Lost in the immensity of space, Jump Over The Age narrates an atypical cyberpunk adventure in citizen Sleeper. Expected on PC, Xbox One, Series and Nintendo Switch for May 5, 2022, the game is published by Fellow Traveler.

The sleepers, human consciousness transferred digitized in an artificial body, are the most valuable property of the companies. But when one of her rebellies, until he fleeing in the borders of the galaxy, it poses a problem. Chased by ESSEN-ARP, a company participating in the expansion of capitalism in the universe, a sleeper must be discreet. His journey leads him to meet marginal and confusing stories.

#LGF22: Official Selection - Citizen Sleeper

With its rich and dystopic universe, citizen Sleeper is a narrative RPG that explores the kind of cyberpunk. Each day is cut in cycle, during which the player can learn more about his companions, or work on construction sites. Its purpose is to survive in this hostile world, and each of its choices is decisive. Fortunately, depending on the desired objective, several body archetypes are offered to obtain special skills.

Characteristics of citizen Sleeper