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Grampus, Kim Jun -su (XIA) fan signing event held on 13th at Seongsu Pop -up Store

-Grampus, Official model Kim Jun-su (XIA) signing event held

-Invested about 30 attendees selected through the pre-draw

-If the fan signing event on the 13th, you can use pop-up store from 4 pm

Kim Jun-su (XIA), a singer and musical actor who is active as an official model of the casual cooking simulation game , developed and serviced by Grampus, a global multi-platform game company, will be ‘My Little Chef’ ‘Shia Cafe’ on the 13th. The fan signing event will be held at Seongsu-dong pop-up store.

The 5th Anniversary Pop-up Store, which opened on the 3rd, has been successful every day. In this pop-up store, the special limited goods of , which cannot be found anywhere, are sold, and most of all, Kim Jun-su’s fan signing meeting will be held.

At the Kim Joon-su fan signing event, which is scheduled to be held on the 13th, about 30 attendees selected through the pre-draw will be invited to the autograph session of the pop-up store.

The fan signing event can only participate in the signing guide, and it is impossible to participate in the US. After holding the text, you can join the event after sorting according to the number order written in the number according to the guidance of the official until the start of the event.

When entering the event, the company plans to operate safely by completely complying with the Guidelines for Operation Operations, such as entering the order first. On the 13th, the fan signing event will be available for pop-up stores from 4 pm.

Kim Choong-sik, director of Grampus’s business & marketing, said, Following the appearance of Kim Jun-su’s character in the game, Kim Jun-soo and fans can meet for users who have sent their love to the pop-up store as much as the hot summer. I hope to communicate with Kim Junsu directly with Kim Junsu in the pop-up store in the small resort in the city center and fill the energy in hot weather.

Meanwhile, My Little Chef, which has achieved more than 2 million downloads in Korea and has a variety of fan base in the domestic cooking game market, uses Kim Jun-su (XIA) as an official model, and the 50th new restaurant ‘Shia Cafe’ It is open and is receiving a lot of response.

FIFA 22, DCE was double reinforcement solution 86+

Discover the solution for the DCE double reinforcement 86+, a team creation challenge to be done on the mode was FIFA 22. This DECE is intended to win you a pack including two rare 81+ cards by completing it.

Note that this challenge starts on Tuesday, April 12 at 7pm and lasts three days, ending on Friday, April 15 at 19h. By completing this challenge, you will get a pack including two rare 86+ gold cards.

Should this DCE do?

The DCE double reinforcement 86+ is a unique, cheap challenge, in connection with the promo was captains on the mode was FIFA 22. In view of the price of the cards and the criteria requested, we recommend not to complete it. The rewards here could be really excellent as bad (two 86 gold), given the prize of the DCE, we recommend doing it only with duplicates obtained via 80+ players.

  • Recommendation: Voui
  • Probable credit gain? Nope
  • Cumulative: twice

double reinforcement 86+, the criteria

  • Players of the week: minimum 1
  • Overall team rating: 84
  • Collective: minimum 75
  • Reward: a pack including two rare gold 86+ cards
  • End of the challenge: Friday, April 15 at 19h
  • Price: 51K

86+ Double Upgrade SBC Completed - Tips & Cheap Method - Fifa 22
Our example of solution for DCE double reinforcement 86+ was made with the Futbin team creator (in English).

Our solutions are examples of training allowing you to achieve these DCE at the cheapest price possible without having cards. It is obviously possible to achieve these challenges with other cards. Attention also because the overall cost of these solutions can evolve (downward as risen) over time.

You can find the full list of different DCE Live for the FIFA 22 mode on our list of active team creation challenges (DCE). In addition, find all our guides as well as all the news of the game on our FIFA 22 portal.

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