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Superman and his most gamer side: Henry Cavill says no to RTX 4090, prefer the new AMD

Henry Cavill , the famous actor who recently announced his return Superman in the DCU and who h just given up following his role Gerald de Rivia in the Netflix, The Witcher series, He is also known for sharing one of his greatest hobbies: Video games and gaming in general. And if we could see how the actor mounted his own pc gamer of him, he now h shared his preferences about the latest GPU models in the market. So much so, that Cavils h sured that he prefers to wait for the newly presented AMD RX 7000 series instead of the powerful NVIDIA RTX 4090 . And he h his motives.

Henry Cavill prefers AMD to Nvidia

Thus, Cavils currently h a computer-bed computer AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12 cores next to 32 GB of RAM DDR4 and a GPU US DOG RTX 3090 , graph that replaced by its previous model, an RTX 2080 Ti . Although the truly curious thing is that Cavils intends to make the leap to the new AMD RADEON RX 7900XT instead of opting for the best known and, in general, desired Nvidia RTX 4090.

This is collected by means such SlhGear (via My drivers), where the actor h sured that he plans to continue using AMD processors, specifically the range Ry zen 7000 , without specifying the model. All this with the aim of having a team totally bed on AMD components .

And it is that the actor himself recently recognized in an interview with the Podct Happy Sad Confused, dedicates some four hours -or even more-day to video games, at this time, with a dedication almost completely to a Title like Total War: Warhammer 3 , Strategy video game bed on its favorite franchise: Warhammer .

Where to find a shining ore in Slime Rancher 2

Radiant Ore is one of the most difficult, but the most useful resources that players can get. This helps players create Jetpack, which is great to achieve hard-to-reach places. In this guide for Slime Rancher 2, we will consider places where players can process radiant ore.

Since the Radiant Ore is one of the main components for creating a jet satchel, you will have to make additional efforts to get it.

where to find Radiant Ore in Slime Rancher 2

To collect the Radiant Ore, it is necessary to unlock the resource collector in Fabricator. This can be done by collecting a total of 450 newbies and 10 cotton plants from cotton slates.

Cottons lines can be found to the west of the greenhouse, where you can feed them and wait until they release a sufficient amount of cotton flat that you need.

As for the Newman, you can get them by selling an excess of the flat. Now that you have material, create an improvement, and you will have a resource collector.

To get shining ore, players must first get to Amber Valley located in the west of the cards.

As soon as you find yourself on the island, go to the western greenhouse and continue to go along the path until you find the mucus of pink proudly. Feed it with thirty vegetables, and it will explode. Then a geyser will appear, which you can stand on, and he will raise you into the air.

Use this to go along the rocks above, and then click the button on the other side to access the Ember Valley portal.

Enter the portal and examine the area. Radiant Ore appears here randomly, but you have a high chance to get several of them, just walking.

Each exposure gives you two of these, so find five to collect 10 of these, and then go to the processing plant to make a jet satchel!

In addition, you can also go to Starlight Strand and look for Radiant Ore exits there. Both Ember Valley and Starlight Strand Island are the same places for searching for Radiant Ore.

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