A virtual reality headset, briefly called VR headset, likewise called VR or Virtual reality glasses and VR or Virtual reality safety helmet, is a type of head-mounted display, which uses customers insight right into virtual reality (VIRTUAL REALITY) gives. They are normally made use of for computer system as well as simulation games and also are intended to share the players as reasonable popularity (immersion). This goal is to be accomplished on the one hand with 2 lenses for the eyes that replicate the gamer in an atmosphere, as well as on the various other hand via an owner, which makes sure that at a head movement likewise the digital space in which the customer is moving away so that the customer can take a look around 360 degrees. In addition to computer video games, virtual reality headsets are additionally utilized to play 360-degree video clips and also as simulations and also electronic tools in sector, science and art.

It is a Head-mounted display (HMD) for virtual reality (VR), which projects a high-resolution 3D room and reaches a high resolution of 4k with an eye and 8k with both eyes. The high image quality is achieved by multipixel and miniaturization with the help of fine-processing and advanced packaging technology cultivated by the development and production of CMOS image sensors, as well as an OLED micro display with device and circuit technology cultivated by the development of displays. The processing time is reduced by reducing latency in the entire system thanks to the integration of data from multiple sensors. The viewer in the VR can experience high-resolution images in real time according to the movement of his head. In addition to industrial applications, the OLED microdisplay is to be used in the entertainment area as it can be the nature of materials and human facial expressions in real time and high resolution with the head movements of the viewer.

The Sony Technology Day is an event on which various technologies of the Sony Group are presented. This time, the Sony Group presented under the motto Technology, the emotions reveals eight technologies that connect the various business units of the Sony Group and support the development of the company. You can retrieve the presentation videos of the individual technologies on the following specific website: Sony Technology Day.

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