Lucid Dreams Studio (LDS) has recently become the ninth company to be part of the accelerator/incubator specializing in Indie Asylum video games. However, unlike young shoots that are other members, the independent Sherbrooke studio has existed since January 2017.

In 2019, we first met the co-founders of Indie Asylum, Christopher Chancery and Pascal Natal, said Maxime Gregory, co-founder and chief executive. They then immediately showed an interest in helping us. For our part, we saw the studios of Indie Asylum being successful, and we wanted to participate. In addition, the partnership appeared to us natural because of our common values and our ability to help each other. Finally, we have seen a superb opportunity to create Quebec intellectual property and generate wealth here rather than elsewhere for foreign societies. »»

Give the next


LDS therefore incorporates the grouping in order to enjoy the many advantages offered. Indie Asylum has, among other things, expertise in marketing and marketing, said Chris Chancery. We count in particular in our ranks Purple is Royal, an agency specializing in video game marketing. With the release of our Biomorph game in 2023, such knowledge will be useful to us, adds Francis LaPierre, co-founder and technological director of LDS.

On this subject, the first trailer for Biomorph is available here. We can follow the news about the game on your Steam page. LDS was also present at the Games com game fair in Germany, from August 24 to 28, to present the first images and a playable demo. Biomorph is a quest for identity quest where the central character evolves by taking control of a multitude of monsters which he will have to defeat beforehand.

That said, Francis LaPierre and Maxime Gregory also wish to contribute to the development of other studios in Indie Asylum. In five years, we have built a network of contacts that young organizations do not yet have. Likewise, since we have launched Legends of Eternal, we have experienced the challenges related to production and management, and we will be able to share this experience with other members. »»

See you in 10 years

Although a five-year-old, LDS has existed in the minds of its two creators since they got to know each other in 2003 at the university. Both students in physics, they quickly discovered a common passion, that of video games. After having branched off towards computer engineering and before their professional careers towards AAA studios separated them, the two friends agreed to meet 10 years later, then to found their own video game studio.

This is what happened in January 2017, with the birth of LDS, a company that brings together their business ideals, both in terms of products designed to Quebec’s intellectual property and organizational structure. Thus, a rather rare phenomenon in the video game industry, the team includes more women than men, including management positions.

Internally, each person’s roles are well-defined. This means that each one becomes somehow the owner of certain portions of a game. Therefore, each individual brings his own color and his way of being, all at the service of the game.

Want to last

With its workforce of a dozen people, LDS specializes in 2D games, a choice which is part of a desire for sustainability. We want to become a reference in the matter, says Maxime Gregory. The 2D ages well and remains pleasant visually.

As for the content, the two entrepreneurs bet on games where science and fantasy combine. This genre has existed for a long time, but we have perfected it in order to become among the best in the world, says Francis LaPierre. The character does not only fight, because over his odyssey, he discovers who he is, where he comes from, why he is endowed with certain powers, etc. In addition, its epic, which spans about twenty hours of play, makes it evolve in a fallen contemporary world where life is tough. At the end of the track, all allows him to know who he is truly. »»

Here is good news for the studio that has already offered us the 2D action-adventure game, Legends of Eternal and which prepares the Biomorph Soulslike that you can add to your wish list on Steam.