From October 21, 2022 (Monday) to October 27, 2022 (Sun), GAMESpark’s top 5 articles read this week Gem Spa Ranking , abbreviated. It is time for Weekly Spain . It is also recommended for those who want to review for a week and want to know quickly because they are busy!

5th place-Open World RPG and other developers created by one developer [3 selections of this week]

The corner of the Core Gamers should not miss it! Three specials of indies for this week, which picks up three indie titles that are often overlooked.

This week, we will introduce three huge open world RPG BEGONIA by personal developers, Scorn, which was finally released after eight years, and three basic play treasure hunting RPG TORCHLIGHT: INFINITE. Doing. The play report of each work is also posted, so if you are interested, please see from the title link.

Open world RPG Begonia, which was created by one developer who lost his sanity, finally official release [3 indie selections this week]

4th place-Silent Hill series New & remake announcement commemorative cosplay special feature

On October 20, INAMI Digital Entertainment announced new information on the future development of the Silent Hill series on the distribution program Silent Hill Transmission.

In the distribution, the remake of the series, Silent Hill F, which is in charge of the story of Hiroshi no Bakugo, and Silent Hill 2, which boasts overwhelming popularity, the participants are involved in stories. The real-time live interactive series Silent Hill: ASCENSION and Silent Hill, a new movie ReturnTOSILENT HILL, have been announced.

In commemoration of the announcement, this paper is delivered a special feature on the series. There are many high-quality cosplay from bubble head nurse and lobby on the triangular head.

Silent Hill New work, remake, movie… anniversary commemoration! Cosplay summary to the bubble head nurse on the triangular head, the lobby

3rd place-OW2 and Kirk menu BGM is the first place on the Viral Chart of Spotify

The sequel to the action shooting game, Overwatch 2, which has been distributed on October 4, 2022, has become a hot topic around the world.

This is the menu screen of this work, the Japanese rap BOW of the MFS flowing with Kirk. This song was released on July 24, 2020, but starting with the adoption in Overwatch 2, the first place in the viral chart of the music streaming service Spotify, the first place in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. Is ranked in.

In addition, I Really Want to Stay at Your House is ranked 2nd in the global and the first place in Japan from the soundtrack of Cyberpunk 2077. This is also a song that plays in the moon scene in the anime Cyber Punk Edge Manners, and the popularity of the work is high.

Licking and licking in Overwatch 2 is a topic around the world-first place on the SPOTIFY viral chart

2nd place-Platinum Games has published a statement about the voice actor issue of the English version of Bayonet ta 3

Platinum Games supports Jennifer Hale, a new English voice actor in Bayonet ta, in the problem of Bayonet ta’s English voice actors in Bayonet ta 3, which has been a hot topic since the other day. The text of doing it has been released on the official Twitter account.

In Bayonet ta 3, Helena Taylor, an old English version of Helena Taylor, has called for boycott, and the reason for the rewards and royalties presented by the Platinum Games is that Taylor. It was reported that the testimony with Platinum Games was different. In addition, Jennifer Hale has issued a statement that I hope to solve a good problem. increase.

The text states that I would like to support Jennifer Hale, who plays Bayonet ta, and I want you to refrain from acting to hurt him and other collaborators. The side shows a position and is in conflict with Taylor’s claim.

Supporting the position and claim of a new voice actor… Platinum Games publishes a statement about the English version of the Bayonet ta 3 English.

1st place-RTA runners look like this in NPC

Overseas video posting team VIVA LA DIRT LEAGUE’s video How Speed Runners Look to NPC’S has been played about 2.6 million times on YouTube.

The content of the video is an event in a village in a fantasy game world, and the protagonist is NPC merchant. As usual, when the player is greeted, the merchant’s conversation is skipped with angry momentum, and he has a confused expression.

That should be it, this player is a so-called RTA runner and is bombing with the aim of shortening time. After that, the player is trading in a blink of an eye, clearly flying into the sky, and running around the world, running around the world, is drawn from the merchant’s perspective. After finishing running, she seemed to say there is when she asked for a sub-school.

In other videos on the channel, there are many other videos that have been gathered about 25 million views and Gerald that have been recruited in the final yen of PUBG, and Gerto-related works are posted. If you are, why not take a look?

Break the world view! The video that RTA runners can be seen in the NPC is excellent

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