NEW One Piece Update! I Got The STRONGEST F2P Unit! Anime Battlegrounds X Update 1
Roblox Anime Battlegrounds X is the battles on the arenas and the fight against NPC characters waves to free them from damage. Completion of Arens can bring you another fighter or ability. You can also easily purchase them in the store for Robux. You have to collect 60 different fighters, each with its unique skills and damage per second. Here are the best units or fighters that are easy to assemble on the arenas.

Grandma Gail

Grandma Gail – Special Forces, that is, she cannot be obtained by filling the arena like most other militants. Instead, you must open your store And also Buy it For some Robux. As you can see, it has to pay a fairly high price, which is evidence of how strong it is. She does Basic DPS 40 What is the highest indicator you can get at level 1. Despite the fact that it is a bit expensive for collecting a character, perhaps it is worth making it if you want to quickly pass arena.


Dara is one of the best new players who can try to collect from a room in a quarry. You can assemble it, grinding Exams arena Shonin and successfully landed on it on the wheel awards. He has a base DPS 10 What may seem not so big compared to the grandmother, but he is a light player to collect for players in the early regions. Its permanent improvement will also increase its DPS.

Goza ultra

Gozu Ultra is a slightly improved version of Gozu with Basic DPS 16 . It is great for playing the arena with many enemies, as it accelerates battles. It sends Space explosions which cause damage to several enemies **** within proximity. These explosions can cause significant damage if the Goza is repeated to improve.


Taemia is probably one of The best units under the post of grandmother Gail with * high * DPS 34 at level 1. Its DPS takes off after the update , which makes it an important fighter that you can Use when playing more complex arena. It will cost to spend all these stars to deploy it, because it makes grind lines quick and easy task.

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