In Apex Legends , a video of one player is posted abnormally from many enemies, and is attracting attention. The cause of many enemies was that the contributor was too good.


APEX LEGENDS is an online FPS handled by Resown Entertainment. In the main battle royal mode, one to three units participate in the match. Down from the drop-ship crossing the map and aim for a champion. In Battle Royal Mode, in addition to casual matches, rank matches are also available. The top 750 players are given the title of Predator, the highest rank.

A large group of approaching

This time, a tragedy that has fallen into such a predator is attracting the attention of overseas users. The tragedy was hit by WALTZ, a member of the e-sports team Moist Esports. He posted a short video on his Twitter on October 28. It tells the abnormal situation that developed immediately after the match started.

The video contains a play video at a casual match. WALTZ’s legend is Valkyrie. The video starts in the middle of the drop-ship. His unit seems to be aiming for a barometer in the map. And there are other units aiming for the area. When he checks behind himself, many other units can be confirmed. However, if he changed the trajectory while saying, Look, a countless enemy may have followed him. The direction of travel was not the same, and the enemy players were clearly chasing him. If you think that each one is aiming for it, it’s a very scary sight.

WALTZ, on the other hand, has shown a fun reaction with a surprise number of trackers. In addition, he decided to count their numbers and dared to land in a flat water area. The following followers also landed one after another. Counting from the same image, you can see at least 13 people who are approaching. About four units are aiming for one of them.

The trackers are trying to attack WALTZ with bare hands, as the water areas have not dropped items such as weapons. The assassin who relentlessly aims at him while also making full use of the abilities such as the knuckle cluster of fuse. He failed while escaping, aiming for a technique to fire missile swarms behind him, aiming to join his friends. It seems that the enemy missile that attacked badly hit and down.

Why was WALTZ being targeted by many people? In the video, there is a scene where WALTZ mentions that trackers are pred-punching. These enemies were gathering with pred-punching, that is, the aim of hitting Predator rank players early in matches.

As mentioned earlier, WALTZ can confirm that the current rank is a predator from active professional players and latest distribution. On the other hand, in this work, there is basically no way to check the enemy’s player name during a match. In some cases, the kill log may be able to guess to some extent, but this time there was a flood of players who aimed at him immediately after the match started. Why did he get rid of it as a predator?

Disadvantages of dive orbital

This is related to the decorative item called Dive Orbit. At the end of the previous season, the dive trajectory was presented to the player who had reached a rank higher than the diamond. By setting it in the main menu, it is applied to the descent from the drop-ship, and the boost injection changes to a special effect. And since the effects are different according to the last season of the previous season, the device of the equipment of the equipment can be determined to some extent from the dive orbit. The dive trajectory can only be used in the presented season, except for some exceptions. As a result, dive orbital equipment has been doing a certain level of success in the previous season’s rank match.

And in this video, WALTZ’s dive orbit has a reddish effect, indicating that it is equipped with a predator dive orbit. The trackers were gathering from the dive track by judging him as a predator for the previous season. Neither of the players will be the fouled players who will defeat them before the equipment is prepared.

WALTZ’s clip is quoted by influencer Jake Lucky, which is also attracting attention from many users. In addition, Lucky’s tweet introduces the clips that another user who had similar damage was posted in August. Here too, you can see how many players are called by the Predator dive orbit, and after landing, they become bloody and chase. In the past, there were cases of Pred-Punching or Predator hunting.

Discussion related to Predator hunting

From the reaction of the above-mentioned predator hunting victims, countless players are enjoying an unusual sight approaching. On the other hand, some users are dissatisfied with the fact that Predator hunting is rampant. In the past, the overseas bulletin board Reddit has posted a thread in the past asking for a predator hunting. The contributor mentions that it is a disadvantage to equip a dive orbit. He states that it is very difficult to enjoy a game that is targeted by multiple teams and is defeated by punches and ends more than half a match within 5 seconds.

On the other hand, there are some users in the thread who regard early predator hunting as a strategy. It states that if a fierce person with a predator trajectory is equipped with equipment, a general player will have a weaker victory. Some users say to players who are hunting for Predator, there are only two options to wait for Predator to be killed or go crazy to aim for the first movement. Predator tracks are likely to survive until the end of the match. If you miss the fierce person in the first move, there is a high possibility that your opponent will eventually be perfect. Therefore, if you increase the winning percentage of the fierce, you will have to choose a battle in nature and the first movement.

In addition, there are several opinions in the thread that it is not equipped with a dive orbital to avoid predator hunting in the first place. There will be a reality that it will be dangerous if you are equipped with a predator trajectory.

Not only the predator but also the dive orbital is an item that shows a certain skill. Dive orbitals may call the enemy, albeit not as much as the Predator trajectory. On the other hand, some users may want to continue using the dive track that they have worked hard during the season. In the current situation where predator hunting occurs, for example, it may be necessary to have options that can boast dive orbitals only for allies.

By the way, before this post, WALTZ posted a clip that rejected the players aiming for predator hunting. With an active professional player, the parallel to repel the thugs one after another is vivid. At least he seems to be enjoying a fierce fight with the enthusiastic players, including posts overwhelmed by numbers of violence. Some fierce people may find more fun than decorative items in the dive orbit.