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The new game of Xbox Game Pass can be the largest so far this year

Xbox Game Pass has some new games at Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PC, and one of them can be the larger game that the subscription service has added so far this year. 2021 It was not the best year for games, but even a slow year has great releases. Last year, these great releases included artists like bucle mortal, _ are required two_, resident evil village, ratchet & clank: Rift Apart, Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinito, Devolution, Guardia de la Galaxy de Marvel, terror Metroide, _ and Sicario 3. As you can probably guess, one of these games is now available through Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. More specifically, all Game Pass subscribers, regardless of the platform, can now enjoy Guardians from the Marvel Galaxy. For how long, we do not know. It is not a permanent addition, but this is all we know.

Guardia de la Galaxy de Marvel was released on October 26, 2021 as a cross-generation game of the Editor Square Enix and the developer Eidas Montreal, the developer best known for the EX_ series. After its launch, the game obtained metacritic scores ranging from 78 to 84, which is not the best. The Nintendo Switch version is a 58, but that is because it is a bad harbor, not a bad game. These are not the highest revision scores in the world, but the game still sold some millions of copies, won the best narrative at The Game Awards 2021 and won our best game for a 2021 player.

«Get ready for a wild trip by the cosmos with a new version of Guardianes of the Marvel Galaxy«, it is read in an official comment on the game. “In this game of action and adventures, you are Star-Lord and direct the unpredictable guardians of an explosion of chaos to the next. You got it. Probably.”

Now that Guardians of the Marvel Galaxy is available via Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which means that subscribers can buy it directly with 20 percent discount. Once you leave the subscription service, this offer will expire.

HUGE Xbox Game Pass Update! | Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Microsoft Flight Simulator & More!

Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are available through modern Xbox consoles and PC for $ 10 and $ 15, respectively.

Phasmophobia Cursed Posssessions Update Live the patch notes are revealed

The PlayStation 4 game list details the computer game offered on the PlayStation 4 console, distributed by professionals, on the standard industrial circuit, all areas integrated. Comments: A few of the games called below are still in growth as well as can alter their names or be canceled; For coherence with the remainder of Wikipedia in French, it serves to put the French names if the game has a French-speaking title; This checklist provides the video games distributed on the conventional business circuit, that is to state in physical version. For games distributed just on the internet, describe the PlayStation Network Games list. (Excluded) = Indicates its exclusivity to PlayStation 4. (PSV) = Indicates whether the game is PlayStation virtual reality compatible. J = launched just in Japan (TL) = Indicates whether the game is originated from a limited number of copies.

The big new possessions damn The fascofobia The update is live on the PC along with the patch notes that reveal and detail everything the Developer Kinetic Games has done with the game with the last update. At this time, it is not clear how big the size of the update file is, but wait for a larger discharge than normal, since this is one of the larger release updates of the game so far.

«Welcome again, we have some news for you», writes Kinetic Games about the update. Several sightings of cursed objects have been observed, in places where a ghost lurks. These must be the cause that the ghosts are trapped there. You may be able to use them for your advantage, but be careful, we do not know what they are capable of doing so. We have also received reports from a new type of strange ghost.

You can then consult the complete and official patch notes for the update, courtesy of the game Steam page:

Damn possessions:

Several new elements have been added: The Cursed Possessions.

Each location will have 1 of 6 elements, chosen at random at the beginning of each contract. There are several generation points for each element, so start searching!

The damn possessions exchange sanity for information, but be careful; The use of these elements can cause an additional negative effect, so think carefully if you want to anger the ghost during the rest of the investigation.

Music box: The reports show paranormal entities singing with this disturbing melody. Do not get too close, or you’ll take an unpleasant surprise.
Tortured voodoo doll: Force a pin on the wrist to trigger a ghost reaction, but you can lose more than you earn.
Haunted mirror: A portal visible to the spectral kingdom, do you dare to look inside to find the ghost’s room?
Circle of invocation: Risk your life by convening the ghost and trapping it temporarily. Do not stay too long, it will eventually be released
TAROT cards: A deck of ten random letters, each with a unique mystical property.
Ouija board: The Ouija table is now ranked as a damn possession and has received a new image. Now you must say goodbye to finish talking to a ghost on the Ouija board, or if not. The Ouija board is no longer guaranteed in Nightmare, due to the new damn possessions and the identity changes of the ghosts. The Ouija table will no longer have the opportunity to fail in the questions. The Ouija table will no longer reproduce an additional sound when spelling double letters. The total number of generation points of Ouija Board has been reduced in prison, asylum and secondary.

