Lost Ark - EASY INSANE SILVER FARM GUIDE - How to Get Silver in Lost Ark #Silverguide
To get silver in Lost Ark, you will need to kill enemies and perform quests . The more quests you perform, the faster you earn silver. After you get a significant amount of silver, you will use it to create guilds and buy objects, among other things.

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However, if you for any reason you want to farm silver, it is best to start with a small 1. Focus on performing each quest You can in the area in which you are. Quests give more silver than farm monsters. Farming of monsters is likely to be the worst way to get silver, as it can only be obtained from 4 to 5 silver for 5-10 minutes of murder of monsters.

Dungeons are also a huge source of silver and mining. Keep prey until you reach the city or village with merchants when you get prey that you do not want to use. It is best to sell it to merchants who get rid of a useless subject and give you a small amount of silver in return.

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