When a new champion comes to League of Legends, it is very important not to draw hasty conclusions. Victory statistics recorded in the early days of an unprecedented character in Summoner’s Rift are rarely reliable or indicative of their true potential in LOL. This is when a few days are that we can do the first readings on performance. An exercise that in the case of k’Santa was not at all positive and that allows us to intuit challenges that will put the expertise of Riot Games to a difficult work.

The serious problems of K’Santa’s debut

Starting with the obvious, K’Infant is very weak. Although this was not an alarming sign in the early days after its release, the champion did not progress at the pace that would be expected. Its victory rate has barely reached 44.1%-considering only the latest data-for the average League of Legends player. This weakness is easy to correct. Riot Games has more than enough tools to increase champions’ performance. However, this is where the character’s big problem is shown, since its performance increases very significantly as the rank increases .

To show the data closest to the champion’s balancing point, the following table lists K’Santa’s victory rate on the latest November 7th.

This data is obtained from an analysis of over 80,000 games played in all League of Legends servers and seem quite reliable, as there are no big differences when choosing a built based on the rank of players.

Thus, the only possible conclusion is the obvious: the probability of success with K’Anent increases as players level increases. It is therefore a character that shines when someone very skilled faces an equally good rival . He, of course, is not the only champion to go through something similar. However, it is not such a common phenomenon and this is one of the most pronounced cases.


This situation gives rise to various problems. The first is that K’Santa can dominate the competitive professional when tournaments return next season 2023, and the second is that the Riot Games cannot increase your power anyway . This is also due to two different situations.

Beginning of the 2023 preseason of 2023-The beginning of the new season adds new items and features a new Glaciates gauntlet, which seems to be tailored to the champion. Riot Games cannot increase its power because it does not know how the arrival of this item will affect it.
A dangerous update -Uploading the power of K’Anent to most of the community would make it oken in the elite lines, preventing its long-term balancing.

Throughout the history of League of Legends, few champions have managed to get out of a situation like K’Santa. It is a matter similar to what zero has suffered or what achenes currently suffers even rye and air are examples. It is still too early to predict such a dark future, but that’s what the samples we have so far say. Furthermore, it seems clear that Riot will have to test everything he has learned from previous rugged releases.

Anyway, does not seem that the solutions will arrive immediately . Unless developers surprise us with emergency adjustments or a special change, the next patch will be reserved exclusively for the 2023 preseason. It will be after this version that Riot Games will begin to correct all problems that may have arisen with the champions.