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The release date of God of War Ragnarok will be reported to Summer Game Fest

The insider claims that Sony plans to inform the release date of God of War Ragnarok during Summer Game Fest 2022. Milli Amanda shared information about this on her Twitter. Apparently, the announcement is planned precisely on the show with Jeff Kili, which will be held on June 9 at 21:00 (Moscow time) and will last two hours.

If you are surprised by the fact that Sony will not conduct a special state of play for this, then, in fact, there is nothing strange. Recall that the Horizon Forbidden West release date was communicated during Gamescom Opening Night Live in August 2021, and not as part of the special release of State of Play.

Earlier, Corey Barlog already promised to show the fans something cool. Perhaps, on June 9, exactly what he was talking about is waiting for us? We will find out tomorrow, but for now it remains only to wait and believe.

Reinforcement, synthetic, including,

Strengthening, Synthetic Probability Information The expanded probability items that are expanded to the public use of 20 games that have not yet been regulated. Among these, Freestyle 2 was confirmed that it complies with autonomous regulation based on March 21.

The Korean Games Policy Authority (hereinafter referred to as the Organization) announced the US Games’ game according to the autonomous regulation (the following Code of Conduct for healthy game culture), which is implemented in the Korea Games Industry Association (below).

This publication is based on the Code of amendment that was implemented in December last year. The revised Code shall also disclose the probability of the equipment, including the capsules, such as the character drawing, such as the character drawing, such as the equipment drawing, such as the equipment drawing, and the capsule content such as equipment,

Reinforcement Learning 10: Classic Games Case Study

As the autonomous regulation scope is expanded, in order to help utmost understanding the user, we announced that it revealed specific information on the probability that is not published in the unveiled game. In other words, the unique game is not disclosed in capsule content, enhanced content, and the probability of any areas of the summary content, and provides detailed information such as disclosing some information.

In accordance with this change, the number of existing cumulative publications is also initialized, and last year’s January and January January Monitoring results in this way.

In the instrument, we are monitoring the probability item probability to be released for online and mobile top 100 games from one to the end of every month. In addition, when the monitoring results are discovered, we have been adhered to the game and operators, and if the corresponding games and operators do not modify the number of universities to two consecutive months, they take warning measures, In case, we take notification of unparalleled and autonomous regulatory certification.

The total number of unpublished games (7 specimens, 7 kinds of mobile), which are released this time, is a game that has not comply with probabilistic item autonomous regulations, even though this procedure has been subjected to these procedures from December last year.

The Committee of the Committee of the Hwang Sung-Ki Autonomy Regulatory Assessment Committee The chairperson of the Committee, “In December 20, 2021, the Probabilistic Item probability of monitoring was 70.2% achievement.” However, The compliance rate has risen, and in February 2022, it has increased by 77.6% of 77.6%, which rose 77.6%, “he said,” We encourage you to comply with the probabilistic disclosure of the probabilistic disclosure of expenses to the operator. I will do my best in the future. “

Meanwhile, the mechanism says, as of the 21st, the Freestyle 2, as of the 21st, reveals all the strengthening and synthesis probabilities to comply with autonomous regulations.

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