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The first satellite of HanCO launched as Space X on June 1 next year

Hangul and Computer Group announced on the 23rd of SpaceX, Sejong No. 1, which is the private sector for the district observation.

The universe, Airline, a specialized enterprise, a specialized enterprise, a universe, Airline, a subsidiary, has signed a contract with the US Civil Professional Corporation ‘SpaceX’ and Sejong No. 1.

As a result, Sejong 1 will be launched at the Florida Cape Canal Ball Space Center using the Falcon9) rocket in SpaceX. Falcon 9 can seat the satellite riches in a low orbit (LEO) and a stationary trajectory (GEO) with a reusable space launch of SpaceX.

Sejong 1 recently completed the testing of the environmental testing test on the satellite design and assembly plant and the environmental testing site in Glasgow in the United Kingdom, and will be launched as scheduled to complete the environmental test assessment in April 2022. After the launch, it plans to provide the earth’s tube-side image analysis service in earnest through the test process of about one month.

The Ranch Group is planning to launch satellite launches by starting Sejong No. 1 to launch Satellite and launched and operate more than 50 clusters such as telecommunication satellites, as well as observation satellites as well as business growth. Once the development of Korean universe (PSLV), which is currently underway, it is planning to prepare and invest in advance to launch Sejong-up series in Korea.

In addition, the Ranch Group is transferred to a satellite communication technology, which is required to operate a military house satellite system, which is required to operate a core technology that can be transferred to a bidirectional communication between the ground station and that track (Teri) from the Korea Electronics Communications Research Institute (TRI).

Nasa will transfer all rocket production rights & ground services to SpaceX, to Blue origin, or...?

The DSS packet processing performance evaluation technology for the ‘low tracking IoT’ from the TRI is a simulator technology that can measure the packet throughput when the DSS signal transmission technique is applied to a low orbit satellite channel. The DSS method is a signal transmission technology that diffuses the signal to a wideband in the communication process, and is attracting attention in the most efficient communication method in the ultra-compact based IoT service.

By leveraging the technology, it is possible to verify and analyze the validity of the DSS method before the actual terminal and satellite production.

The CEO of Choir Myung-Jin HanComposis is a News Face Age to have a variety of satellite service markets such as that orbit, and various satellite service markets such as IoT. I will strengthen the competitiveness of aerospace business through.

Hideo Kojima Silent Hill Game Potentially Turkishness

Silent schools could be the most famous canceled video game of all time. The collaboration between Video Kolyma and Guillermo del Too was very expected before cancellation in 2015. More than six years have passed since INAMI put the Kibosh in the game, but the fans have not forgotten, and there are new speculations that Kolyma It could be working. In the series once more. The source of this speculation comes from The Game Awards, where Kolyma and the bull became brief appearances. In fact, the bull presented this year’s winner to the best art direction and could not help but refer to the INAMI Terror Series.

Unexpected Silent Hill Tease/Troll During The Game Awards | Kojima's PS5 Silent Hill?
You know, a franchise in which I love the art direction: silent. I hope we get a new one of those, said of the bull.

It is difficult to say if the Declaration of Del Too intended to insinuate something larger, or if it only aims to be an opportunity for INAMI to cancel the project first. There is still a significant amount of bitterness around the game, and it is very possible that from the bull I would like to use the stage at The Game Awards to share the disappointment of it because the Silent Hill franchise is still missing in action.

The cancellation of Silencing Colin as marked INAMI’s remoteness of the important AAA Game Development. In recent years, INAMI has focused mainly on ports and smaller games, but it has declared that it has no plans to leave the industry. Rumors have persisted for years on a new Silent Hill game, and many of those rumors tend to involve Kolyma. This could be an illusion; After all, pt., The playable progress of silent, is still considered one of the best horror video games in history and has earned a lot of followers. Unfortunately, pt is no longer available to download, and rumors about a new Silent Hill game are still just that.

For now, Silent Hill fans will have to continue waiting patiently! The series has a significant number of fanatics outside the bull, and would love to see the return of the series. Hopefully, the official news will come in the near future.

Would you like to see a new Silent Hill game? Do you think from the bull referring to a new game? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

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