The 20th presidential election is approaching, and the major presidential candidates are gathering their mouths and writing keywords to the game. These candidates are collecting their wealthy items that have the controversy that the controversy, which is harmful to the user’s interest, is to disclose the amount of time.

It is also impressive that the position of the E-sports is also conveyed between the MZ generation. The method is different, but it means that all the main candidates are all three people should prepare the policy for the E sports promotion.

However, it is expected to be the next generation major prosecution of the game industry, but also the law and system issues, and the P2E and NFT games that are not service in Korea.

Lee Joe Mung Candidate… Positive Gaze for NFT and P2E Games

As the major sales of the game industry, the democratic regulations and legal controversies are the continuing controversy, and the Democratic Party of Lee Vietnam shall protect the user right through the disclosure.

Last December, Lee Jae-nami said, Infringer commitment to the exact position of probability items, the exact configuration of the property type items will be transparently disclosed.

In addition, it is a policy that acquires goods according to this, and in the process of synthesizing it, it is a policy that will be prohibited in a multiplexed (Complete Geisha) that depends on the probability. Multiple unparalleled is a probability item model that has been intelligent that it causes excessive purchase costs.

In addition, for probability operations and deliberate propagation presentation, we will qualify the position of being responsible for the game.

In addition, Lee Renamed candidates took the commitment to which the content dispute adjustment committee has been expanded to resolve the various difficulties of the game user.

It is a way to establish an e-sports player in the National Army Physical Education Buddings for the E-Sports Industries, which is troubled by the E-Sports players due to the E-Sports players and the abrasion of the E-Sports players from the E-sports players and the abrasive player. In addition, we also promised to promise a full-time support for the winner of the National Representative E sports player adopted by the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Since the end of the last 2021, NFT and P2E games that are emerging as the main publisher of the game industry are spending positive attention. It is the position of Lee Jae-won, that NFT and P2E games should not be regulated unconditionally, not to regulate, and that the rest should freely release and respond to post-regulations.

Soon Suk-yeol, Presidential Decree


Nonunion’s Ghost Soon SUK Yell Candidates also made information disclosure for the probability type items.

Soon Suk-hyeon is a policy that the probability type items have been distrusted by the game user distrust. He also said that he would make a user committee that functions like a broadcasting company’s viewer committee to make the game users can monitor the future of game users.

Yun’s candidates are more specifically provided for the punishment of the probability items information false substrates. He is a position to operate the sanctions’ method for false substrates by specifically, and the water level is the legislation, which is a legal and shall be shared by the Presidential Decree.

Another commitment to protect game users can also believe that a dedicated investigation mechanism is installed. Run Candidate announced its commitment to installing the online small fraud priest organization on the Police Agency and takes the actual difficulties of fraud victims that occur during game use.

E-sports support for sports supported the establishment of the E-Sports Stadium and the E-Sports Stadium by Regional Occupation. Run Candidate announced a policy for resolving the game industry, e Sports decided to introduce local ointment to the 10th and 20s, and the metropolitan area. Local-based amateur e Sports ecosystem It is an idea to support it.

He has also established a commitment to install the disabled game access to the disabled who is having difficulty in using the game.

However, the NFT and P2E games are maintaining a cautious attitude. The game industry said, NFT is not only a game, as well as a digital asset, and it was said that it is known to be a position after sufficient consultation.

AHN, Chul-soo, to protect users,

The Citizen AHN, Chul-soo, announced its position that it should be disclosed by Facebook. The main presidential candidates are all the way to the game industry.

The candidate also said that the position of the game should be more strengthened than before. It means that refunds and rewards, as well as the problem of occurring in the presence of minor user, and should protect the user’s interests.

AHN, Cheol-soo, Post-regulatory is only gambling, the game industry, the game industry is superior to 80-90%, It means that there is a violation of 10 to 20% and there are no measures for the sanctions of here.

He also said that it is necessary to apply a regulatory sandbox to a regulatory sandbox, and that the regulatory of the game is to be supported by applying a regulatory sandbox to a regulatory sandbox, and the regulations that meet the game is also able to think about the game.

In addition, I had an opinion that provides a way to provide a measure of the military service for E-sports promotion and showed a position close to the Objects that I had to look at the overseas market trends for NFT and P2E games.