Steam Deck hDeck repairs already begun to arrive at the hands of the first buyers for almost two months, in which we have been able to verify the benefits of this new portable device of Valve. And although it hDeck repairs had a fairly positive reception at the level of quality and functionality, Deck repairs a good technological device it is not exempt from possible errors, failures or damage caused by its use. Now, and with the aim of facilitating possible solutions to any setback, Valve hDeck repairs made available to its clients a web page dedicated to repair guides and sale of replacement pieces through Iphixit , the popular repair portal.

All about Steam Deck repairs

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Thus, and thanks to IFIXIT, Steam Deck users have a direct page of spare parts for their device, all to leave Steam Deck Deck repairs new to any damage or hardware or accessories setback. From screens to batteries and fans, through analog sticks, buttons and any other piece that is part of the complex puzzle that the Valve machine is.

“We are glad to announce that, Deck repairs of today, The spare parts and repair guides For Steam Deck (and Valve Index!) They are available on The available parts include analog sticks, screens, batteries, fans, etc., along with countless repair guides for all replacement pieces in your Steam Deck. Visit to inform you about the pieces and guides. ”

“Valve’s team is very excited about this program because, since we design Steam Deck so that it can be repaired, what better than to combine efforts with Ifixit so that customers can repair and change pieces for themselves **”, we can Read in the official Valve statement, remembering that the VR VR Valve Index device enjoys the same service in said portal.

All this supported by a series of very detailed guides that serve for the user to manipulate the device with total security, step by step.