital Bundles are available on Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PC, and crosszen digital bundle can be used on the remaining platforms excluding PCs.

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