After a few years, Microsoft has brought back the native integration of twitch at xbox . Previously it used to be a fairly useful function, but recently you had to do everything manually by applying twitch . Luckily, that has finally changed today.

Xbox Adds Twitch
After having been available first for members of the program xbox insiders , twitch has been reinteed to the xbox board, from where you can adjust things like microphone settings, options Camera, positioning of overlay, and more. Additionally, these new functions of integration already have an adequate support for the webcam.

Once the latest update has been applied, which is available today, go to the “Capture and Share” menu in the Xbox guide. From there, you can see your linked account of twitch above the “Transmit live” button. The previously mentioned configurations will also be deployed here.

With all this, you will have more ease to make direct live transmissions from your xbox without having as many complications in the process. Will you try this new integration? Leave your opinion in the comments.

Editor’s note : It is good to know that Microsoft has been listening to the community, and not just that, but have also been offering solutions. There are still many things to integrate into their new consoles, but they have definitely been taking the right steps.