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About a year since overwhelmingly unpopular. Explore the current location of EFOOTBALL, a new While with an appde.

2022 was over in October, and one year has passed since the release of FOOTBALL 2022 released on September 30, last year.

This work has been attracting attention as a new title of a free basic play that has been renewed from the Wining Eleven series **, which has been around for a long time as INAMI’s classic soccer game.

However, there are a number of voices pointing out many bug reports and poor operability from immediately after the release, but in the PC version, it is evaluated as overwhelmingly unpopular ** at the Worst of Steam Store. It was a big topic from being done.

1 year after that. In this article, I would like to check again the transition and current situation of FOOTBALL, which has repeatedly made large-scale updates.

History of Aide FOOTBALL

First, I will look back on the steps of FOOTBALL, which was just a year, in chronological order.

Released on September 30, 2021, After overwhelmingly unpopular

The Ver0.9.0 of FOOTBALL 2022 released for the console and PC has started in a state where only casual matches can be played as Added in autumn updates.

However, when it starts, the behavior is unstable, but the players disappear and the body bends unnaturally, and the bugs on the graphic surface are frequently **, and the impact clip makes SNS noise. The essential soccer game part lacks realism and exhilaration, such as the pass speed is remarkably slow, and has spread to the world with the spread of bug videos.

In response to this, the official Twitter account was an apology and a post that promised improvement.

Overwhelmingly unpopular FOOTBALL 2022 official Twitter account for apology and future comments

2021 To 0.9.1, 2021 Update Autumn full-scale start

One month after the release, on November 5, a patch Ver0.9.1 to correct the defect was delivered. Most of the bugs that had become a shocking video at this stage have been corrected, but the games have not been improved much.

At the same time as this update, the release of Ver1.0, which was originally announced as November, was postponed to Spring 2010 . Paid item packs sold in advance were also discontinued, and refunds were taken.

At the same time, the release of the mobile version, which was this fall, has been postponed. With this update announcement, it was officially decided to give up the start of a new work according to the opening of the European soccer season.

5 months blank period

From here to the next update, only the offline casual matches and events that could play online interpersonal battles are available.

If you clear the event, you can get points in the game, but there is no point in using any points. The user was challenging somehow without knowing how important the reward was. If you do the number of matches, you will not be able to win or lose, so you may match with people who are left alone only for clearing the mission.

While repeating such a monthly event several times, there is no update to the game. The update to Ver1.0 will be announced on April 14, but it was announced on April 6. In the whole 5 months, most FOOTBALL was close to dormant.

During this period, a match event using this work was being held, and the players who want to practice were pushing the matching button in San to aim for a match against friends.

April 2022 Finally to Ver1.0


After overcoming such difficulties, the long-awaited Ver1.0.0 was distributed in April 2022. The game-based part has been greatly modified, and the next week, the Dream Team mode is implemented to collect and form a team. You can play various events such as rates with the original team, and the range of ways to play has expanded significantly.

Two months later, in June, the mobile version was released , and the mobile version of players can safely play Football. It was more than six months later from the original schedule, and it was finally in a stage where FOOTBALL was full-fledged.

After that, detailed updates have been performed, and in August will be updated to the new season FOOTBALL 2023 with a medium-sized update . We will continue to continue a large update in one year based on the European soccer season.

Game content is improving, but there are still more issues

FOOTBALL 2023 has been completely modified, and has improved unpopular operability and speed.

In the update on October 6, the friend competition function has finally been added (implemented on July 27 in the mobile version), and the impression that the basic play free soccer game has increased considerably compared to the original. However, the reality is that there are still many issues from the current user’s point of view.

・ Lack of variations in how to play

Although the dream team that corresponds to Club up to the previous work has been implemented, it has been stated that the Master League that existed in the old work is under development as paid content, but it has not been implemented at present.

Other modes that can be enjoyed offline, such as Vicar Legend and Cup Battle, have not been announced, and the mode for players who do not play interpersonal battles is currently only casual matches with the CPU.

・ Number of bugs that continue to appear with different forms

Although the fancy bugs are gone, they may encounter surprising phenomena when they are playing. It occurs during the game, such as the player falls suddenly or the offside line is shifted to a joke-like problem.

While the top players are around 2000 at the competition rate, users who reach the 26 million rate appear in the bug

Athletes that do not exist have been acquired, and in the game, Messi from the Barcelona era is displayed in the goalkeeper

Although it is said that the game is a bug, it will only be anxious about the future if a bug that can be laughed and enjoyed in a row will only be raised in the future.

recover from here with continuous updates! I want you to do it!