Identities of ghosts:

Nightmare has been a successful addition to Homophobia, but we have all discovered that some ghosts are too difficult to identify with only two evidence.

We never pretended that Nightmare was a dominance game, so to fight this, some types of ghosts have received new skills, liabilities and other adjustments so that they feel more in line with the descriptions of their newspapers and the most recently added ghosts.

Shadow: The timid ghost, which often hides at full view, is only shown when it is really necessary.
Poltergeist: The ghost who loves to throw things, be careful!
Banshee: The siren that sings, which attracts ghost hunters closely and far away. The rare skill of the Banshee to hunt with any percentage of sanity has been transferred to the demon
Devil; The most aggressive and dangerous ghost we have witnessed
Jinn: These ghosts love to pursue, hide before seeing you.
Bantu: The cold has empowered both these ghosts that it is beginning to be shown.
Mare: what hits at night, thrives in the dark.
On: New reports show many more sightings, maybe these ghosts enjoy fear in the eyes of people
Okay: Shut up, you would not want to wake him up.
Yuri: Masters of madness, going crazy to anyone who comes in contact with them.
The ghosts now will only use their physical shape during the hunts, instead of shadows or translucent forms.
All ghost skills have been adjusted to happen more frequently and coherence.


During the holiday period, the climate of the Maple camp will always be snowing and has received new seasonal decorations.
The Mimic, the most intriguing type of ghost we have ever encountered. More information is available in the journal.
Two new tabs have been added to the journal to facilitate navigation: start and elements
Several questions have been added to the Ouija board, as How did you die?
Almost all objects have had their impact sounds replaced so that they coincide with their material
New sounds have been added for the steps of players while running on different surfaces.
All carpets and large mats now have collision


Several scripts, Maps assets and the meteorological system have been greatly optimized to help with performance.
All ghosts can now throw objects during hunts, similarly as they open doors.
All ghosts, except Yogis, can now listen to your voice from farther.
Ghosts will no longer be able to wander by long roads when setting route stays through the walls (for example, from the black camp store to storage stores) and choose another closer route.
You can no longer escape quickly through the doors or outdoor gates when a hunt begins.
The ghost now will always write in a ghost-writing book after throwing it (if it is the correct type of evidence), except during the hunts.
Now you must take pictures of interaction of the object that was released, instead of where the object was before the ghost move it.
Hunting effects have been adjusted in the cameras.
Ghost refreshing fingerprints will now allow you to take an additional photo (for example, touch the same door twice)
Flashing ghost lights will now be based on the distance to light itself, instead of the light switch
Steps sounds now synchronize more precisely with the movement speed of the player and ghost
The volume of the Heartbeat sound is now based on the distance from the ghost, becoming higher the closer it is.

Cursed Possessions Update is OUT! Phasmophobia Patch Notes
The sounds of hunting ghosts will now vanish instead of stopping abruptly
Increased the frequency of paranormal sounds captured by the parabolic microphone


An error was corrected by which Rail’s weakness only affected the camcorders and chambers.
An error was corrected in which the duration of the hunt was established based on the size of the map that you played above.
An error was corrected by which the heartbeats were reproduced if the ghost was too far away.
An error was corrected by which the sound was cushioned if it walked near the bed of the cabin balcony.
An error was corrected by which the escape of the ghost could not be completed during a hunting goal.
An error was corrected by which several interactions did not grant photo rewards.
An error was corrected by which the photo camera could be ignited inside the truck.
An error was corrected by which the broken lights could be turned on when you alternate the fuse box.
An error was corrected by which candles lit outside under an intense rain could be sustained.
An error was corrected by which temperatures inside the camp baths were not configured correctly.
An error was corrected by which the sound of heartbeat was playing when you were too far from the ghost.
An error was corrected by which the use of a second spot bar (a few seconds after the first) did not prevent the ghost from killing him
An error was corrected by which the configuration of the master volume slider did not always work
An error was corrected by which virtual reality players could not hear their own steps.
An error was corrected by which some curtains had no collision, which generated a safe place.
An error was corrected by which the model of some lights did not look ‘on’ after blinking.
An error was corrected by which water in the shower in the bathroom in Edge field was spraying incorrectly.
Several errors were corrected in which certain player icons and the map user interface were incorrectly turned
Several errors were corrected in which photo rewards were granted when they should not.
Several floating books were corrected at high school.
Several safe places were corrected in prison.
Several fans were corrected in asylum that had two sets of fan blades
Various rare visual problems were corrected in Willow and Ledgeview

The FASMOFOBIA The update is available through the PC and, at this time, only through the PC.

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