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Genshin Impact’s new event with the Weapon Cinnabar Spindle is there and enables it to all who currently have the Chief Alchemist / Captain of the Investigation Team of the Knights of Famous, the opportunity to have the possibility of many as the best non-5-star weapon for him to call. But is the new 4-star sword for Albedo better than the barrier of the dawn?

Cinnabar Spindle vs Harbinger of Dawn — Which is the best weapon for Albedo?

If we talk about Albedo’s role in a specific composition, it is important to point out some things. Firstly, its main capacity scales its total defense and secondly, it is a support outside the field that can cause massive geography damage in fixed intervals and at the same time produces as fast shield particles. And all, while its elementary skill is the main damage source. For these reasons, the 3-star Sword Harbinger of Dawn was published after the release of version 1.2, The Chalk Prince and the Dragon, which included the debut of the region Dragon spine in the game, to a favorite community thanks to its ability, Albedo Add a crit rate of a total of 28% if it has 90% health or more, which allows players to focus on increasing CRT damage. Provided you use the right artifact sets.

Albedo Cinnabar Spindle R2 vs Harbinger of Dawn R5 Damage Comparison - 3 Geo Gorou
Against this background and taking into account the strengths of Albedo and the fact that Genesis Impacts version 2.3 Shadows amidst Snowstorms represented a revolution for the Albedo Build, as they presented the players the best artifact set in the game for the Chalk Prince, the Winnower spindle sword is able to surpass the barrier of the dawn in every artifact composition, as it not only increases the damage to Albedo’s elemental enforcement by 40/80% of its defense, but also offers a bonus of up to 69% on its total defense. This and the fact that the sword fits perfectly with the new artifact set HUSK OF OPULENT DREAMS makes the weapon in a position to strengthen all main points of Albedo. It is important to point out that Albedo should not use the new complete set of Husk of opulent dreams, as no other set suits him.

Genshin Impact is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Mobile Devices — Android and iOS.