Nexon’s new project Magnum, which has been a hot topic with the trailer release, has confirmed the title as ‘First Desendent’ and opened the Steam page.

First Desendant is a PC and console-based online root shooter game developed by Nexon Games. In the SF fantasy-style worldview, the player must be a successor and defend the Ingress continent, the stage of the game. In the game, there are attractive and unique design characters, and you can enjoy exciting battles using various skills, actions and firearms.

As a key system, ‘First Desendant’ put the grappling hook on the front. The grappling hook, which has appeared several times in the trailer, does not react to a specific object, but also uses it for all backgrounds and objects to move freely. Through this, it will provide a different sense of battle that cannot be felt in the existing root shooter.

The battle with a giant boss, which is a flower of online RPG, is also a must. ‘First Desendent’ has a large number of giant bosses with different appearance and ability. These giant bosses, which stimulate the needs of challenge with various difficulty levels, can be attacked with four-person coop play, and dense team play such as combining each other or destroying the areas of the giant boss to target the gimmick of the giant boss. Request.

‘First Desendant’ was first unveiled through ‘2021 Nexon Media Showcase’. At the time, Park Yong-hyun, CEO of Net Games (currently Nexon Games), said, We will melt the accumulated experience in Nexon’s RPG in the third person. We plan to create sustainable online RPGs through.

‘First Desendant’ is being developed through Unreal 5 engines, and will not introduce the ‘P2W (Pay to Win)’ service model, which must be spent to catch two rabbits, shooting and nurturing.

Meanwhile, ‘First Death’ said it will conduct a beta test at the same time as the Steam page is opened. The beta test will be held from September 28 to October 4 and will be registered from July 8th. Pre-registration can be applied through Steam.