In the first place, a new work will be released in 2021, and in order to focus on the development, a new work will not be released in 2020, but a longer preparation period will be prepared to continue updating the previous work Winning Eleven 2020. FOOTBALL was the start of a major failure.

After that, the community is still FOOTBALL, such as the delay of the details, delays in the announcement, and the loss of trust due to repeated ** postponements, and the movement of #Bringpesback (returned wheel) occurs from overseas users. There are many people who express their opposition to.

He is a heavy user of the Wire series, and this work has also believed in the resurrection by Aide and played for a long time, but it is on a system that cannot change the match time or save multiple formations. I was able to do the previous work .

However, they have been renovated by the update, and I feel that they are getting better little by little (please revive the function to check your total results).

The fix with the user’s opinion has continued to be corrected about the soccer part, and the impression that some techniques have been weakened by Aide to 2023 the other day, and the number of loo score games has increased due to the strengthening of defensive AI. There is also the fun of meta-turn, where advanced users devise tactics that are stuck in the environment from here.

Although it is natural to compare with other works and the previous work, the difficulty of operability and speed as in the beginning has improved, so this work in the fall of 2022 can be said to be different tastes. Isn’t it coming up?

At least since the time when it was overwhelmingly unpopular was FOOTBALL , which has been completely reborn (currently the Steam review is between somewhat unpopular and pros and cons), but still for somebody. It is also a fact that it is difficult to recommend.

Although it is a basic play free, the only online element Dream Team is an environment where powerful players can be obtained by charging, and the acquired players must renew their contracts every year. Maybe next year, a lot of money will be required to renew the player’s contract right… I’m worried.

It is clear that the number of active users is decreasing than the previous work, even from the evening to the night golden time. If you leave it as it is, only users with powerful members will remain, and it will be a harsh environment for beginners and users who want to keep each without charge.

So far, the perspective of the active users has always been strictly pointed out, but at least The situation has changed dramatically from the image of Is it dangerous to make a new wheeled last year? I wrote this time to introduce what it was at the milestone of the first anniversary.

Even though the start was not good, the renovation was quite advanced based on the function of the previous work, and if the update continues to continue in the future, unlike the previous work, it will be more difficult every year. There is a possibility that more continuous fun will be born than While.

The appearance of the Master League scheduled for next year will also be a turning point, and if you go in a good direction with future Aide, it may be meaningful for the past year… Hmm! Just as Winning Eleven was the title that everyone knew as Wire , Football is a very important time for Football to be popular as EFT **. Will welcome.

The official user questionnaire is conducted irregularly, so if you are not limited to active users, but also those who say I played a little, but I stopped, please give us opinions on the desired mode.

Pokemon Journeys mocks the return of Paul

Viajes Pokémon is launching a great advance that one of the greatest rivals of Ash, Paul, will soon return to anime! The most recent iteration of the anime has been felt as a return of victory for Ash, since he and Goh have been venturing through each region of the franchise presented to date. This has seen Ash gather all the tricks in which he has worked over the years and put them to the test with the rise of him in the world series of coronation. He was facing some family enemies of the past of him, and now another old rival is directed towards him next.

GRENINJA RETURNS! PAUL RETURNS! | Pokémon Journeys Opening 4 Reaction & Breakdown

Viajes pokémon debuted with a new sequence of opening topic with the launch of his episode number 100 that is transmitted in Japan, and as well as the other opening topics in the past of the series, the last leaves some important clues about what Fans can wait in the upcoming episodes. This included not only some completely new battles and adventures, but also the return of some favorite characters from fans like Paul. You can see the advancement of Paul’s return in question, as highlighted through the official Twitter account of the series:

Unfortunately, this unique image of Paul is all that is seen in the new opening, so there is no greater track about when or where Ash will be face to face with him again. However, confirmation of the return of him is definitely enough to be excited, since the last time he and Ash crossed was during the events of Diamante and perla iteration of anime years ago. Given the return of other elements of the Sinnoh region, such as Dawn, Cynthia and more, Paul’s return is definitely welcome now that the scenario has been prepared.

Ash has already faced face-to-face with Gary Oak, and now he can attack another great rival from him with this imminent return. However, unlike Gary, Paul is a much more fierce coach with which to deal with. It is not at all out of reach of the possibility that it has also been opened through the ranges of the World Series of Coronation and could end up fighting Ash as one of the final challenges of Ultra class or even the master class of The 8 best competitors.

But what do you think? What do you expect to see the return of Paul to the Anime de Pokémon? If Ash and Paul fight one more time, who has the chance to win this rematch? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even communicate with me directly about all animated things and other great things. @Valdezology on Twitter!

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